What is Milk Coming from Breast (Galactorrhea)?

What is Milk Coming from Breast

For women, milk coming from the right or left breast is a situation that is considered normal during pregnancy. From the first week of pregnancy until the moment of birth, the body secretes milk hormones. For about 40 weeks, your body prepares you for breastfeeding.

If you stay away from stress and give importance to your nutrition; the amount of milk from the breast may be better than expected. However, there is a time when; There is a situation where milk comes out of the breast without any suspicion of pregnancy or before giving birth. Experts recommend investigating this situation.

The causes of milk coming out of the breast are examined in more than one article. Because this situation has biological and hormonal reasons. In addition, whether a woman is suspected of pregnancy or not also affects the production of milk. Now we will give you the opinions of experts on this subject.

For the most accurate information and healthy results, consult a specialist doctor.

What is Milk Coming from Breast (Galactorrhea)?

  • During pregnancy, mothers prepare their bodies until birth. In this preparation, the breast is ready to give milk with the effect of hormones.
  • The arrival of milk for the lactation period is something that is expected and is considered natural. This is not a problem.
  • However, if milk comes from the nipple outside of pregnancy and the amount of milk is high, this is a medical problem.
  • An irregularity in milk hormones also affects general body health.
  • This discomfort is called “galactorrhea”. It is seen not only in women but also in men, although it is rare.
  • Galactorrhea is a serious health problem and should be treated early.
  • Pregnant women who are wondering whether milk coming from the breast is a sign of birth should remember that this expression is not clear, but usually, milk comes close to birth.
  • If a woman cannot have her period for a long time and sees milk coming from the breast; The pituitary gland should be examined.

Is Milk Coming from Breast a Sign of Pregnancy?

  • Galactorrhea, which is caused by changes in hormones, is rarely experienced during pregnancy.
  • However, it poses a serious risk when experienced in the later stages of pregnancy.
  • Milk coming from the breast is the previous stage of breastfeeding. If you are pregnant and milk is coming from the breast; Never stimulate the nipple.
  • This condition, which is considered a sign of premature birth, can endanger the health of the baby if it is experienced continuously.
  • Galactorrhea, which is not a symptom of pregnancy, is a condition that can be experienced during pregnancy.
  • It is recommended that pregnant women who experience this situation should consult their doctor as soon as possible and be checked.
  • Sometimes, menstrual delay and milk coming from the breast can be experienced in the same week. In such cases, it is necessary to test the hormone levels.

Which doctor should be consulted for the treatment of milk coming out of the breast?

  • You should see a doctor immediately when milk comes out of the nipple during pregnancy or in the absence of pregnancy.
  • The doctor you will go to and receive support from will be a “Gynecology and Obstetrics” specialist.
  • During pregnancy, this situation is controlled and possible risks are prevented.
  • If there is galactorrhea in men; You should go to the endocrinology department.
  • If there is a case of milk coming from the breast during pregnancy; Treatment can be applied according to the week of pregnancy.
  • It is enough for the doctor to know this situation, as it is an expected situation that milk does not come from the nipple days before the birth.
  • But if milk comes in very early weeks; Necessary checks should be made.
  • When you go to the doctor, the prolactin level is first measured. Appropriate treatment is initiated after the necessary controls are made gradually.
  • Just in case, your doctor will ask you for a brain MRI result. Because milk coming from the breast from time to time is a sign that there may be a tumor.

Why Does Milk Come From Breast?

  • In case of disruption of thyroid hormones, milk may come from the breast.
  • Galactorrhea, a sign of brain tumors, is a risky condition for men and women.
  • Irregularities in the pituitary gland can cause galactorrhea.
  • The hormonal disorder of women with polycystic ovary syndrome creates galactorrhea.
  • The drugs used can cause milk to come from the breast from time to time. Since this will be a side effect, it should not be neglected, nevertheless, a doctor should be consulted.

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