How Many Calories in Doner? Chicken and Meat Doner

Calories in Doner

In our country, there are food lovers who will stop the flowing water when they say doner kebab. Döner is such a dish that it is the lunch of the working class, the energy source of the student who gets hungry after school, and a Turkish cuisine classic that helps the person who has a busy day to wake up. In our country, there is a small doner kebab shop on almost every street. With their white aprons and white caps, they provide the necessary hygiene and wait for their customers for delicious presentations. In these doner shops, chicken and meat doner kebabs are prepared both on the plate and in the form of wraps. So it is prepared the way you want to eat it.

When we examine the history of doner kebab, it is very difficult to reach clear information. According to the information and stories spread among the people, it turns; It was made in Bursa and Kastamonu and spread to other cities. This adventure, which started with the skewering of the meat and cooking it in front of the fire, went beyond the borders of the country in time.

Evliya Çelebi gave the following statements about doner kebab in his book Seyahatname:

“In the winter nights, they have room chats all over the Crimea Province, eat and drink many kinds of halvah, meals and various wines, and spend the winter days with a special conversation. They even sacrifice a fat lamb, slice it into slices, put the meat on an iron kebab skewer, and arrange the two heads thin, the middle thick, and the meat neatly, so that they don’t line up a speck in the countryside. Then they break a wheel of a car and cook a kind of kebab by burning it slowly under the kebab so that it becomes marrow. Among Tatars, there are many Tatars who ate such a cooked kebab and drank 100 okka of boza. This is how they cook such nice, soft and fresh kebabs that it is impossible to cook such a kebab on earth. Cooking with the wheel of a chariot is essential among Tatars.”

How Many Calories in Meat Doner?

Döner is served on a lavash with cut meat and tomatoes in many restaurants. Tomatoes are accompanied by pickles and a roasted pepper. When you calculate how many calories are in meat doner without bread prepared in this way;

  • A 200 gram serving would be 478 calories. We will have answered your question of how many calories in 1 portion of doner kebab with 478 calories.

How Many Calories in Chicken Doner?

Chicken doner, which is an option for those who do not like red meat, is also served with vegetables. It is known that meat is lighter than doner kebab. We can answer your question of how many calories in a portion of doner kebab prepared with chicken meat with the following figure:

  • One serving of chicken doner is 335 calories.

How Many Calories in Dürüm Döner?

Prepared doner kebabs are wrapped in a special lavash and salad is added in some places as a filling. In this way, the calorie value differs according to the portion. So let’s calculate how many calories in 1 doner you will consume in the form of burrito:

  • Chicken doner wrap, weighing 250 grams, is 309 calories
  • Meat doner rolls served weighing 250 grams will be 320 calories.

How Many Calories in Tombik Doner?

Have you thought about how many calories are chubby doner, which is a different and satisfying choice for doner lovers? Between the specially prepared pita bread, meat or chicken doner has a very delicious taste. So how many calories will 100 g doner kebab prepared with chubby bread be?

  • 100 grams of fat chicken doner 210 calories
  • 100 grams of chubby meat doner has 240 calories.

How Many Calories in Hatay Style Doner?

Prepared with french fries, iceberg lettuce and its own special sauce, Hatay style doner kebab has become one of the most addictive foods in recent years. There were even those who consumed the Hatay style döner, which introduced itself to all cities in a very short time, for 3 meals a day. We don’t say, doner masters say so 🙂 How many can you eat? If you are ready to hear the calorie information of Hatay style doner with plenty of sauce and plenty of ingredients, here is the information:

  • 1 Hatay style chicken doner: 490 calories
  • 1 Hatay style meat doner: About 510 calories

How Many Calories in Doner Bread?

Doner lovers are wondering how many calories are in doner bread? We made an account book and added the calorie information of the doner bread, which has become a classic, here for you.

  • Bread roll chicken doner is about 800 calories
  • Meat doner between bread is about 850 calories
  • Bread roll sausage is almost 900 calories.
  • Half a loaf of meat doner is 600 calories to your question of how many calories,
  • If you ask how many calories a quarter doner prepared with chicken meat is, you can get the answer of 200 calories.

How Many Calories in Doner with Rice?

Meat cooked in front of the fire with its spices, when served with rice, gets the name doner on rice. It becomes more satisfying with rice. The answers to the question of how many calories are doner kebab in a plate with rice, which has high nutritional value, will be as follows:

  • The calorie of doner on rice served with chicken meat is 308 calories. This value is valid for one portion.
  • 100 grams of meat on rice doner is 336 calories.

How Many Calories in Iskender Doner?

Iskender, which is prepared with doner meat and whets the appetite of those who see it, is a very satisfying meal. No one thinks about calories when eating it with breaded base, plenty of sauce and butter poured on it. For those who provide weight control, let’s add calorie information to this page. Maybe you will wonder sometime 🙂

  • There are 476 calories in a serving of meat Iskender.
  • One serving of chicken Iskender has 431 calories.


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