Unloading fruit day – all the benefits

Long ago, people discovered that the body needed a break from the work of processing and digesting food in order to cleanse itself of toxins and harmful accumulations, and for this purpose fasting appeared. Thus, in different periods of time, people have done weight-loss diets tied to religious rituals.

Today, this practice has not been discontinued, but along with fasting, other practices have appeared to rest the body from food, such as what is known as the fruit unloading day . Here is what it is and what benefits it brings to the body.

For the benefits of unloading fruit days, read in the following lines.

Benefits of fruit day

The name suggests that it is a day in which only fresh fruits and pure fresh fruits are consumed . This regime helps the body to get rid of extra pounds and at the same time it will remove toxins and accumulated harmful substances, especially after periods of heavier food intake.

Why fruit day? The answer is simple, precisely during the warm seasons, when there is a lot of fresh fruit, the body tends to burn more fat. Therefore, such a cleansing day in the summer is very effective.

All nutritionists recommend having one unloading day per week . The choice is personal for everyone, but still Monday is considered the most suitable for unloading. It’s the first day of the week, which will provide a great toning start after the weekends when the body relaxes and we eat more heavy food.

Rules for following a fruit day

The main requirement is to take a lot of water on this day, along with fruits and fresh juices. The fructose in fresh fruit will provide the body with the energy it needs, and the water will keep the body hydrated.

Another important requirement is the method of consuming the fruit. First of all, the amount of fruit per fruit day should not exceed 1.5 kilograms. It is good to divide the weight into equal parts for intake several times during the day. Fruits should not be mixed at the same meal.

The day after the unloader is also important. At breakfast, it is good to eat a little dark chocolate, and then slowly transition to a normal meal with a fresh light salad .

A balanced diet during the rest of the time will imperceptibly melt the extra pounds and give the body fresh strength and a feeling of lightness.

See also a sample menu for a fruit diet .


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