Peeled prawns: Cooking and times for frozen peeled prawns

Peeled prawns

The kitchen is full of tricks that are of great importance so that the dishes you prepare can reach an outstanding level of quality, so if you have ever been curious about how to cook prawns in a professional way, you should stay in this post, because Below you will learn in a simple and quick way the correct way to cook frozen peeled prawns and the correct times so that you get the most out of this incredible and tasty food that the sea gives us, through a process that is super simple and that if you you follow to the letter does not accept mistakes, guaranteeing you success at all times so that you finish cheering yourself up.

Cooking prawns is definitely an art where precision plays a determining role, temperature and cooking times are definitive so that the results are of the highest gourmet quality and so that when you consume them you can enjoy getting the most out of everything. that this food can offer you both from a food, nutritional and health point of view and, since we are in learning mode, I invite you to know the correct way to cook shellfish , so that you can also achieve perfection in these delicious and nutritious marine products .

Cooking and times for frozen peeled prawns

Prawns represent a food that without a doubt everyone likes and its diversity of varieties and sizes as well as its outstanding flavor make them ideal to accompany our meals in an excellent way, it is also relevant to mention that as it is a delicate food it must be ensure that cooking them is precise and perfect, in order to avoid ruining them and to obtain results that are optimal for the palate.

Maintaining the certainty and clarity that we are dealing with perfectly peeled and frozen prawns, so you must take the following into full consideration:

  • When thawing, prawns lose the ice and water they might contain.
  • Ideally, remove them from the freezer to the refrigerator at least 6 to 8 hours in advance and allow the defrosting process to take place naturally.
  • If you don’t have time to thaw, simply place them under warm running water for about 15 minutes and place them in a bag.
  • Never take them directly from the freezer to the cooking pot, because the frozen water they contain will undoubtedly ruin the flavor of the shrimp.

How long do peeled prawns cook?

The precise times in the kitchen are essential for the results to be encouraging, hence this type of sea food, when peeled (they do not have their protective shell) has an excellent speed to reach the necessary level of cooking, so just about 30 seconds of cooking in boiling water will suffice.

It is important to remember that you must ensure that the optimal conditions so that the prawns can be ready and cooked at this time, so you must defrost them, use about 3 liters of water for each kilogram of this marine food and three tablespoons of salt , Additionally, include a couple of bay leaves in the cooking water when it starts to boil.

In addition, and for those who still have doubts about the times, there is an infallible trick and this consists of boiling the prawns until they themselves can rise or float to the surface of the boiling water, this is a precise indication that they have managed to reach the degree of cooking necessary to be consumed without any type of problem.

You should also have a container with water and ice , with the firm intention of barely removing the peeled and cooked prawns from the boiling water, putting them immediately in this cold water, which will allow you to stop the cooking process dry , since that if continued could completely ruin the texture of this delicious but delicate food.

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