Benefits of Figs – 10 Miraculous Properties That Will Change Your Perspective

Benefits of Figs

Figs are the fruit of a tree that can be grown frequently in cities with a maritime climate in our country. The history of the fig tree goes back to ancient times. Although fig is known as an exotic fruit in many countries of the world, it is recognized as a delicious fruit consumed in various ways in Turkey. The fragrant fig gives to the environment when it starts to mature is the harbinger of the summer season. It cures all kinds of diseases with its leaves, seeds and fruits.

We are here to make those who have never tasted figs love figs, and to those who love fig fruit very much, to explain the benefits of this food. Are you ready?

The fig varieties in the market, including dried figs, fresh figs, white figs and purple figs, are beneficial for humanity in every form. Now let’s examine this fruit in depth and find out what are the benefits of figs together!


  • Super Fruit: Figs
  • 10 Important Benefits of Figs – There Will Be No One Who Doesn’t Love!
  • 1) Cancer Enemy
  • 2) Stronger Bones
  • 3) Bowels Under Control
  • 4) Reproductive Health is Safe
  • 5) Diabetes Friendly
  • 6) Herbal Solution for Hair Care
  • 7) 4 Pieces a Day for Heart Health
  • 8) A Lunch Meal
  • 9) Young and Glowing Skin
  • 10) Balanced Blood Pressure Values
  • What are the Benefits of Fig Leaf?
  • Fig Calories and Nutritional Values
  • Fig Nutrition Facts List
  • How to Dry a Fig?
  • Where Does Fig Grow?
  • 12 Delicious Recipes You Can Give Life With Figs

10 Important Benefits of Figs – There Will Be No One Who Doesn’t Love!

1) Cancer Enemy

  • Fig, which is an antioxidant fruit, prevents the formation of cancerous cells in the body.
  • It fights free radicals and lays solid foundations for a healthier life.
  • To take precautions against many types of cancer, figs can be added to the list of favorite fruits.
  • Figs contain high fiber in its structure.
  • Thanks to this feature, it regulates intestinal flora and eliminates the risk of colon cancer.

2) Stronger Bones

  • When the nutritional value of figs is examined, it is observed that vitamin K is high.
  • Figs, which are rich in vitamin K, have an important role for stronger bone structure.
  • Children’s regular consumption of figs during their growth period is good for many diseases and strengthens the bone structure.

3) Bowels Under Control

  • Fig consumption should be given importance to eliminate conditions such as constipation and intestinal laziness.
  • Consumed regularly, figs take control of the intestines and enable the digestive system to work more actively.
  • When fig is consumed with olive oil,it will solve constipation within minutes.

4) Reproductive Health is Safe

  • Figs also have effective benefits for female and male reproductive health.
  • Fig, which has an aphrodisiac effect, is also included in mythology as a fruit that arouses sexual feelings.
  • It is recommended to consume figs for a happy sexual life.

5) Diabetes-Friendly

  • Figs are high in potassium.
  • This high value ensures that the sugar taken into the body after the meal is digested in a healthy way.
  • One of the issues that diabetes patients should pay attention to is; consumption of sugary foods.
  • Diabetes patients who eat figs can have more enjoyable days by controlling their blood sugar.

6) Herbal Solution for Hair Care

  • Since figs contain magnesium, it will be like medicine to people who have hair problems.
  • It is stated that the hair of people who consume figs is healthier and stronger.
  • Fig, which treats the diseases of the scalp, is used in many cosmetic fields today.
  • You can get the vitamin that hair needs from figs.

7) 4 Pieces a Day for Heart Health

  • According to the recommendations of experts, the fig you consume 4 pieces a day prevents high blood pressure and keeps it at a normal level.
  • If you include figs in your life and consume them regularly, your heart health will be protected for a long time.
  • One way to prevent diseases such as heart attack is to consume figs.

8) A Lunch Meal

  • Figs contain pectin, a soluble fiber. It also has low calories.
  • During the diet process, you can choose figs to control blood sugar during snacks.
  • You can also prepare fit recipes by using figs in diet desserts.

9) Young and Glowing Skin

  • Vitamins and minerals contained in figs are effective in maintaining skin health.
  • You can eliminate conditions such as acne, redness and inflammation by consuming figs.
  • It accelerates cell regeneration and makes you look better.

10) Balanced Blood Pressure Values

  • Figis an important fruit that protects the heart in regular and measured consumption, as well as a protective task for your blood pressure values.
  • The effect of fig on blood pressure is due to its rich nutritional values.
  • It is known to significantly prevent the risk of high blood pressure.

What are the Benefits of Fig Leaf?

  • Tea brewed with fig leaves has the effect of lowering blood sugar.
  • It inhibits the spread and growth of cancerous cells.
  • The milk from the fig leaf heals skin problems.
  • For hemorrhoids discomfort, a hot shower effect is recommended by using fig leaves.
  • Boiling the fig leaf and drinking its water will give an efficient result in balancing the rising blood pressure.
  • To treat the problem of constipation, it is recommended to boil the fig leaf and drink it as tea.

