Mırra Coffee

Mırra Coffee

Coffee is a beverage that is consumed with admiration in many parts of the world, with its own preparation techniques and special presentation styles. Coffee types, which are known by different names in different regions, leave different tastes on the palate according to the aroma and flavor they have.

In addition to Turkish coffee, which has been consumed for many years in our society and has been identified with our culture, coffee varieties from other cultures are also loved and drunk. Mirra coffee comes first among the most prominent examples that can be given to these coffee types.

What is Mırra Coffee?

  • Mırra coffee is a type of coffee that is prepared by boiling in special containers and for long periods of time, and it is extremely difficult to make.
  • This type of coffee, which has a thick texture and a very bitter taste, is also known as Arabic Coffee.
  • Mırra is among the strongest types of coffee consumed in the world.
  • Although it is a type of coffee originating from the Middle East, Mirra is loved and consumed in certain regions of our country; It is among the special drinks served on special occasions such as weddings, engagements, circumcision, special entertainments, meetings, and condolences.
  • Having a historical background, the Mirra draws attention to the details in its preparation and the rituals of its presentation.
  • Containing some traditional elements in its production and presentation, Mirra is a special beverage and also contains a cultural identity.
  • Mırra coffee carries traces of the Middle East and Arabian geography with its details both in the production and presentation stages.
  • It is possible to find a recipe for mirra coffee in many places; However, since making this coffee requires both special equipment and experience, it is important to be prepared by experts and presented properly in order to capture the right flavor.

How to Make Mırra Coffee?

  • Making Mırra coffee is different than making other types of coffee. It is also a laborious and specialized process.
  • There is no special type of coffee to be preferred for Mırra; It is possible to make mirra using any type of coffee bean.
  • What makes this coffee special is not the type of coffee used in its production, but the preparation stage of the coffee. This stage begins with the beating of coffee beans in special coffee mortars, usually made of wood, without thinking too much.
  • The second stage is the boiling process. The boiling process is the most important preparation stage of this type of coffee and is quite long.
  • The coffee that is boiled by adding water is filtered using special containers called mutbak. The filtered coffee is boiled by adding water again, and this boiling process continues until the coffee is completely separated from its sediment.
  • The coffee separated from its residue is boiled again by adding water until it reaches a certain consistency. Some cardamom can be added to flavor the coffee that does not use sugar during its preparation and presentation.

What are the Benefits of Mirra Coffee?

  • As with all foods, Mirra contains certain benefits, provided that it is not consumed excessively. Excessive consumption of myrrh, whose raw material is coffee, should be avoided, and care should be taken when it is consumed by people with certain health problems.
  • Mirra is effective in eliminating body and mental fatigue and increasing the body’s resistance to diseases.
  • Caffeine in coffee has a stimulating effect in general. The ability to increase attention and concentration is quite high in myrrh, which is stronger than normal coffee.
  • It helps increase blood circulation and makes you feel more vigorous.
  • Mirra, which is effective in reducing long-lasting headaches, is especially preferred by women for its benefits in eliminating cellulite.
  • One of the most well-known benefits of Mirra is the prevention of liver diseases.
  • It accelerates the metabolism of drinkers, making people feel more alive and more energetic.
  • Mirra, which strengthens the natural immune system, has a protective effect against infectious diseases.

How to Drink Mırra Coffee?

  • Having a thicker consistency and a more bitter taste than the Turkish coffee we know, Mirra is served in unique small and handleless cups.
  • After the boiling process, the Mirra, which is taken into copper retorts specially produced for service, is served using these retorts.
  • Mirra, which is made with special techniques, is a coffee with a unique presentation and drinking etiquette.
  • If the presentation is made on a special day such as a wedding, engagement, or circumcision, the service is done in a hierarchical order from the oldest member to the youngest member.
  • Coffee is made by filling special small cups halfway with coffee.
  • If the guest who drank the first cup returned the cup straight to the person who served it, a second cup is served.
  • As long as the cup is not turned upside down, the second Mirra will continue.
  • The offered mirra coffee should be drunk all at once, not by sipping.

There are also several stories of mirra coffee in the region about this type of coffee. In addition, there are some rules to be considered while drinking mirra:

  • The most important of these rules is to give the cup back to the server after drinking the mirra, not to leave it on the floor or on the table.
  • If the cup is not returned to the server, this situation has some special meanings.
  • In such cases, the person who does not give the cup; is considered to have undertaken the responsibility of filling the cup with gold, marrying the one who serves the coffee, marrying the server, or completing the dowry of the server.

Which Region Does Mırra Coffee Belong to?

  • Coffee is one of the most important beverages in Eastern cultures.
  • The origin of the Mirra, which is among the indispensable drinks of special occasions, is known as the Arabian geography.
  • The word Mirra is derived from the Arabic word murr, which means pain. True to its name, Mirra, which tastes extremely bitter, is loved and consumed in many Middle Eastern countries today.
  • It is a type of coffee that is popular in our country, especially in our provinces in the Southeast and East Anatolian regions and is consumed with admiration.
  • Mırra, which contains traditional elements and has a special presentation style, is considered an important part of the local culture.
  • Mırra coffee has an important place in the beverage cultures of cities such as Mardin, Şanlıurfa, Gaziantep, and Adana.

How Much Does Mırra Coffee Cost?

  • Developing economic conditions enable many local tastes to be easily transported to big cities with commercial enterprises.
  • In this way, like many products, Mirra has become one of the products that are easy to reach.
  • It is possible to reach mirra coffee, which is produced and packaged or bottled in its own region and by experts, not only in its own geographical region but also in markets or grocery stores in the city we live in.
  • In addition, those who want to prepare their own coffee can have mirra coffee ground using traditional methods at an affordable price. He can also easily reach the items used in its construction and presentation.
  • You can pay around 20 TL for a 200 gr pack, 60 TL for a 1 kg pack, and 15 TL for a 500 ml bottle of ready-made mırra coffee.
  • Prepared and bottled mirra, especially in cities, contributes to the easy access to the taste they miss.
  • It is possible to serve ready-made mirra prepared with traditional methods and bottled with its real taste, just by heating it. This saves those who want to drink mirra or offer a treat, from long preparation stages.

Mirra Coffee Harms and Side Effects

  • In addition to its much-spoken benefits, it should not be overlooked that coffee, especially mirra, which has a dense consistency, may have some negative effects on those with health problems.
  • It is important for those who have health problems such as heart disease, stomach or digestive system problems, blood pressure, or pregnant women to consult their physician about drinking mirra in order to avoid possible side effects. Caffeine in coffee can have some negative effects on people with this type of disorder.
  • Blood pressure disorders, heart palpitations, deterioration of stomach acid balance, triggering of ulcers are among the most common effects.
  • Adverse effects on diabetes are also among the topics to be discussed as important topics.
  • In addition, consuming more than a certain amount of mirra can cause osteoporosis.
  • Therefore, it is recommended that those with such health problems consume the mirra in accordance with the doctor’s recommendation and in moderation.

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