Three Foods to favor to fight against seasonal allergies

foods to favor to fight against seasonal allergies
Spring is setting in little by little and with it its share of buds, leaves and pollen… These are feared by people with allergies. Here are three foods to eat to fight seasonal allergies naturally.

Are you allergic and dreading the arrival of spring and its pollens? Before you rush to your box of antihistamines, here are three tips to fight naturally against these inconveniences that affect us from April to October.

Apples, red grapes, red berries

Beyond general advice such as airing the room in the morning, washing your nose regularly with physiological serum, rinsing your hair to get rid of pollen collected during your last outing , here are some eating habits that will certainly help you to better live the coming seasons.

Eat  apples yes, but with the skin! For this, choose them organic. Like onions (raw or cooked) , red grapes, red berries, and black tea , apples contain quercetin. This somewhat barbaric name actually designates a powerful antioxidant that will play the role of an anti-inflammatory during allergic peaks. In addition to relieving you of the ailments specific to seasonal allergies (tingling nose, runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, irritated throat), quercetin delays the appearance of histamine, a molecule that causes our allergic reactions.

Foods rich in vitamin E

What is the purpose of this monitored diet? You avoid ingesting a lot of medication, on a regular basis, for several months and restore a certain balance in the body so that it reacts normally in the presence of pollen. And if you are pregnant, or breastfeeding, you can also treat yourself ! Foods rich in vitamin E must be part of your menus.

According to German researchers at the origin of a study on vitamin E and allergies, this vitamin would reduce allergic reactions by 30% in people affected by this tendency. Admittedly, the allergy still exists, but we already live better. Which foods to favor? Avocados , whole grains, wheat germ, green leafy vegetables and nuts (walnuts, almonds), spinach, eggs, dried apricots.

fermented products

Fermented products are well known and especially when it comes to probiotics, digestion and regulation of intestinal transit. This time, it is in the case of seasonal allergies that they are recommended. Yogurts, sauerkraut, fermented milk and kefir (caucasian fermented milk) strengthen the immune system. “ Ten years ago, nobody was talking about it. Today, consumers are beginning to turn away from processed foods to homemade ones. They want simpler and healthier products  ”, analyzes Claude Aubert, agronomist who praises the nutritional virtues of these fermented products.

In your menus, do not omit omega-3 (fatty fish) , garlic, olive oil. On the other hand, moderate your consumption of meat, spices, alcohol, cheese, refined products and all products that would increase your blood sugar level, responsible for allergic reactions and inflammatory diseases.

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