What is Oat Bran? Benefits, Uses, Calories, Side Effects

Benefits of Oatmeal

Unheard of Benefits and Uses of Oat Bran!  Oat, which is one of the healthiest cereal products, is frequently consumed by sensitive people as it does not contain gluten. Oat, which protects the stomach and has a say in digestion, is used in the kitchen with many varieties. When we say oat flour, oatmeal meals and oat biscuits, we wanted to introduce you oat bran, which you can use for multi-purposes. If you do not yet know what to do with oat bran; We will offer you delicious and healthy tastes with our suggestions.

If you are sensitive to gluten; You may come across a limited list of food preferences. You can get help from oat bran to make this list enjoyable and delicious. Oat bran, which is frequently mentioned in the Dukan diet, has also been the focus of attention in terms of containing B vitamins. Now, let’s introduce you oat bran, which plays an effective role in nutrition, and explain its benefits. The exquisite information in these lines will heal everyone from 7 to 70!

What is Oat Bran?

  • The outermost layer of oats has a thick crust. Oat bran is obtained from grinding this husk.
  • Oat bran is a grain product with high nutritional value. Therefore, it has a structure that carries health for everyone.
  • This crusty part surrounding the oat grains contains high minerals.
  • The biggest difference of oat bran among oat products; It contains strong fibers.
  • Although many people know oat bran as the ground form of oats, this grain product actually consists of oat husks.

5 Important Benefits of Nutritious Oat Bran

1) Activates the Bowels

  • Oat bran contains powerful antioxidants and fiber. These substances are effective in solving constipation problems.
  • Oat bran is a natural remedy for long-term constipation sufferers.
  • Oat bran, which eliminates chronic intestinal laziness, ensures a healthier functioning of the intestines.

2) Regulates Blood Sugar

  • Oat bran is one of the favorite foods of diabetics.
  • It slows down the digestion of carbohydrates and reduces the mixing of sugar into the blood.
  • Oat bran, which is preferred in diet nutrition, will balance blood sugar and make people forget their hunger.
  • Oat bran, which provides satiety for a long time, balances the sugar level.

3) Supports Bone Development

  • Oat bran, which contains B vitamins, also contains many minerals in its structure.
  • Oat bran is a bone-strengthening cereal product for people of all ages.
  • It ensures stronger muscles and bones and prevents muscle diseases.
  • By consuming oat bran, you will strengthen your skeletal system.

4) Refreshes the Skin

  • You can purify your skin by both consuming oat bran and using it in a skin mask.
  • Oat bran, which uses its vitamins to renew your skin, is an anti-aging food.
  • Skin masks prepared with milk ensure that the dead skin is removed and the skin is as soft as a baby. You can look younger with the benefits of oat bran.

5) Lowers Bad Cholesterol (LDL)

  • When cholesterol reaches very high levels, the risk of cardiovascular diseases occurs.
  • One of the effective features of oat bran is to bring the bad cholesterol level to ideal and healthy figures .
  • Those who say that cardiovascular diseases should stay away from me should have a snack with oat bran.

Oat Bran Calories and Nutritional Information

Oat bran is a food that is consumed by those who calculate calories. We recommend that you write this information down. In addition, oat bran is a cereal product with high nutritional value. Since it is a food with both low calorie and high nutritional value ; It is a healthy food for many people. Now let’s express the calories in oat bran:

  • 1 tablespoon of oat bran: 35 calories
  • 1 cup: 694 calories
  • 100 grams of oat bran: 347 calories

The vitamins and minerals in 100 grams of oat bran are as follows:

  • 56.51 grams of carbohydrates
  • 17.3 grams of protein
  • 5.26 grams of fat
  • 10.82 grams of fiber

Oat Bran Harms and Side Effects

  • It is recommended to be in moderation when consuming oat bran. If you consume too much oat bran during the day, your body will lose minerals.
  • Because it accelerates the metabolism; your intestines are actively working and you may experience muscle loss during this cycle.
  • Your daily consumption of oat bran is recommended as 2 tablespoons.

Does Oat Bran Weaken?

Oat bran, which often reminds of its name in diet nutrition, has a say in weight loss. It would be more accurate to express the effect of oat bran in the diet process with substances. If you are about to start a diet; This information will be very helpful to you:

  • When oat bran is consumed together with milk and dairy products, a feeling of swelling occurs in the stomach. As a result of this situation, it provides satiety for a long time.
  • It is known that those who consume oat bran in snacks are less hungry and eat less.
  • Oat bran contains dietary fibers. Dietary fibers are also a mineral you need during the slimming process.
  • With the effect of accelerating fat burning, oat bran can weaken you. Of course, you will have to follow a healthy diet too!

Is Oat Bran Given to Baby?

We have an answer for expectant mothers who ask whether oat bran, which has such a useful and high nutritional value, can be consumed by babies. Experts comment on oat bran and infant nutrition:

  • While oat bran is a beneficial food for adults; may be harmful to infant feeding.
  • Experts recommend giving whole grain products to babies.
  • Oat bran also does not meet the mineral needs of babies in their nutrition.
  • Babies with fast metabolism are advised to stay away from oat bran, as it has an effect on the intestines.

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