What Are the Benefits of Cabbage Juice? What Does It Do?

Benefits of Cabbage Juice

Cabbage juice is obtained from cabbage, which attracts attention with its healing properties in winter. Cabbage, which goes through a very easy process, will be very beneficial for health with its juice. If we remind the benefits of cabbage, we can say that it will attract the attention of those who diet and eat healthy. Cabbage, which makes the intestines work healthier due to its fibrous structure, is included as cabbage juice in this article. When you want to take a look at the benefits of cabbage juice, the healing store of cold days, and its effect on weight loss, our article will be here for you.

Here are the benefits of cabbage juice and curious information!

What Are the Benefits of Cabbage Juice?

You can get a wonderful drink from fresh cabbage bought in season. The changes that the cabbage juice you drink will create in your body will be as follows:

  • Thanks to the antioxidant substances in the cabbage juice, it will be easy to remove the harmful substances in your intestines. In other words, you can eliminate problems such as edema and swelling with cabbage juice.
  • Cabbage juice, which supports the more active functioning of the intestinal system, will also protect you from colon cancer.
  • Cabbage contains a lot of sulfur and chlorine. These substances help purify your body.
  • Cabbage juice has an anti-inflammatory effect. It is recommended to drink cabbage juice in urinary tract infection and various inflammations. Because cabbage juice will clear the inflammation in the body in a short time.
  • If your blood values ​​are low, you can drink cabbage juice. Cabbage juice will increase the blood value of people suffering from anemia.
  • Cabbage juice is a healthy drink that can be consumed against cardiovascular diseases. It minimizes the risk of atherosclerosis.
  • Cabbage juice also draws attention with its benefits for the skin. Since it is obtained from an antioxidant and rich mineral vegetable, it prevents the formation of oiliness and acne on the skin. By drinking cabbage juice, you will purify both your body and your skin from toxins.
  • You can get the energy needed by your tired body from cabbage juice. By drinking cabbage juice, you can feel more vigorous and full of energy.
  • Cabbage juice, which draws attention with its relaxing effect on breathing, can be consumed as a natural remedy for throat infection. It relaxes the throat by softening it and allows you to breathe more easily. With this effect, the inflammations in the tonsils are also cleared.

Does Cabbage Juice Make You Weak?

Being overweight is a stressful situation for many people. With the miracle of cabbage juice, this problem disappears and people who are stressed by weight are now more peaceful. Because the vitamins and minerals in cabbage juice are very effective in activating your metabolism. Cabbage juice contains sulfur. Sulfur is a substance that protects intestinal health. Just like onions and garlic, it both protects your body resistance and accelerates fat burning. Cabbage juice also has this feature. In addition, dietary fibers necessary for weight loss are also found in cabbage juice. If you say how to lose weight with cabbage juice, we will recommend you to consume cabbage juice during the day. You can eliminate the edema problem and get rid of the edema first. Even when the edema in your body is gone, there is no obstacle to losing weight.

During the slimming process, many people consume cabbage juice to make the diet more efficient. Losing weight is faster when fluid intake takes place. During the slimming process, you can complete your fluid needs with cabbage juice. Cabbage juice can make you lose weight by making the intestines work easier and digesting food better. Of course, it is not possible to rely only on cabbage juice at this time! Eating healthy and exercising will also be one of your duties.

What Does Cabbage Juice Do?

Regularly consumed fresh cabbage juice will have many effects for your body. These effects are:

  • strengthen immunity
  • Facilitate weight loss
  • cure the infection
  • remove inflammation
  • relieve breathing
  • relieve pain
  • put an end to cellulite
  • Protecting cardiovascular health
  • pay off
  • It will facilitate digestion.

Well, does cabbage juice cause menstruation?

Cabbage juice provides the secretion of estrogen hormone in women. Considering this effect, it regulates the late menstrual period and draws attention as a menstrual expectorant.

How to Prepare Cabbage Juice Cure?

This information will be very useful when you want to prepare cabbage juice to see its benefits. Now you can take a pen and paper and write down the materials you need to prepare the cabbage juice cure:


  • 4 or 5 fresh white cabbage leaves
  • 3.5 cups of drinking water
  • 1 handful of fresh parsley


To apply a cabbage juice detox, first add water to a medium saucepan and let it boil for a bit. Drop the fresh and unbroken cabbage leaves into the boiling water and boil them on low heat for about 8 minutes with the lid of the pot closed. Then add the parsley if you want. When you add parsley, the effect of the cure will be stronger. After the ingredients boil, turn off the stove and let it brew. Strain the cabbage juice, which passes the heat, into a pitcher with the help of a strainer and try to consume this water during the day.

How to Drink Cabbage Juice?

You can create a schedule for yourself to consume cabbage juice, the effects of which have been expressed by many experts. It is recommended that you follow this chart and drink more regularly and in a controlled manner. If you consume the cabbage juice cure according to the order in the list, you can get more effective results:

  • 200 ml, approximately 1 glass of water, in the morning and evening for the first 5 days
  • When you come to the 2nd week, 1 glass of water every day
  • 1 glass of water every other day in the 3rd week
  • In the 4th week, 200 ml should be drunk every three days.
  • After the 5th and last week, 1 glass can be drunk every week.

So, should you drink cabbage juice on an empty stomach or on a full stomach?

If you follow the order in the list, your metabolism will get used to the cabbage juice and you will get its benefits without any side effects. It is recommended to be consumed approximately 1 hour before eating, as well as 2 hours after eating.

Cabbage Juice Harms and Side Effects

Until now, there has been no patient who drank cabbage juice and applied to a doctor with cabbage juice side effects. Cabbage is a powerful diuretic food. When cabbage juice is consumed, frequent urination is observed in the person. This is a good thing for health. This is because with each urination, excess fluid in the body is excreted. If plenty of fluids are not taken after the washbasin, dehydration, that is, fluid loss, may occur in the person. As a result of this situation, weakness and fatigue are felt. Daily water consumption should not be neglected on the days when cabbage juice cure is applied.

If you are in trouble with the problem of diarrhea on the days you consume cabbage juice, you should take a break from applying the cabbage juice cure for a while. With the effect of diarrhea and cabbage juice, very intense fluid loss can be seen. In addition, due to the presence of sulfur in cabbage juice, the person may experience gas problems. This is of particular concern to breastfeeding mothers. If you are breastfeeding, it is recommended to stay away from cabbage juice. The effect of cabbage juice can be passed on to your baby through milk. As a result of this situation, gas pains may occur in the baby.

Cabbage juice is not recommended to be consumed by goiter patients. The reason for this obstacle is that cabbage juice reduces the amount of iodine in the person. If you have an ongoing medication, we recommend that you consult your doctor before applying the cabbage juice cure.

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