Vegetable garden: 5 easy-to-grow vegetables

Vegetable garden

You don’t need to be an expert gardener to grow beans or even potatoes. Some vegetables are particularly easy to grow. From lettuce to tomatoes to radishes and zucchini, sometimes it doesn’t take much to be happy!

In the city or the countryside, the French have (re)discovered a passion for gardening for over a year. A perfect green trend for killing time, keeping the grandkids busy or just reconnecting with nature. And for those who are embarking on the adventure for the very first time, it is better to start with something simple. Here is a list of vegetables that you can easily grow in your vegetable garden . Once in the ground, their maintenance is limited to a few waterings and weeding.

Lettuce: just waiting to be watered

It is by far the simplest and easiest vegetable to grow in the vegetable garden. First, because its growth is very rapid. Plant it between March and June, barely covering the seeds, in a place that is neither too cool nor too sunny. And harvest between May and October. Cut it instead of tearing it off, so a new lettuce can continue to grow! The one and only requirement of lettuces concerns watering: they must be watered regularly, enough not to risk drought but not too much so as not to favor the rotting of the plants.

Radishes: they grow in three weeks

Radishes are unquestionably the growth champions. Count three weeks to a month from sowing to harvest. One and only condition to prevent them from being fibrous and too spicy: regular watering. Radishes can be sown in partial shade from March until September and generally harvest in three weeks. The little trick: stagger the sowing dates to harvest them on a regular basis.

Potatoes: they clean the soil in depth

If you have the space, consider planting potatoes . To sow between March and April in the sun on a rich soil preferably. To help them grow quickly and well, do not hesitate to put a lot of compost. Relatively easy to grow and maintain, the potato requires only a few care and gestures: hilling when the plant reaches 10-15 cm and daily watering (preferably in the evening). Small bonus: the roots of the potatoes absorb everything they find and therefore clean the soil thoroughly.

Carrots: simple but vulnerable

Seeds are sown from April to June on cool, rich, loosened soil. And are harvested between July and November. The seeds don’t have to be fully covered, but they do need full sun. If the culture is simple, however, beware of the carrot fly. This small insect, which flies low to the ground, attacks the roots of the vegetable and quickly makes them inedible. To protect them, surround your culture with an anti-insect net.

Beans, the least demanding

Two choices are available to you: the dwarf bean, which does not require a stake, or the climbing bean which gives you more ground space. These two varieties should be planted between mid-April and mid-July on very cool, moist soil. Be careful to wait until the end of the last frosts because the beans are sensitive to the cold. Water copiously and harvest during the summer.

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