Indoor garden: our tips for integrating plants into your decor

Indoor garden

We know that plants are our best allies. So to bring life, good humor and oxygen, we transform our house or apartment into an indoor garden.

The confinements have confirmed it to us, it is good to have greenery at home. Indoor plants , in addition to being good for health (mental and physical) are also a real decorative asset . How can we best integrate them into our interior? How to create a real garden according to our space? Is it possible to have an indoor garden in winter ? Check out our top tips and inspirations in this slideshow here .

Where should I place my plants?

For your houseplants to thrive, choose their location wisely. Succulents , cacti and other varieties from warm regions will like to be placed in a bright, dry environment at a constant temperature (if possible). They will therefore be placed in priority near the kitchen, a well-exposed window or one meter from a heat source such as heating. Be careful , the goal is not to cook them either!

Plants like ferns or ivy prefer indirect light. They will therefore be perfect for a library or a corner of a room that is a little recessed.

Our tip: if you fall for plants from another continent that prefer heat and humidity, place them in the bathroom!

Mini indoor garden: instructions for use

If you don’t have an outdoor space (balcony or garden) or you simply have developed a passion for plants, it is quite possible to create an indoor garden , in a mini version. Whether you place it in a terrarium, a large vase or even an indoor planter, the first step is to first choose the location. Look for a source of light and place your mini indoor garden near this source, but not in direct sunlight. The goal is not to burn your plants. The best for this kind of installation is to put plants that will not grow too much or develop roots. Also bet on succulents, which are watered very little and are very resistant. Finally last advice for your miniature garden, place it in height if you have children or pets , in order to avoid some mishaps.

Hydroponic indoor garden: how to make one?

A hydroponic garden consists of a culture “without soil” or at least above ground, with a system retaining water (thus allowing simplified watering). Very practical for small spaces and especially indoors, it allows you to grow many plants, especially fruits and vegetables, on several floors. Pretty and educational, the hydroponic garden is a good solution.

Which plants to favor in an indoor hydroponic garden? It grows aromatic plants , leafy vegetables (lettuce, cabbage, spinach etc.), but also fruits and fruit vegetables such as strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, etc.

Many brands offer kits for hydroponics, such as Prêt à Pousser , the SmartGrow from Bosch , or the Veritable vegetable garden , to name but a few.

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