What Are the Benefits of Purslane?

Benefits of Purslane

Purslane plant, which is a good start for gaining healthy and balanced eating habits, is an important green leafy species. With its generally smooth, greenish, elongated stem structure, purslane has antitumoral, antiulcer, antimicrobial and antiaging effects. Purslane, which contains everything related to minerals and vitamins, is in the “superfood” group, which is loved by the whole world.

With its various properties and effects, the benefits of this simple green herb are endless. It is important to know the vegetables, which are an important step in a healthy diet. Considering that only one-fifth of the daily requirement is provided in 43 grams of purslane, which is a source for the body especially in terms of vitamins A, E and C, it is seen that it should be consumed quite a lot.

What is Purslane?

Commonly grown in temperate climates, purslane is originally from Asia. It is consumed consciously all over the world from Europe to Asia, from the Middle East to Africa. All parts of the plant can be eaten except the root, including leaves, stems, flowers and seeds.

The benefits of purslane , which is frequently mentioned in Chinese medicine, are innumerable. Purslane is divided into two as yellow purslane and red purslane. It is especially rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and differs from other green leafy plants with its vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B, magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron content.

How to Grow Purslane?

Purslane, which is difficult to grow in terms of soil, often causes gardeners to be undecided about growing this plant. Purslane seed shows invasive and invasive properties in the area where it is planted with its cheeky properties. For this reason, purslane seedlings are in the class of plants that are harmful in the USA.

Apart from spreading the purslane in the planted area, it is opposed to the spread of other grass species around it. Purslane, which is suitable to be grown almost everywhere, contains many nutritional values ​​with its juicy body.

Purslane that is not picked from the field on time becomes flowers, and the fact that purslane is a flower creates a more difficult and complex picture for the person who collects it. Purslane seeds need fertile soil and sunlight to germinate.

How Many Calories in Purslane? What is the Nutritional Value?

Antioxidants in purslane prevent oxidation in the cell, making the body resistant to many diseases. A fresh purslane is rich in vitamins such as A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, and minerals such as K, Ca, Fe, Mg, Na, P, Cu and Mn, as well as Omega-3 fatty acids, which can be partially obtained even from fish. contains. Purslane, which has 20 calories per 100 grams, carries 0.5% fat and 2% salt.

Contains no cholesterol, saturated fat or sugar.

In 100 grams of purslane, which is very rich in nutritional value, 3% of the daily need is protein, 26% is vitamin A, 35% is vitamin C, 4% is B6, 7% is calcium, It contains 17% magnesium, 14% potassium and 11% iron. It is recommended to consume purslane, which contains all the values ​​that should be in the daily diet, from childhood.

What Are the Benefits of Purslane?

  • Purslane, which provides much more than the effects expected from a small plant, is especially used by those who want to lose weight.
  • Purslane provides positive effects in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, in the growth and development of children, in stomach problems, in the treatment of some cancers, in protecting the skin and strengthening the immune system.
  • Its fresh green leaves have been used as a stimulant and cough suppressant since healing periods with medicinal plants.
  • The positive effects of purslane, which is one of the most sugar-free and vitamin-rich foods that can be used in the meals of diabetics, have therapeutic properties.
  • After getting to know purslane, you don’t have to think about whether purslane is good for sugar. Because the plant shows its effects as soon as possible. Purslane appetizer, which you can use with many dishes, is very simple to prepare and is good for diabetics. The answer to the question of whether purslane produces milk, which is eagerly awaited by mothers, is of course that it will.

Purslane Diet: Does Purslane Make You Weak?

Since purslane provides very low calorie and high nutritional values, it can weaken if used appropriately in diet menus. Especially purslane salad varieties are one of the most delicious diet meals for those who want to lose weight. It is the most important feature that it needs to accelerate metabolism, especially being edematous.

Anyone who is thinking of losing weight with purslane can eat as much as they want when they feel hungry. You can renew yourself by applying purslane detox with its fat-burning effects. For the purslane diet , the green leafy herb, which is recommended to be consumed especially raw and without oil, also eliminates the constipation problems that come with the diet.

Providing all the necessary minerals, purslane is also beneficial for a child’s bone development, rather than containing protein. The purslane cure, which is recommended to anyone who wants to lose weight, is a very harmless, innocent and practical method.

What Are the Harms of Purslane?

Purslane, one of the most harmless vegetables found in nature, does not have any negative effects on the person. Of course, in order to consume the herb in the most harmless way, make sure that its color is still green and looks lively.

If you are thinking about how to consume purslane, you can focus on the benefits of purslane by making purslane salad and purslane with yogurt, which are among the easiest recipes. Because no matter how much you consume , you do not need to think about the question of whether purslane causes gas . The plant, which is a remedy for all stomach problems rather than gas, is both a satisfying and harmless diet vegetable.

It is beneficial to consume it in moderation during pregnancy. Purslane, which has a different food chain, should be eaten carefully as it will increase the effects of thyroid disease.

How to Store Purslane?

Purslane, which is a thin and delicate plant variety, is shredded by hand, just like other greens, otherwise its vitamin values ​​may be lost. You should consume the purslane cut into pieces as soon as possible without losing its vitamin C.

If it is to be consumed as a meal, it can be cooked as soon as possible in order not to spoil its natural color. You can also consume the herb that you want to keep fresh and long as purslane pickle.

Another method is to put it in the freezer. Purslane thoroughly washed and thrown into hot water. After boiling a little, it is immediately cooled in cold water. You can put the purslane, which you will put in refrigerator bags for cooking, into the freezer and consume it for nine months to make a purslane dish at a later date. With the arrival of summer, the purslane season opens.

Although eating in the season will allow you to get more vitamins and minerals, you can store it until winter and consume it by making purslane soup, purslane fried or purslane pastry.

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