What is Micro Sprout? How is it grown?

What is Micro Sprout

While seeds turn into saplings and saplings into trees, we should not forget the stories of the nutrients that come to our house. With fertile soil, careful care, and sufficient water, you can grow any plant. You should take action as soon as possible to grow vegetables and fruits at home, in the garden, in the field, in the greenhouse, and wherever you want. If you are interested in growing plants, we can advise you to grow micro-sprouts.

Growing micro-sprouts, which are very trendy lately, makes many people looking for a hobby happy. Micro-sprouts, which are the first stage in the growth process of some vegetables and legumes, has now become a food added to salads and meals.

Now let’s tell you the story of the micro sprout seed and its growth. Meet micro sprouts, the indispensable tiny plants of healthy plates, on this page!

What is Micro Sprout?

  • Micro sprouts are a type of nutrient that has been widely used in the food industry in recent years.
  • Micro-sprouts, which are the first products of plants sprouting by seeding, are suitable for hot and cold consumption.
  • Micro sprouts, which are boiled or sautéed according to taste, also attract attention with their high vitamin and protein source.
  • The high vitamin in its structure takes place on the consumer’s plate through germination. Micro-sprouts are known as the first state of the legumes and vegetables that our kitchen is familiar with when they start growing.
  • Micro-sprouts, which are often known as the smallest of vegetables, fruits, and legumes, have much more nutritional value than their size.
  • Well, have you ever thought about how micro sprouts got into our kitchen? It was used for the first time in China to decorate and flavor dishes. After this use, many countries have started to consume and grow micro sprouts.

How to Grow Micro Sprouts?

Micro-sprout grown with a kind of germination process can easily grow at home and in any place desired. Now let’s describe the steps you need to follow to grow the micro-sprouts one by one:

Materials you need:

  • Natural plant seed (Desired plant)
  • Loam
  • Sprouting pots or flat pots


  • Sprinkle the fertile soil into the containers you will use to grow the micro sprouts, not too thick.
  • Spread the soil loosely without compacting it.
  • Then add the micro sprout seeds to the soil intermittently.
  • Provide moisture to the micro-sprouts via the spray water bottle.
  • Do not place pots or containers in direct sun.
  • If you wish, cover it with a bag for 1 day. Thus, you can ensure faster germination.
  • After a period of 15 days, you will see that your seeds have sprouted remarkably.
  • Do not neglect watering during this process.
  • You can water the plant with a spray once in 2 days.
  • You can collect your sprouting seeds using tiny kitchen scissors. The micro-sprouts you collect will be guests at your breakfast and other meals as a vitamin store.

What are Micro Sprout Types?

Microsprouts, the smallest of seed plants, are produced in many species. Let us now explain to you the types of micro sprouts you can choose according to your taste. Here are the micro sprout varieties with high nutritional value:

  • broccoli sprouts
  • cress sprouts
  • coriander sprouts
  • arugula sprouts
  • mung bean sprouts
  • onion sprouts
  • lentil sprouts
  • pea sprouts
  • wheat sprouts
  • red beet sprouts

What are the Benefits of Micro Sprouts?

The sprout form of the foods that are frequently consumed in daily life is also very useful. When you consume micro sprouts, the benefits you will add to your health will be as follows:

  • It strengthens the immune system. Micro-sprouts containing high protein and vitamins have the effect of removing diseases.
  • They are energy sources. When you consume micro sprouts for breakfast, you will start the day more vigorously.
  • It helps to lose weight. If you consume micro sprouts in diet nutrition, you can lose weight more easily by increasing the metabolic rate.
  • It has the ability to clear infection. Micro-sprouts have the task of clearing the urinary tract. You can get rid of the infection from your body by consuming plenty.
  • It provides regeneration of cells. Micro sprouts are antioxidant effective. By consuming it frequently, you can purify your body of harmful substances.
  • Micro-sprouts that build a protective wall against cancer fight free radicals.
  • It is consumed as a source of folic acid during pregnancy. Micro-sprouts, which protect mother and baby health, are recommended for a healthy birth.

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