5 Hearty Foods While Hiking

5 Hearty Foods While Hiking

Hiking is a long-lasting sport in green areas away from the city. Energy expenditure is quite high in this sport, which requires endurance. In long-term walks, especially the first 1.5 should have a good glycogen reserve. If your walk is going to belong, it’s important to provide food variety. Therefore, you should plan your hiking menu in advance.

Calculate carbohydrate, protein, and fat ratios when choosing your menu. You can try to provide a balance of 50-65 % carbohydrates to provide the energy you will need during the walk, 10-15% protein for muscle health, and 20-35% fat. While increasing the variety of food, you should be careful that the other items you carry are not too heavy. Because every extra item you carry will weigh you down and cause you to get tired more quickly.

We have a warning for you if you are going to do your walk-in areas that are quite high above sea levels such as a plateau or mountain. Due to low oxygen levels, the body’s utilization time from proteins is longer in high regions. If your walk will take a few hours, you should drink at least 1 liter more water than you usually consume. Walking in nature consumes significant amounts of water. It is enough to take two bottles of water in the easily accessible area inside the backpack.

When planning the meal to take with you, you should consider the length of the walk. If you are going for a very long walk, you should not burden yourself by taking all the food with you at once and carrying them throughout the walk. If there are places to shop near your route, you can mark them and shop along the way.

5 Hearty Foods While Hiking

Hiking increases the need for food. After hours of a nature walk, you will be very hungry. At this time, markets or restaurants may be far away. One of the most important things to consider when planning your walks is choosing and preparing your food. In this article, we have brought together quick and delicious snacks that you can consume while walking.

1) Cold Sandwich

  • It will be a great idea to eat sandwiches that you prepared the day before or in the morning while hiking!
  • You can prepare both satisfying and easy-to-carry meals with sandwich ingredients such as tomato, cheese, lettuce, tuna, smoked turkey, cucumber.

2) Salads

  • You can put a lot of salad in a lidded jar or any sealed container and consume it during lunch breaks during the walk.
  • In addition to the salad ingredients you desire, you can add hearty items such as croutons and crackers, and you can add grains that keep you full for a long time, such as wheat and quinoa.

3) Bread with Cheese and Salami

  • Cheddar cheese and salami are a sought-after duo in both toast varieties and instant delicacies between bread! Finish hungry, place the salami and cheddar cheeses, the bread wrapped in cling film in your bag, and prepare yourself a sandwich in 5 minutes!
  • The easiest and most satisfying solution for those who get hungry while walking!

4) Snacks

  • If you do not have time to prepare a meal, you can take snacks that you can buy from the market with you.
  • You can buy dried figs, dried apricots, or dried bananas.
  • You can also take dried nuts such as walnuts, hazelnuts, and almonds with you.

5) Energizing Desserts

  • Even if it tastes delicious on long nature walks, you should stay away from processed foods that contain glucose syrup.
  • If you want to eat dessert, you can choose granola bars or energy bars. You can buy them before you go for a walk, or you can prepare them yourself at home and put them in your bag.
  • You can choose fresh fruits such as apples, oranges or bananas.

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