What goes with the wrap

What goes with the wrap

Wrapping, which has an important place among the traditional tastes of Turkish cuisine, is enough to be the star of both tables and hearts. Wrapping, which is indispensable for crowded and stylish guest tables, offers practical alternatives with olive oil, meat or cabbage wrap options. Although it is the star of the table alone, we are in search of a harmonious alternative to wrapping, especially in preparations for crowded guests, and we often ask the question of what goes well with stuffed wrap.

You also eat what goes over the winding, what goes on or next to the olive oil cabbage wrap bride If you’re wondering answers to questions such as what goes next to the winding examine together the recipes we made for you!

What to Eat with Olive Oil – Meat Rolls?

If you say that I love to make wraps, but often find it difficult to find compatible options to be consumed with them, the solution is now very easy with these recipes! You can serve wrapping, which is one of the traditional flavors that everyone loves to consume, with small touches, on very different and stylish tables. How, thanks to these recipes!

1) Vegetable Soup

  • Are you thinking of what goes with Sarma, but at the same time you say that you don’t want to mix its flavor with other flavors by eating something with this dish?
  • You may also be thinking that just wrapping may not be satisfying enough. Then vegetable soup is for you!
  • Soup, which is one of the indispensables of the tables, is a good alternative to both relieve the stomach and suppress the hunger a little before the meal.
  • Especially if you prefer meat wrap and if you are going to consider the wrap as the main dish, the answer to the question of which soup goes with the wrap will be a warm vegetable soup!
  • You can also prepare soup with any vegetable you prefer according to your taste; You can set a classic but satisfying table.

2) Lettuce Salad

  • Salad, which is among the indispensables of those who want to eat healthily, is actually enough to be a satisfying meal with its different varieties.
  • Thanks to the interest in organic and different vegetables in recent years, you can create a healthy alternative to accompany the olive oil wraps with the seasonal salad, which brings together rich and different nutritional value products.
  • At the same time, if you are following a diet program, it is possible to have a balanced meal with wrap and salad.
  • When you think of wrapping, wrapping leaves and cabbage comes to mind, but if the question in my mind is what goes with chicken wrap, you can make a seasonal salad.

3) Apricot and Grape Compote

  • If you say you like to take risks in the kitchen and are open to different tastes, you can go beyond the ordinary and consider the compote option besides wrapping.
  • Although it may seem like two incompatible alternatives at first, you can easily try compote for a lighter and balanced meal.
  • With the apricot, peach or grape compote of your choice, you can offer a different flavor both for yourself and for your guests.
  • Especially if you say what goes with cabbage rolls and if you made your roll with olive oil, you can choose compote for a refreshing and sweet table.

4) Potato Salad

  • The most practical alternative to meat rolls or cabbage rolls can be a potato salad with plenty of greens.
  • If you are going to make a meat wrap or if you are going to use the wrap you have prepared for the guest tables as the main course, you can create a satisfying and nutritionally powerful alternative, slightly different from the classic salad recipes.
  • You will love the harmony of the potato salad that you will prepare in a very short time with this recipe!
  • For those who say what goes with the meat wrap, we especially recommend the potato options, because we know that the potatoes go very well with meat.

5) Roasted Eggplant Salad

  • If you like to offer appetizer-style alternatives at guests’ tables and if you like to combine different flavors, this recipe is for you!
  • You will experience an explosion of flavor thanks to this salad, which you can easily serve alongside olive oil wrap or cabbage wrap.
  • You can also flavor the roasted aubergines with yoghurt and garlic according to your taste and preference, and make a practical yet palatable salad.
  • While preparing your table, of course, you pay attention to the harmony of flavors, but if you especially think about what would look good next to the wrap, we are sure that you will like the colorful roasted vegetable salad.

6) Cacik

  • Practical alternatives to be consumed alongside a meal can be an ideal solution for a lighter and more balanced meal.
  • Just like plain yogurt or ayran, tzatziki will be a light and quick option alongside both meat and olive oil wraps.
  • At the same time, in hot weather, you can choose tzatziki to prevent excessive oily or heavy meals from having a negative effect on the body.

7) Pastry that does not go stale

  • Neighborhood relations, daytime sittings, afternoon teas or days that we enjoy as a nation; It helps to select the best recipes for the guests to be hosted.
  • For this reason, the host who will host the guests determines the flavors to be presented days in advance in a harmonious and balanced way.
  • If you are waiting for guests to sit during the day or if you are looking for alternatives as a snack for tea time, you can complete the olive oil leaf wrap with a pastry that you will make according to your preference.
  • If pastries, cakes and pastries are ready, all you need is a wrap and pastry! We recommend that those who say what goes with stuffed wrap should definitely take a look at our stale pastry recipe.

8) Chicken Sultan Kebab

  • If you are not going to consume the wrap as a main course; If you think of it as an aperitif with olive oil and like full tables, you can also save the day with the main course you will cook.
  • We are sure that you will love our chicken recipe, even if you do not intend to spend the meal with wrap only and you are thinking about which dish will go with the wrap.
  • Considering the olive oil wrap mostly as an aperitif, any chicken kebab according to your taste will be enough to cheer up both the tables and the stomach.
  • At the same time, you can both increase the variety and catch the harmony of different flavors with the vegetable soup (see item 1) that you can make before the main dish.
  • In this way, the vitamins coming from the vegetables and the protein of the chicken will be very nutritious in your menu.

9) Easy and Quick Burrito

  • You have a guest to sit for a golden day, afternoon tea, or you have your guests wrapped in olive oil, like a pencil… Well, what goes next to olive oil wrap? Here is the answer in this recipe!
  • How would you like to prepare a yufka pastry that can’t linger in a jiffy next to the star of the day’s menu? This delicious pastry, suitable for tastes of all ages, is also a very easy recipe.
  • If you add a dessert recipe that you trust with your wrap and börek duo, there is no one more skillful than you!
  • You can create the inner mortar according to the available materials or your taste.
  • If you want to enchant your guests and show that you have found the best answer for those who are thinking about what to eat with the wrap, roll up your sleeves and start preparing the pastries!

10) Baked Zucchini Mucver

  • As a flavor compliment to olive oil, meat or cabbage rolls, our last recommendation is scrumptious zucchini hash browns in the oven!
  • These light hash browns, which you can prepare in a snap and serve in the oven without the hassle of frying, is a very nutritious idea that will allow you to get the necessary vitamins along with rice and carbohydrate-intensive wraps.
  • If you wish, you can prepare murder with zucchini or seasonal vegetables, and you can enjoy rabbit blood with a glass of tea!
  • For those who say what goes with the wrap for dinner, a light murder recipe will be the perfect taste!

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