Where to buy beeswax?

Where to buy beeswax

To know where to buy beeswax, three criteria must be taken into consideration.

Let’s discover them and then look together where to buy them.


  • What quality of wax do you want?
  • What form of beeswax?
  • Which sales channel do you prefer?
  • What is the price of beeswax?
  • Where to buy beeswax?

What quality of wax do you want?

Beekeepers produce two types of wax.
They each have different qualities and uses.

On one side, there is the so-called opercula wax , which is pure and devoid of any impurity. It is ocher yellow in color.

It is recommended to use it in all preparations for the human body, such as cream or balms.

In parallel, there is the wax from the old frames of the hive.

This wax is older and has been in contact with elements of the hive such as brood or food. It is advisable to use it for making candles, encaustic. Its color is darker, and tends towards light brown.

Ideally , pure wax should be used in all preparations.
It is cleaner, more natural, and gives off a pleasant smell.

What form of beeswax?

Most of the time, beekeepers make beeswax cakes.

The wax bar is very easy to use.

It is a small volume of wax, molded in the form of a block, an ingot or another form.

On average, these are loaves weighing between 30 and 1000 grams.

They are totally suitable for direct sales.

There is also beeswax sold in the form of flakes, also called nuggets.

They are mainly marketed through stores.

But beware, wax flakes are usually made with foreign wax.

Depending on the use and the quantities you need, some formats are more suitable than others.

Wax bread is still preferred.

It is produced by French beekeepers, it is available in several sizes and can be used in any type of preparation.

Which sales channel do you prefer?

As with many products, the consumer has the choice of buying direct, short-circuit or long-circuit.

By favoring direct sales, it is the work of the producer that is valued.
He sets his prices. He receives all the benefits of his work.

Short-circuit sales include an intermediary .
It can be a delicatessen, a convenience store, an online store.

In a long circuit, there are more than two intermediaries between the producer and the consumer.
It is a privileged sales channel for selling large quantities.
Flake wax, which comes from abroad, is part of this type of sale.

French beeswax is most of the time marketed in direct sale or in short circuit.

What is the price of beeswax?

The price of a bar of pure beeswax , sold directly, is between €35 and €50 per kilo.

Going through an intermediary who sells foreign wax , its price is around 23 to 30€ per kilo.

Where to buy beeswax?

The 5  options to buy beeswax:

👉 beekeepers’ online shops  :

Many beekeepers, especially professional ones, sell their products online, via their own site.

Not all beekeepers offer wax bread so you have to look shop by shop at what is on offer. Wax bread is often categorized as “Bee Products”.

On average, wax blocks are sold in ingots of 30gr to 250gr.

👉 online stores of natural products:

Online stores that market natural ingredients regularly offer beeswax.

It is sold in the form of flakes. Be careful to read the label carefully to ensure that the wax is produced in France.

👉 organic / bulk / zero waste stores  :

Even if all these stores do not offer it, the French beeswax bread is a product that is in total adequacy with their values.

It is a natural product, produced in France, which is easy to keep, which has many uses, and which requires no packaging.

👉 DIY stores  :

Since wax is used to protect wood and furniture, it is possible to find wax blocks in the maintenance departments.

👉 the Honey Platform :

The Honey Platform is a reference for French hobby and professional beekeepers.

Some of them produce and offer beeswax bread.

Just send them a message and you’ll be in touch to arrange your order, either by postage, delivery or farm pick-up.


To buy beeswax easily , it is possible to do so by internet, direct sale, or through a store or online store.

We always favor French production!


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