Masterchef: All Curious Information

  • Masterchef is a term used by the World Cooks Federation for selected chefs.
  • Trained cooks who pass the 2-stage exam are entitled to receive this title if they achieve 80% success.
  • “Masterchef”, used for advanced cooks, is an exciting and competitive cooking competition brought to television by Acun Medya.
  • In this competition, which offers flavors from US cuisine and the cuisines of various countries, the selected contestants prepare the desired recipe within a certain period of time.
  • An equal amount of time and material is given to all. Recipes prepared in a personal working environment are presented to the jury as at the end of the period.
  • Launched in the summer of 2021, Masterchef brings the audience to the screen with a brand new season. In this program, where different people will show their talents in the kitchen, your appetite will increase and your self-confidence will increase considerably. While watching the contestants, you will want to go to the kitchen and create wonders.
  • The dishes, which are sometimes prepared completely and sometimes incompletely, are appreciated by the jury. Those who attract the attention of the jury have a chance to stay for the next elimination; 1 unsuccessful person is also eliminated.

Who are Masterchef Chefs and Jury Members?

Somer Sivrioglu

  • Somer Sivrioğlu was born in 1971 .
  • At the age of 25, he went to Australia to study. She completed her education at Bilkent University on Tourism and Hotel Management.
  • She previously worked as a food writer and radio host for a program called Taste Journey.
  • He owns a very famous restaurant called Efendy in Sydney.
  • Somer Chef, who likes to prepare the best dishes using few ingredients, expresses that he got his respect for the land and the products used from his grandmother.
  • Somer Sivrioğlu left a mark on the screens with his chef knife earring, which attracted attention in the Masterchef competition. The most selling earring of recent times, Somer Sivrioğlu is known for its unique style.

Mehmet Yalcinkaya

  • Mehmet Yalçınkaya was born in 1974 in Bolu. Bolu, which is famous for food in Turkey, has been influential in Mehmet Yalçınkaya’s advancement in his profession.
  • Mehmet Chef, who was introduced to the kitchen at the age of 12, gained his first experiences in his uncle’s kitchen.
  • He has been to many countries throughout his career. He worked at the famous Bebek and Maxim Casinos in Istanbul. 2012
  • He is the owner of the World Chefs Olympics Silver Medal. He achieved success in the Turkish Cooks Federation.
  • Berlin – Germany successfully announced its name in the A category of the World Chefs Olympiad. He was the team captain of Euroturk Chefs Culinary Team. Mehmet Şef is known as “The Chef Who Can’t Get Enough of Awards” in the field of Gastronomy.
  • Mehmet Şef, who draws attention with his harsh temperament from time to time and his humorous attitude from time to time in the Masterchef competition, reflects his vast experience and knowledge in this program as well.

Danilo Zanna

  • Drawing attention with his sincere Turkish in the Masterchef competition, Danilo Zanna is a chef who was born in Italy and found happiness in Turkey.
  • Born in 1982, Danilo Chef took one of his feet to Turkey after meeting his wife, Tuğçe Demirbilek. He settled here and opened a restaurant.
  • Presenting television programs, Danilo Zanna is one of the names that made himself popular with his style in the Masterchef competition.
  • He conveyed his interest in world cuisine and Turkish food to many people in the cooking programs he prepared.
  • He takes his place among the names who managed to make himself loved by taking part in various television series and programs.

Which channel is Masterchef on?

  • It is a program that shows new episodes and reruns on Masterchef TV8 screens.
  • You can follow the presentations and short videos prepared on the competition on the website
  • If you enjoy the taste of cooking every time you enter the kitchen, Masterchef competitors, professional jury members and special recipes await you on TV8 screens.

What Day is Masterchef Published?

  • You can meet on TV8 screens every day to watch the Masterchef competition on the full day with excitement.
  • When it’s 20.00, you can watch new episodes minute by minute by turning on TV8.

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