Spring Fruits: 7 Fresh Fruits That Offer the Colorful Flavor of Spring

Spring Fruits

The cold and quiet winter is about to end. The sun is showing itself little by little. Waking up to warmer, flower-scented and colorful days after foggy and dark nights is peaceful. Yes, spring has come. These days, we are experiencing spring, the harbinger of summer, the season of abundant flowering, warm and joyful days.

The calm and quiet streets are decorated with the flowers of the trees with the arrival of spring. The joy of children playing ball in the streets should be the most beautiful sound of spring. The scent of cherry blossoms that comes to your nose on the way to your home is another peace of mind. With the arrival of spring, everything came to life. The variety of fruits and vegetables in the market is among the elements that add color to the refrigerator. It is the right time to do research on spring fruits and vegetables.

Get ready if you missed the colorful spring fruits with lots of vitamin C. Here is a list of the fruits of the spring season, which we have prepared to help you while shopping. The names of the spring fruits that cheer both your closet and your eyes are determined for you in this article. May the fruits that come out in the spring with their season and taste bring you health and healing.

7 Fresh Fruits That Offer the Colorful Flavor of Spring

1) Green Plum

  • When it comes to spring fruits, the first thing that comes to mind is green plum, which is like the herald of spring!
  • The green plum, which is quite expensive in the first week of its release in markets and markets, soon appeals to everyone’s pocket.
  • Plum, which is delicious to be salted and eaten, also visually decorates fruit plates.
  • Its effects on health start from the intestines. Green plum, which instantly regulates digestion and adds mobility to your intestines, has vitamins A, C, and K.
  • It is good for dental health as well as eliminating anemia.

2) Strawberry

  • Although it is more identified with the summer season in our minds, an answer to the question of which spring fruits are actually strawberries.
  • Strawberry, which is almost 80% water, can become beneficial for health by consuming it both as a fruit and in dairy products.
  • It can be a delicious snack in the form of strawberry milk and strawberry yogurt.
  • Strawberry, which also flavors desserts, is especially effective for skin health.
  • Thanks to its strong antioxidant structure, it purifies your body. Even diabetics can eat strawberries with peace of mind.

3) Cherry

  • Cherry, which you can find in markets and markets from late spring to mid-summer, is consumed not only as a fruit, but also as a cherry stem tea.
  • Cherries themselves are a powerful source of fiber. The potassium content is also quite high.
  • After you eat the cherries, you can dry the stems and brew your tea.
  • It will help you lose weight. Among the fruits that come out in the spring, you can consume and evaluate the cherry, whose every part is healing from the fleshy part to the core and stem, in different ways such as eating raw or brewing tea.
  • If you are confused about whether cherry is a spring fruit or not in summer, let us enlighten you with the following information. Cherry is a fruit that starts to be picked even in April in places like Manisa, which are early growers.
  • However, if we want to categorize the cherry exactly, we can count it among the spring and summer fruits.

4) Cagla

  • Among the list of spring fruits, one of the most beautiful fruits for those who are fond of sour tastes is waterfall.
  • Especially in April, the life of the waterfall consumed is not very long. It is the fruit with the least lifespan among the fruits that come out in the spring.
  • You can consume it in 25 days on average.
  • . Because when time passes, it will change shape as apricot and almond.
  • It contains high amount of fiber. For this reason, it will regulate your intestines. It is recommended for those who have digestive problems.
  • Since it contains vitamin E, it is also very effective for skin health.

5) Maltese Plum-Loquat

  • You also know it as loquat.
  • You may come across as loquat in the market and as malt in the market.
  • It is the fruit of a tree whose leaves remain green in summer and winter. It is not a fruit of our country.
  • It has come to our country from the Far East. It can be easily preferred in diets. Thanks to its fibrous structure, it regulates digestion.
  • It has thirst quenching properties. It contains lots of vitamin A.

6) Cherry

  • Cherry is the fruit that makes us feel the wonderful harmony of sour and sweet among the fruits in spring!
  • It is a cherry-like fruit in shape. There is a taste difference. Cherry is more sour and tart. Its color is darker.
  • It is consumed as a fruit, as well as in cherry juice and sweet content. It is an antioxidant fruit.
  • It strengthens your immune system. Especially in jam form, it makes breakfast delicious.
  • Cherry is known as a fruit that decorates ice cream and desserts among the fruits that come out in the spring.

7) Avocado

  • Avocado, which stands out among the fruits of the spring season with its different taste and is known for its satisfying content, can be eaten alone as well as used for different sauces.
  • It is a tropical fruit that our country has just known and loved. It is a powerful source of antioxidants.
  • It is especially recommended for those with nutritional deficiencies. Because it contains high levels of vitamins A, C, E and strengthens immunity.
  • It is recommended to be consumed in the form of salad and paste.

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