Lavender Oil: Benefits of Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil

Lavender has a distinctive feature among flowers with its refreshing scent. There are almost 20 species of lavender, which usually come to life in Mediterranean climates. A few of these species are also grown in Turkey. Lavender, which is collected in July and August and used in various ways, is most preferred when it is in oil form.

In this article that smells of lavender, we will provide you with information about the benefits of lavender oil and the use of lavender oil. After reading our article, you will be more conscious when caring for your skin and hair with lavender oil. At the same time, lavender oil is an oil written by İbrahim Saracoğlu and its effects are stated.

What Are the Benefits of Lavender Oil?

When you think about the benefits of lavender oil, which is frequently preferred in the field of aromatherapy, here are the miracle answers you are looking for:

  • Lavender oil is the most natural way to deal with stress. It has been determined as a result of researches that people who use about 80 mg of lavender oil during the day are more peaceful and comfortable. In situations such as stress and anxiety, you should remember lavender oil.
  • Lavender oil is recommended for people who have sleep problems. Because lavender oil is a natural oil that balances sleep patterns and provides comfortable sleep.
  • It has pain-relieving properties. If you stay in the scent of lavender oil for about 15 minutes on days when you have headaches, your headaches and migraines will pass in a short time.
  • Another benefit of lavender oil is that it is effective in conditions such as colds. You can choose it for your respiratory ailments. Lavender oil should be in your mind for more comfortable breathing.
  • Lavender oil will help you a lot in chapped lips, dry skin and sunspots. Lavender oil is very effective for skin blemishes.
  • You can choose it for all the problems that occur in your skin.
  • Lavender oil will be a herbal perfume with a pungent smell. You can try room fragrance with lavender oil at home.
  • You can use lavender oil for nausea or vomiting. A few drops of lavender oil on your clothes will eliminate the feeling of vomiting and make you feel better.
  • By taking advantage of its pain relief feature, you can massage your hands and knees on days when you are tired. It will eliminate your muscle and bone pain.
  • Regular use of lavender oil will strengthen your immune system.
  • With its antioxidant and antibacterial properties, you can eliminate infections in the urinary tract with lavender oil.
  • Today, you can solve the problem of high blood pressure, which can be seen at any age, with lavender oil. Blood pressure balancing treatment with lavender oil, which is more effective especially in older people, gets very healthy results. A little scent of lavender oil or rubbing it on clothes will be enough to balance blood pressure.

What are the Benefits of Lavender Oil for Hair?

Lavender oil will also help you in hair care. You can apply a lavender oil mask to your hair regularly to make your hair healthier and more vibrant. Here are the benefits of lavender oil for your hair:

  • You can use lavender oil to prevent hair loss in men and women.
  • You can eliminate all hair problems, including ringworm, by adding lavender oil to the hair mask prepared with nutritious vegetable oils.
  • Thanks to the minerals in lavender oil, you can notice faster and healthier growth of your hair.
  • It nourishes the scalp and eliminates problems such as dandruff.
  • With its sharp smell, lavender oil also prevents lice complaints. It is recommended to get approval from the doctor before using it in children. Otherwise, there are also rumors that it changes the balance of hormones.

What are the Benefits of Lavender Oil for the Skin?

One of your skin’s best friends is lavender oil. Lavender oil takes action to solve all your skin problems, especially skin blemishes. Here are the effects on your skin:

  • Lavender oil supports the regeneration of your cells. As a result of this situation, the wounds and spots on your skin heal in a very short time.
  • It fights acne and pimples, which are frequently complained about during adolescence. It helps your acne heal faster.
  • It is used in the treatment of skin blemishes caused by the effect of skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis. With its nourishing and repairing features, it will eliminate all skin problems with regular use.
  • Lavender oil, which will be your savior in the summer months, will minimize the effect of fly bites. Swelling and redness in fly bites can be removed with lavender oil.

What Does Lavender Oil Do? How to use it?

When you use lavender oil regularly:

  • It removes stains.
  • It gives health to your hair.
  • It repairs your skin.
  • Revitalizes cracked and dry skin.
  • It balances the sleep pattern.
  • It removes stress.
  • It gives satisfaction psychologically.

The use of lavender oil will be appropriate in hair masks for your hair, skin masks for your skin, or with the help of a cotton ball. You can use it by keeping it in your room on stressful days, and by massaging the stained area for stains. At the same time, you can spray it on your clothes and in your environment with the help of a spray.

On cold days, you can massage your neck and throat with a few drops. By increasing the blood circulation in your neck area, it will give you energy and heal your illness. If you have muscle and bone pain complaints, you can apply lavender oil to the painful area.

Lavender Oil Preventing Lice

Head louse is a problem that can be seen at any age. The factors that cause this can include staying dirty for a long time and being in unclean environments. You can also use lavender oil to prevent this. Because lavender oil will keep lice and other small insects away from your body due to its scent.

How Is Lavender Oil Made?

If you want to make lavender oil easily and effortlessly at home; Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • First of all, you need to collect the lavender leaves and dry them. You have to crush the dried leaves to get the smell out.
  • When crushing lavender leaves with your hands, your hands should not be wet. Lavender leaves that come into contact with your damp and wet hands can become susceptible to rot.
  • Add the lavender, the leaves of which you have crushed, into a jar you will use. Then fill this jar with almond oil. You can also choose olive oil instead of almond oil. Make sure your mouth is tightly closed and rest.
  • First of all, leave the jar under the sun for 48 hours. Then take it out of the sun and leave it in a cool place in the dark. Do not forget to shake the jar from time to time.
  • After a few days, your lavender oil is ready to use. With the wish of healing.

Lavender Oil Harms and Side Effects

Side effects can be seen in the wrong and unconscious use of lavender oil. Lavender oil poisoning may occur if inhaled with steam. In such cases, you should see a doctor before there is a more serious problem. In addition, lavender oil is not recommended for expectant mothers, as it will relax the uterine muscles during pregnancy. If you are going to have an operation in the near future, you should take a break from using lavender oil for a while. In case of a possible allergy, you should not use lavender oil.

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