Peony Flower: Meaning, Care, Reproduction

Peony Flower

Flowers are one of the most precious and meaningful creatures on earth. The story and meaning of each flower appeal to very different emotions. Flowers, which represent separation and pain from time to time, become symbols of the most special feelings and unique love.

You can be the architect of the smile on the other party’s face thanks to the flowers you buy for your loved ones on special days or a day that you feel like. It will be an advantage for you to know the meaning of the flower you will buy. Therefore, it is recommended to know the meaning of flowers found in nature, and especially the peony flower.

The peony flower is one of the most colorful flowers in pots. Since peony flower care is very easy, many people are interested in the hobby of growing peony flowers in pots. This fragrant peony flower makes dozens of people emotional with its story.

Because it is known that the peony flower is the flower of compassionate people. Now we will explain to you the meaning of the peony flower and its care tips. If you have peony flowers in your home; The peony flower features in these lines will definitely attract your attention.

What is Peony?

  • The peony flower is a dazzling flower in pots and gardens every year in spring.
  • The appearance of this flower, which has a unique pleasant smell, resembles an introverted rose in the first stage.
  • The colorful leaves that open outward after a while emit a pleasant scent to those who pass by.
  • The peony flower, which adapts to every garden, is also very easy to care for at home.
  • When ideal temperature and irrigation are met, it adds color to homes.
  • The most common form of the peony flower, which grows in many colors, is the pink one.
  • Those who want to grow this flower need to be patient for a while. Because the peony does not give much yield in the garden or pot where it is planted for the first time.
  • The peony flower, which gets used to its location until the next year, gives enough flowers to cover a large area a year later.
  • The peony flower, which usually shows its flowers from the moment of April, makes the spring days colorful.
  • This flower, which can stay productive until the end of June, cannot withstand very intense heat.
  • The peony flower, which is an important plant for health, relaxes breathing thanks to its benefits.
  • The peony, a bulbous flower, begins to grow from its own bulb.
  • Its flowers, which have colors such as pink, yellow and white, rise from the branches in layers.

Peony Flower Meaning and Story

According to the information in the sources, the story of the peony flower is related to Greek Mythology.

  • The peony flower represents the feeling of compassion.
  • Paeon is one of the disciples of the medicine god.
  • One day, Paeon is sent to the forest by his teacher to find medicine.
  • The purpose of Paeon is; is to find an effective plant to cure pregnant women and relieve their pain.
  • However, there are things that are not right. Paeon’s god of medicine is quite jealous.
  • Zeus is aware of this jealousy. He turned Paeon into a peony flower so that Paeon wouldn’t be harmed.
  • Zeus protected Paeon and prevented him from losing his life.
  • Paeon, which continues its life as a peony flower, is now the cure for all pregnant women.
  • Thus, he could not kill Paeon, the god of medicine, and Paeon continued his life as a compassionate healing flower.

Peony Flower Care and Cultivation

If you cannot find the answer you are looking for to the question of how to grow a peony flower; We have gathered information that will help you under this heading. The peony flower, which is very easy to care for, does not like harsh weather conditions. Let’s express the wonders about irrigation, soil selection and maintenance one by one:


  • Peony flower loves moisture. It is one of the flowers that do not come to watering much.
  • If you water a lot; You can take the bottom plate of the flower pot and make the excess water vomit. When watering this flower, you should check the soil and irrigate.

Soil Selection:

  • The peony flower, which likes humus soil, does not accept field or garden soil.
  • You can add mineral-rich, organic fertilizers to the soil.
  • If you are going to cultivate in large land; You should choose soil that is free from insects.


  • A very delicate flower, the peony cannot withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • It should not take the wind directly. Peonies can grow in bright and spacious corners with airflow.


  • Peony, which is a bulbous plant, should be planted frequently.
  • There should be a gap of 5 cm between each onion. A large pot would be ideal for peonies.

How to Propagate Peony Flower?

  • You can propagate the peony flower by seeding. However, this method requires a lot of patience.
  • Because after 1 year, the seed germinates and starts to sprout.
  • Thanks to the grafting method, the peony reproduces faster. You can reproduce during periods when the weather starts to cool. The first days of September would be an ideal period.

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