Does Your Pee Smell Too Much? Stop Eating These Foods

If you’ve recently noticed that your urine has a strange, foul odor, you may need to stop eating these foods: here’s what they are.

What we eat has an effect more or less in all areas of our lives and has a positive or negative impact on many factors and aspects. Surely even the delicate topic of body odors has to do, at times, with what we put on our plate.

In fact, if we notice a smell that wasn’t there before, perhaps particularly unpleasant, we should always ask ourselves why. Maybe it’s nothing serious, but if it wasn’t there before, something in our life has changed. Very often it has to do with our eating habits and with something that we are eating in greater quantities than usual or that we never ate before.

For example, suppose you have noticed a different odor in your urine , worse and more pungent than usual. In that case, it is likely that you are overdoing it with some foods that are responsible for this embarrassing problem. Aside from the more serious medical causes, which should still be investigated, here are the foods you should consume less of.

Why Your Pee Smells Bad: Eating Habits and Causes

When urine takes on an unusual or different odor than usual, there is always a reason. The most serious cases, to be ruled out perhaps following a medical examination and the opinion of an expert, are, for example, urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases, kidney diseases and other more serious conditions.

Absolutely, if you notice differences or new aspects in your body, do not be afraid to turn to a professional: better to experience a small moment of embarrassment, than a missed diagnosis!

But there is also the possibility that your urine smells bad because you are overdoing it with certain foods, which have the annoying characteristic of causing this problem. The most famous are, of course, asparagus! This delicious vegetable, suitable for many particular recipes and with an unmistakable flavor, however, has a defect that many people know: eating them means having a decidedly smelly pee for a while.

But they are not the only ones! Other foods, less known, have the same effect and tend to be foods that do not have a smell that everyone appreciates. Two of these are, for example, garlic and onion which not only make the breath of those who eat them unbearable, but also their urine. Likewise, you should avoid salmon,  curry and coffee.

Last but not least, alcohol! After a night of heavy drinking, your pee may actually have a decidedly unpleasant odor.

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