What Is Good For Eczema? 11 Herbal Remedies at Home

What Is Good For Eczema

What Is Good For Eczema? Eczema is a skin disease that occurs with itching on the skin and causes dryness of the skin, which is at risk for many people . In some cases , blisters are also seen on the skin. This disease, which reduces the quality of life and disturbs the person, is a frequently discussed case in dermatology departments.

What Is Good For Eczema?

  • Aloe vera
  • Chamomile Juice
  • Lavender oil
  • Cucumber
  • St. John’s Wort
  • Licorice Root
  • White Mulberry
  • Coconut Oil
  • Oat Powder
  • turmeric
  • Vinegar

Eczema, which can be seen on any part of the body, can usually occur on the hands, arms and legs. Eczema, which can be healed with very simple treatments, can sometimes be eliminated with herbal methods . If you are complaining about this disease and you have the question of what is good for eczema , we are here to help you. In these lines, you can find a lot of information about eczema with natural methods. But do not forget; completely reliable treatment will of course be carried out under the supervision of a doctor. If you are experiencing eczema complaints, please apply to the health institution without neglecting the helpful herbal suggestions.

After the supervision of the doctor, what can I apply additionally at home, what is good for eczema, what are herbal methods, should read this article to the end!

The information is general advice; Get doctor support for the most accurate and healthy results.

What Is Good For Eczema? 11 Herbal Remedies at Home

1) Aloe Vera

  • One of the natural solutions that comes to mind when it comes to eczema itch is aloe vera.
  • Aloe vera heals itching caused by eczema and quickly repairs skin damage.
  • It is recommended to apply aloe vera gel to the eczema area by massaging with elegant movements.
  • When you regularly apply aloe vera treatment, the tissues in the skin are renewed and the dryness and itching disappear.

2) Chamomile Juice

  • Those who say what is good for eczema and what to do at home should definitely benefit from chamomile.
  • Thanks to natural creams with chamomile extract and chamomile juice, it cleans the inflammations caused by eczema.
  • Chamomile, which also eliminates the complaints of itching and drying, accelerates cell regeneration thanks to the substances in its structure.
  • You can cool chamomile tea at home and apply it to the eczema area.

3) Lavender Oil

  • For those who say what is good for eczema on the hair, we will recommend lavender oil.
  • Lavender oil will both treat eczema on the scalp and make the hair look healthier.
  • If itching and dryness of the scalp have occurred, eczema may have started.
  • To solve this problem, it is recommended to make a hair mask with lavender oil and apply it regularly.
  • After enlightening those who say what is good for eczema, how to apply lavender for hair roots, and for those who say what is good for eczema due to stress , let’s also mention that the lavender sack you put under your pillow can help relieve your tension and therefore reduce your eczema.

4) Cucumber

  • When it comes to what is good for eczema, what can be a natural solution method, skin-friendly cucumber also comes to mind.
  • What is good for facial eczema? Cucumber, which is not missing from the kitchen, will play a role in the answer to this question.
  • Cucumber juice will be a herbal treatment method that you can safely use on the face area.
  • You should use cucumber juice regularly for eczema on your face.
  • If you wish, you can wash your skin with cucumber water. It will minimize eczema complaints.

5) St. John’s Wort

  • St. John’s Wort is an herbal remedy for skin diseases. It will also give effective results for eczema.
  • When you say what is good for eczema in the ear, take a few drops of St. John’s Wort tea and clean the inside of the ear.
  • It will help repair the skin inside the ear.
  • For eczema on legs and hands, you can use St. John’s Wort oil.
  • You can minimize the effects of eczema, as St. John’s wort has the effect of clearing inflammation.
  • What is good for eczema has been a problem also examined by Ahmet Maranki . As a Maranki natural eczema cream recipe; It recommends a mixture of 50 g buffalo butter, 10 g St. John’s Wort oil, 10 g black cumin seed oil, 1 teaspoon of successive tar, 15 g calendula oil and 100 g pure vaseline.

6) Licorice Root

  • Studies with licorice root indicate that this plant prevents eczema complaints.
  • You can minimize the effects of this disease when you apply the gel obtained from licorice root to the eczema area twice a week.
  • Licorice root, which has an antiseptic feature, will prevent conditions such as itching and blistering.
  • You can use licorice root gel and water on the knees, hands and legs where eczema starts.

7) White Mulberry

  • If you experience itching and flaking on your skin due to eczema, you can benefit from dried mulberry.
  • When white mulberry leaves and grains are soaked in hot water, they will release beneficial minerals in the water.
  • You can use this water when you say what is good for eczema on the eyelid . Apply the white mulberry juice around the eyes with the help of a cotton ball and clean it well.
  • With regular use, you can notice results.
  • What is good for eczema is also a topic discussed by İbrahim Saracoğlu . Saraçoğlu recommends boiling a handful of dried mulberry in half-liter water for 5-6 minutes, then keeping the eczema area in lukewarm water for 10 minutes.

8) Coconut Oil

  • Coconut oil will cure many skin problems as well as eczema.
  • You can apply natural and additive-free coconut oil to the itchy and blistered areas by massaging.
  • Coconut oil prevents skin dryness caused by eczema and helps soften the skin.
  • It is very popular among herbal treatment methods of eczema due to its moisturizing effect.

9) Oat Powder

  • You can use oat powder at home to treat eczema.
  • First of all, mix 1 spoon of oat powder with some water and make it creamy.
  • Apply the resulting cream to the areas disturbed by eczema.
  • Oat powder has the property to heal blisters and redness on the skin.

10) Turmeric

  • You can use turmeric for eczema that spreads over a large area.
  • The curcumin substance in turmeric helps to clear inflammations on the skin.
  • It heals skin damage quickly and also prevents itching.
  • You can apply turmeric creams or a mixture of turmeric and yogurt to your skin for eczema.

11) Vinegar

  • What is good for eczema is a question researched by Aidin Salih .
  • Dr. Aidin Salih says that cures prepared with vinegar can solve the problem of eczema.
  • After boiling half a liter of water, put 1 spoon of rock salt in it. You can apply the warm water to the eczema areas.
  • You can also try the cure you get by mixing apple cider vinegar with an equal amount of onion juice.
  • You can also obtain a solution for eczema areas by mixing stinging nettle paste and apple cider vinegar.

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