How to Freeze Peppers? Several ways

How to store peppers
How to store bell peppers

You can certainly freeze peppers, but you do have to make some preparations. It is not convenient to put a whole pepper in the freezer like this, because it comes out wrinkled. If you don’t do anything with it before freezing, you also freeze all the toxins that have been sprayed on a non-organic pepper. So below are all the tips that are useful when freezing bell peppers.

How to Freeze Peppers?

Wash and dry the peppers carefully. Cut the bell pepper into strips or pieces, remove the seeds and place them in a freezer container or bag. Stick a sticker with the date on the packaging. You can freeze peppers for 8 months.

So there are a number of things you should pay attention to when you freeze bell peppers. Below you can read which these are. If you want to know how to cut and store bell peppers, I can recommend our article about cutting and storing bell peppers .

Freeze Stuffed Peppers

When you have a meal of stuffed peppers left over, it is a shame to throw them away, but freezing is no longer an option. Once prepared, it is best to keep them in the fridge. At most 2 days and then you really have to use it up.

You can freeze raw stuffed peppers. If you fill a number of bell peppers in advance for a party or ‘you can only have them ready when you’re hungry’, this is perfectly possible.

It is true that the bell pepper is slightly less firm after you remove it from the oven than a freshly baked bell pepper from the oven. You can store the stuffed raw peppers for about 3 months in a sealed freezer container or bag with the expiration date on it. It is necessary that your refrigerator is at least at -18 degrees, otherwise, the freezing time will be shortened.

Freeze Sliced ​​Bell Pepper

Sliced ​​and fried bell pepper strips become limp and fall apart after freezing. Not a nice face, you shouldn’t want to eat this because you can’t really do anything with it. It’s not that the pepper is spoiled, but the structure has changed a lot. When you have fried sliced ​​bell pepper in a dish, it can simply be frozen. Simply stir in the mushy bell pepper after heating the dish.

Freeze Paprika Raw

You can freeze sliced ​​bell peppers when they are raw, in both cubes or strips. If you want to freeze a whole raw pepper to stuff it later, that’s not a good idea. The pepper will collapse after thawing. It is better to freeze a whole stuffed pepper (see above) and put it in the oven frozen.

If you want to freeze the whole pepper (after you’ve washed it) because you have too much of it, I wouldn’t do that either because, as mentioned, the pepper will become very limp unless you want to make soup from the pepper. Then it is useful to remove the seeds in advance.

You can freeze cubes or strips of raw sliced ​​peppers by placing them in a freezer container or bag and then writing the expiration date on the sticker (3 months shelf life).

If you want to use the bell pepper in a dish, you can add it frozen, for example for baking. Do not let it thaw first and then bake it.

How Long To Freeze Bell Peppers

You can freeze it for about 3 months if they have not been blanched, so raw. When you blanch peppers, all bacteria are killed and the pepper has a longer shelf life, namely up to one year. The structure of the peppers is different than when you freeze peppers raw. The blanched peppers go well in soup or sauces.

Blanching: Boil the cleaned peppers for 3 minutes before freezing.

Freeze Green Pepper

You can also freeze this green one. Just like all other colors, red, yellow, orange that we often encounter in the store. Peppers and peppers may also be frozen as described above.

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