Witch Hazel: Benefits and Uses for Skin

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel: Indian Wound Ointment!

This plant, which attracts witch hazel with the name of hamamelis , has become very popular in recent years. How about getting to know witch hazel, which is recommended for a healthy life and attracts attention with its benefits, in many details? If the answers are yes; Now we will see its curious features in these lines.

The witch hazel plant is used in oil and nut form. It is with you now with the benefits of witch hazel recommended by experts for many diseases.

What is Witch Hazel?

  • Witch hazel is a medicinal plant that was discovered in the 16th century and is used to heal various wounds.
  • Witch hazel, which is known to be used by the Indians in case of discomfort, is a plant species that is frequently mentioned in alternative medicine.
  • Witch hazel, which has a lot of cosmetic effects, is a brown berry like a round ball hidden in a green shell.
  • Witch hazel, which loves cold regions, fulfills its growing conditions in cold climates.
  • Witch hazel, which blooms in golden yellow color in winter, is harvested when spring comes and presented to the consumer for use.
  • Harvested witch hazel is consumed in the form of witch hazel oil and witch hazel juice.
  • The structure of witch hazel, which shows its benefits not only in the field of cosmetics but also in the field of food, is quite strong.
  • Witch hazel containing Oleic Air, Linoleic Acid, Palmitoleic Acid, Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 7 is recommended for those who want to solve their health problems herbally.
  • The most common use of witch hazel is to use its oil. Witch hazel is known for its skin benefits, but it has even more effects. Many skin ailments are cured thanks to the benefits of witch hazel.

What Are the Benefits of Witch Hazel Oil?

1) Clears Inflammation and Pimples

  • Witch hazel oil is an antibacterial vegetable oil. It is very effective in clearing the inflammations on the skin.
  • Regular use is recommended for cleansing inflammations that damage the skin. After regular use, the infection on the skin is cleared and the damaged area heals.
  • You can eliminate acne, which is bothered by men and women, thanks to witch hazel oil.
  • You will dry your acne by cleaning your skin with a few drops of witch hazel oil every night before going to sleep.
  • At the end of regular application, your skin will gain a clean and clear appearance.

2) Removes Dead Skin

  • In order for the skin to look better, it needs to be cleared of dead skin. Beauticians recommend you witch hazel oil for purification.
  • By adding witch hazel to the skin mask, you can facilitate the removal of dead skin on your face.

3) Repairs Cells and Revitalizes Skin

  • Witch hazel oil, which is frequently mentioned in the cosmetic field , is known as the elixir of youth .
  • Witch hazel oil, which removes the signs of aging and helps the skin look more alive and baby-like, should be added to the skin mask.
  • Witch hazel contains antioxidant substances. It repairs cell damage by providing collagen production in the body.
  • You can prevent cell damage on the skin, under the skin and in the hair by using witch hazel.
  • Thanks to this oil, you support the formation of new and living cells.

4) Nourishes Hair

  • Witch hazel oil, which has a high vitamin value, will also be the savior of those who have problems with their hair.
  • It prevents problems such as itching and redness in the scalp. It nourishes the hair and helps it grow faster.

5) Relieves Eczema Effects

  • Eczema causes itching and redness, flaking and peeling in the area where it occurs.
  • One of the ways to eliminate these problems is to use witch hazel oil.
  • When you apply it by massaging your skin, it will help you feel better by easing the side effects of eczema.

What Does Witch Hazel Oil Do, How Is It Used?

If we talk about the situations in which witch hazel oil is used, we come across the following list:

  • Hair loss
  • Itching in the scalp
  • Breaking nails
  • skin spots
  • pimples
  • inflamed skin sores
  • Eczema
  • Removal of dead skin

So, how should witch hazel oil be used?

  • Those who use witch hazel for the first time should test for allergies on a small area of ​​the hand. If there is no color change within 10 minutes, he can start using it.
  • You can mix witch hazel oil with aloe vera gel when applying on the face. Thus, you protect sensitive skin.
  • You can pour a few drops of witch hazel on a make-up remover cotton and wipe your skin with this cotton. If you apply every night before going to sleep; You will renew your skin in a very short time.
  • It is recommended to apply witch hazel oil to your skin 2 times a day. Too much use is not recommended as it will tire your skin. Appropriate use is in the morning and at night.
  • You can try various essential oils to use witch hazel in hair care. You can see the effects by adding 3-4 drops of witch hazel to the hair mask.
  • It is recommended to mix it with olive oil and apply it to the skin to heal wounds and irritations. Thus, the effect of witch hazel oil will be felt faster.

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