What are the Benefits of Cherry?

Winter Cherry Storage in the Freezer

Cherry, which is considered to be the region between the Caspian Sea and the North Anatolian mountains, its possible homeland, is among the foods that fruit lovers consume with its jam, marmalade, compote, fruit juice and syrup thanks to its sour and delicious taste and dozens of health benefits. For all the details about sour cherry, just review our article!


  • What is Cherry?
  • Where Do Cherry Trees Grow?
  • What are Cherries Calories, Nutritional Value and Vitamins?
  • What are the Benefits of Cherry?
  • What are the Benefits of Cherry Leaf?
  • Is Cherry Weakening?
  • How to Dry Sour Cherry?
  • How to Freeze Cherries?
  • Favorite Delicious Flavored Cherry Recipes

What is Cherry?

Cherry, which is among the fruits loved by many with its sour taste and wonderful appearance, has very different characteristics in terms of taste and structural content, although it resembles cherry in appearance.

With its juicy and sour taste, sour cherry is among the fruits that many people do not miss from their kitchen. Although the sour cherry, which is very rich in nutritional value, resembles cherry in this respect, it stands out with its tart taste and low calorie since it is extremely low in sugar content.

Where Do Cherry Trees Grow?

The sour cherry, of which almost every variety is available in Turkey, is also one of the fruits exported to many countries in the world. The cherry tree, which has a lifespan of about 50 years, can bear fruit every July if regular maintenance is done.

Cherry saplings, which do not have soil selectivity, can bear fruit easily in sandy, calcareous and clay soils. Especially Kütahya and Katırlı sour cherries are among the most popular among this fruit that likes to grow in temperate climates.

What are Cherries Calories, Nutritional Value and Vitamins?

Cherry fruit, which is rich in vitamin C, prevents aging and strengthens the immune system thanks to the potassium and fiber it contains. Cherry, which is one of the indispensable fruits of diet menus, has very low values ​​​​in terms of calories.

Cherry, 100 grams of which is about 58 calories, helps to lose weight especially for those who follow a diet program and gives a feeling of satiety for a long time after consumption. Cherry detox, on the other hand, is among the fast weight loss alternatives applied by many women who pay attention to weight control.

What are the Benefits of Cherry?

  • Cherry, which has the power to heal the nervous system, reduces stress.
  • It has a preventive effect on cardiovascular diseases.
  • It inhibits and slows the growth of cancer cells in the body.
  • Regulates cholesterol.
  • Cherry, which is very rich in fiber content, ensures healthy functioning of the intestines and easy digestion.
  • Cherry fruit, which has a therapeutic effect on brain diseases, also prevents Alzheimer’s disease.

What are the Benefits of Cherry Leaf?

  • Cherry leaf has very effective health benefits, especially when consumed as tea. The brewed cherry leaf tea prevents the formation of kidney stones, and helps people with kidney stones to perform the stone-removal processes painlessly.
  • Cherry leaf, which has an anti-inflammatory effect, also prevents internal and external bleeding.
  • Cherry leaf, which has diuretic properties, helps to remove toxins accumulated in the body in a short time and has a positive effect on the liver.

Is Cherry Weakening?

For those who are in the process of losing weight, sour cherry and especially cherry stalk helps speed up this process. The sour cherry stalk, which accelerates fat burning thanks to the components it contains, shows its effect in a short time, especially when consumed as tea. Sour cherry detox, prepared with regularly consumed cherry stalk, reduces appetite, but it is considered appropriate not to consume more than 3 glasses a day for a maximum of 2 weeks.

How to Dry Sour Cherry?

Cherry, which has many consumption alternatives such as cookies, fruit juice, compote, jam, has many benefits for health when dried. In summer, it can be dried on a clean cloth or on a tray, in the oven or in the sun, or snacks can be prepared at home in a short time with the health store dried sour cherries.

How to Freeze Cherries?

Cherry can be consumed fresh or frozen when desired, offering an alternative to be consumed out of season. The cherries, whose stems are removed, are washed thoroughly in cold water, then the seeds are cleaned and separated if desired.

It is placed in small or medium sized refrigerator bags and knotted from the bottom after the air is removed from the bag. After the cherries are spread in the bag with the help of hand, they are left in the freezer. Thus, after taking it out of the freezer, it can be consumed with many delicious options such as compote, jam, cake decoration, dessert making.

Favorite Delicious Flavored Cherry Recipes

1) Queen of Breakfast: Cherry Jam

If you think that breakfast is about happiness and you believe that happiness comes from sweet or sweet jams, then cherry jam with its delicious aroma will be a flavor that will cheer up your breakfast.

2) Mouthwatering: Natural Cherry Juice

Who doesn’t love refreshing juices? Especially if it’s a homemade, natural, organic cherry juice made with the full consistency of flavor, don’t let them enjoy it! For those who are looking for a natural alternative to breakfast tables or a side meal, natural cherry juice is easy to make.

3) Impresses with its Taste: Cherry Muffins

Muffin is almost the dream of many people with its sweet smell, puffy appearance, and filling flavor. If you haven’t tried the cherry muffin, which one bite is not enough, which will delight you with its fluffiness, now is the time!

4) Goes Delicious with Tea: Plain Cake with Cherry

Prepare the teas! A recipe that you can’t imagine summer without cherries and cherries without cake If you want to flavor puff puff cakes, you should not pass without trying the cherry cake recipe.

5) Finger Biting Flavor: Chicken Breast with Cherry Flesh

One of the favorite flavors of those who are fond of milk desserts is undoubtedly chicken breast. Well, how about changing the classic chicken breast recipe a little bit, flavoring it and adding new flavors? Then you’ll love the meaty chicken breast with cherry meat with perfect consistency, including meat and cherries.

6) Both Practical and Delicious: Cherry Crumb Pie

Currently, “How should I evaluate the cherries at home?” If you think so, the answer is a delicious, practical and tiring cherry crumb pie recipe. If you have separated the cherries from their seeds, the most practical form of sour cherry crumbs will be the indispensable taste of your tea pleasures.

7) For Fruit Cake Fans: Cold Cherry Pie

Now comes a delicious recipe that will cure sudden guests and unexpected sweet crises; Cold Cherry Pie! The cake, which you will prepare quickly with the cherries you take out of the freezer, will be a wonderful and practical riot of flavors for your loved ones who like fruit desserts.

8) Perfect Match: Cherry Quince Dessert

The most delicious dessert of winter nights, the perfect harmony of sour cherry and quince! Especially for those who do not like to consume quince alone, quince dessert prepared with the delicious aroma of sour cherry will become a classic after-dinner ritual on winter nights.

9) Full of Flavor: Cherry Cookie

Every kitchen has a classic cookie day. Cherry cookies are the most filling of those cookies that change the whole atmosphere of the house with their fragrant smell, go great with tea, and are eaten without distinguishing sweet or salty! You won’t be able to get enough of the flavor bomb that comes out when the caramelized sour cherry enters the soft dough!

10) Like a Sponge: Cherry Cream Cake

Think of a delicious, delicious, dense cream, a fresh cake that has risen as soft as a sponge. Don’t you think it is very pleasant to the ears and palate? If your answer is yes, we would like to leave you alone with that taste that you have not given the opportunity before. Cherry cream cake is a taste that is enjoyed very much by those looking for new flavors and those who want to taste the sour taste of sour cherry in cakes.


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