Fig Calories and Nutritional Values

If you consume figs frequently, paying attention to portion controls would be a healthier step. Because dried figs are high in sugar. Dry consumers should do portion control. For this purpose, we thought it would be beneficial for you to examine the fig nutritional value table and determined the following numbers:

  • 1 fig: 48 calories
  • 50 grams of figs: 37 calories
  • 5 figs: 241 calories

Fig Nutrition Facts List

  • 47 grams of Carbs
  • 49 grams of Protein
  • 2 grams of Fat
  • 89 grams of Fiber
  • 65mg Sodium
  • 8 mg Potassium
  • 75mg Calcium
  • 3 iu of vitamin A
  • 3 mg of vitamin C
  • 24 Iron

How to Dry a Fig?

You can dry the fig and consume it all year round. Dried figs are a healthy snack. Let’s talk about drying methods:

  • In the home environment, the fig starts to dry after being processed for about 12 hours at 46 degrees.
  • Figs can be dried under the sun with more natural methods and inexpensively.
  • For this prolonged sunlight and temperature is required.

Where Does Fig Grow?

In order to grow figs efficiently, attention should be paid to the information we will now explain:

  • The fig tree loves high temperatures.
  • It is immediately affected by weather conditions such as cold and hail.
  • In many cities in our country, the fig tree has found a natural habitat.
  • It has a very good opportunity to grow in Aydın and İzmir in the Aegean.
  • Figs can be grown in the Southeast, Marmara and Mediterranean provinces by adapting to the weather conditions.
  • Figs, which begin to ripen in August, reveal themselves slightly.
  • In September, the fig season is fully experienced.

12 Delicious Recipes You Can Give Life With Figs

You can create delicious flavors in the kitchen by using the fig fruit and its dried form. If you haven’t decided what to do with figs yet, you can take a look at our list.

1) Fig Jam for Summer Flavor Breakfasts

One of the classic flavors to be made with figs is fig jam. You can make a jam with the right sugar and consistency and start preparations for winter. You can click on the recipe to try and enjoy the fig jam.

2) A Taste Befitting Tea Parties: Fig Dessert

You can also try the fig dessert flavor in the recipe to feel the crispness of the fig seed on the palate. This dessert will make all tea pleasures unforgettable! 

3) This Dessert Is So Different: Yummy Fig Sleep

Fig sleep is added to the desserts that you can prepare using figs. All ages will love the fig sleepy dessert that you can make using only 2 ingredients!

4) A Crispy Taste: Fig Cookie

Haven’t you tried the fig cookies? Fig cookies, which make you forget all the cookie flavors you know, get full marks by those who try it. You can try it for tea, coffee and a sweet treat on trips.

5) Fig Dessert is on Every Table Now!

You can try the custard dessert recipe prepared with fig cake very easily at home. If you haven’t tried it before, it’s possible to pinpoint this recipe. Don’t forget to click for the fig dessert that will be ready for invitations and tea times.

6) The Sweetest Stuffed: Stuffed Figs

When it comes to stuffing in Turkish cuisine, pepper and rice ingredients come to mind. Now, if we tell you that we are preparing stuffed figs, can you imagine this taste? Click now for a diet-breaking, mouth-watering dessert recipe and enjoy the fig stuffing!

7) Fig Cookie Atom Cookie Distributes Energy

There is nothing in this cookie. It leaves the mouths of those who see fig cookies, which you can consume as an energy store. If you are wondering what materials it was prepared with, you can reach the recipe by clicking.

8) A Soft Flavor: Fig Cake with Custard

Take a short break from the cake recipes you have tried before and try the fig cake with pudding, which has a soft consistency. Fig cake, which suits every meal and gives energy, meets you in this recipe. 

9) This Time With Dried Figs: Dried Fig Jam

This jam, prepared for those who crave fig jam, has a secret. Delicious jam prepared with dried figs can be easily tried every day of the year. It is enough to take a look at the recipe to reach the jam in which you will taste delicious in every gram! 

10) What’s New in Dessert: Fig Sleep

It is the right time to add figs to the desserts that you can enjoy at invitations and tea pleasures. You will want to try this dessert, which is prepared in a short time and does not require much effort, for every guest. Click for details and materials.

11) The Mouths Are Sweetened With Fig Custard Pie

The fig pudding cake, which you can prepare for your most special and beautiful guests, has a taste that will win the appreciation of those who taste it. When custard, cake and delicious ingredients come together, you can taste this delicious dessert.

12) Fig Cookie Stuffed with Figs

When you try this cookie, which has the taste and appearance of figs, you can preserve it for days without losing its taste. You can click on the link for a delicious recipe where you can see figs inside and outside.


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