What is Muscat? What are the Benefits? Where is it used?


The properties of nutmeg, a spice that enhances the flavor of creamy dishes, are interesting. With its superior aspects, it creates an ideal option for adding different spices and sauces to dishes. The difference and taste in the dishes you make using spices are immediately felt.

It is used as an aroma enhancer infamous creamy flavors such as bechamel sauce. Muscat has been accepted in the culinary literature as an important aid that increases the flavor and consistency of sauces and enhances the flavor of soups. Muscat, which attracts attention with its beautiful smell, has many benefits for the human body.

What is Muscat?

Nutmeg, which contains the smell and aroma of the tropics and adds a new taste to dishes, is also known as nutmeg. Despite being given such a name, it is a unique spice, different from coconut. The nutmeg spice obtained from its seed is the most important aspect of the plant.

Writer William Burroughs, one of the important representatives of the Beat generation, mentioned nutmeg spice in one of his books. Thus, spice even took place in the history of literature. This food is more than just an ordinary spice. It is also thought that nutmeg increases the hormone of happiness and gives people a sense of joy.

What are the Benefits of Muscat?

  • One of the most important benefits of nutmeg is that it is appetizing. It provides better nutrition when added to the meals of children who have trouble with appetite.
  • Muscat makes a great contribution to the digestive system. It facilitates the digestion process of food and prevents stomach aches.
  • It is like a medicine with its antiseptic aspect and helps to remove harmful microbes or substances in the body. Thus, it also shows protective properties against diseases.
  • Nutmeg also has gas-relieving properties. If nutmeg is added to the meal, the feeling of bloating that may occur in the body after the meal is prevented.
  • Another important aspect of the benefits of nutmeg is that it has an aphrodisiac effect. Spice, which increases sexual power, also affects libido and contributes to sexual life.
  • Thanks to nutmeg, which has a calming effect, the nerves are calmed and the stress felt is reduced. In this way, the feelings of happiness and peace increase to a great extent.
  • Those who suffer from chronic insomnia “do they sleep musk?” he may ask. A small amount of consumption can be a solution to the problem of insomnia.
  • Nutmeg spice also provides benefits in terms of personal care and removes bad breath. It also gives strength to the body and helps to feel more energetic.
  • You can also think of nutmeg as a natural pain reliever. Thanks to the menthol extract in its content, toxins are removed from the body. Thus, it creates a kind of detox effect.
  • Muscat also has a positive effect on brain functions, allowing them to work better. It helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Muscat prevents the occurrence of conditions such as kidney stones, which cause important health problems in the body over time. It also helps cleanse the liver.
  • Muscat, which also has great benefits for skin health, helps to solve skin problems such as blackheads and acne. You can have better-looking skin by consuming nutmeg.

Where Is Muscat Used?

Let’s come to the question of how to use nutmeg.

Nutmeg is mostly used as a spice. Dessert is made with the fleshy part of the fruit in the tropics. The spice obtained from the seed enhances the flavor of dishes and sauces. It is also preferred for gourmet flavors such as cheese sauces, hot apple juice, and wine. When preparing mulled wine at home, nutmeg must be added. Nutmeg has an important place in the production of creamy dishes. The spice added to the cream increases the flavor of the dish. You can increase their taste by adding nutmeg to dishes such as mashed potatoes and boiled pasta.

If possible, it is better to take it whole and grate it instead of dusting it. When taken in powder form, its freshness and odor may be reduced. However, if you take it whole and grate it, you can get a fresher nutmeg powder. In addition, adding too much to the food can cause a bitter taste. Therefore, it is beneficial to use a small amount. If it is taken in the form of walnuts, it can be added to the meals by making nutmeg grated. It is especially useful for light meals and desserts.

Muscat, which has an important place in Indian cuisine, is involved in the production of many spices. In Europe, it is often used in meat dishes. In the Middle East, its ground form is added to meals. Around Greece, it contributes to the cooking of salty dishes. It is used as a curry sauce in Japan, while it is preferred as a complementary flavor to drinks in the Caribbean.

Spices used all over the world add value to dishes. Muscat is also added to various beverages for sweetening purposes. Hot chocolate, one of the flavors that warm you up, is one of these drinks.

Where to Find Muscat What is the price?

So, where is nutmeg sold? Nutmeg can be easily found in herbalists. It is sold as a ground powder or whole. It can also be easily purchased from online markets that focus on spice products.

The thought of those who want to buy muscat is “How much is muskat?” Let’s answer the question. Along with its superior aspects, Muscat has a price that helps to buy it easily. 25 grams of nutmeg can be obtained for a price of around 5.50 TL. 100 grams of ground nutmeg is bought with prices around 17.50 TL.

As can be seen, the Muscat price value is in an extremely favorable range. In this way, it is possible to cook restaurant taste and variety dishes with the spice you buy at an ideal price.

What Are the Harms of Muscat?

  • There are many beneficial aspects of nutmeg, but harmful aspects can also be seen when consumed in large quantities and incorrectly. Taking it with milk can cause hallucinations, causing a condition called nutmeg head among people. As a result of excessive consumption of nutmeg with milk, important health problems such as low blood pressure may occur. Moreover, these problems can continue for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the right amount and small amount of consumption.
  • In addition, excessive consumption can adversely affect the nervous system. As a result of excessive consumption, conditions such as dizziness, dry mouth, digestive system problems, and disruptions in heart rhythm may occur.
  • It is important for health not to exceed 1/4 (quarter) teaspoon of powdered nutmeg consumption on a daily basis. It is not recommended for women who are pregnant, as they may have side effects. Well, is nutmeg given to babies? It is seen that nutmeg is given especially to babies who have gas and sleep problems, but there is a possibility that this spice is harmful to children under the age of 2 and those with chronic diseases. Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor before using it.

Delicious Recipes Seasoned with Nutmeg

You can create delicious flavors with the meals you prepare with nutmeg, which is the queen of spices.

1) For Aromatic and Different Nutmeg Cookies:

One of the practical and delicious recipes, nutmeg cookies are one of the most ideal desserts you can make using spices. This recipe, also called nutmeg rings, allows you to have a full dessert feast with cocoa and other sweeteners added to it. Its attractive appearance also adds a different color to your tables.

2) For Creamy Potatoes with Muscat:

One of the places where nutmeg spice is used most is cream making. Creamy potatoes prepared with nutmeg, which adds an additional flavor to the melt-in-the-mouth consistency of creams, is one of the dishes you will experience this taste. You can make nutmeg and cream potatoes with the materials you can easily supply at home.

3) One Soup Can Make So Much Difference For Nutmeg Soup:

If you are looking for an alternative meal to make with nutmeg, you should definitely try the nutmeg soup. You can get a good result with a soup recipe that includes pumpkin, one of the indispensable flavors of autumn and winter, and ginger, a spice with its own unique taste. The soup, which is rich in flavor and taste, also has a healthy feature with its rich content.

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