Top 11 low calorie chips

low calorie chips
low calorie chips

What are the unhealthiest chips and with what on the other hand do you make a (more) healthy choice? In this blog, we will discuss low calorie chips.  If you pay attention to the number of calories you take in, you can take this into account with chips.

Of course, it is better to stay away from it completely. Yet you also want to sin every now and then. And what are the chips with the fewest calories? We list for you where you at least in the least so that you make a relatively good choice.

Are chips unhealthy?

Curious about what actually makes potato chips unhealthy? The ingredients are not necessarily bad. It’s about potatoes and some oil, neither of which need to be unhealthy.

A few years ago there was still a lot of trans fat in chips. These unhealthy trans fats have a negative effect on cholesterol and thus increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Fortunately, manufacturers have made the switch from hard fat to liquid fat and there is very little trans fat left in it. Research by the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority showed in 2006 that there is only 0.3% trans fat in chips. Previously this was 15%.

So chips are not super unhealthy. They are calorie bombs! A bag of 100 grams, for example, contains about 500 to 600 kilocalories. This means that you eat just as much with a little chips as during a complete lunch, when you choose an extensive sandwich with different types of tasty toppings.

If you want to lose weight, you can better leave this snack. But do you still want to enjoy chips every now and then? Then choose the variant with the fewest calories below:

Top 11 low calorie chips

With our top 11 low-calorie chips, you make a relatively conscious choice. It will never be a healthy snack, but you should at least choose a variant that is less unhealthy than the regular choice. We list the flavors with the fewest calories for you:

  1. Smart Chips Body & Fit – 407 kilocalories
  2. Lay’s Oven Chips Natural – 416 kilocalories
  3. Smiths Nibb-it’s – 478 kilocalories
  4. Hummus Chips with Sea Salt – 478 kilocalories
  5. Tortilla Chips – 480 kilocalories
  6. Smiths Hamkas – 505 kilocalories
  7. Organic Kale Chips – 505 kilocalories
  8. Organic Chips – 512 kilocalories
  9. Original Pringles – 516 calories
  10. Lay’s Natural – 541 kilocalories


Note: it always concerns the number of calories per 100 grams of chips. The content of a bag of chips varies between 100 and 250 grams. Would you eat a whole 200 gram bag? Then you almost have a double lunch when it comes to the amount of energy!

  1. Smart Chips Body & Fit – 407 kilocalories

The winner in this list is the Smart Chips from Body & Fit. It will of course never be a really healthy choice, but thanks to 407 kilocalories it is the best choice from this overview.

So are you looking for responsible chips that you can enjoy yourself and that you can put on the table? This makes a relatively good choice for a snack with the fewest calories.

  1. Lay’s Oven Chips Natural – 416 kilocalories

Lay’s is doing slightly better with the Oven Chips Natural than with the regular version. There are 416 kilocalories per 100 grams. In that respect, this snack contains a lot less calories than the other flavors of Lays.

  1. Smith’s Nibb-it’s – 478 kilocalories

The Smiths Nibb-It already contains a lot more calories. Namely 478 calories per 100 grams. The calories are already starting to increase a lot further. An advantage of these chips is that no dyes have been added. Keep in mind that multiple flavors have been used.

  1. Hummus Chips with Sea Salt – 478 kilocalories

Hummus is a healthy snack, and to a limited extent also the chips you can eat from it. It concerns 478 calories per 100 grams. But the big advantage of the chips is that a bag contains only 23 grams, so you eat much less of it .

If you manage to stick to one sachet at a time, this is a relatively healthy choice. In any case, you eat the fewest calories in chips, because the small bag contains only 110 of them.

Tortilla Chips – 480 calories

Under 500 calories per 100 grams you can just get away with Tortilla Chips. It concerns 480 kilocalories, so you make a relatively good choice within this list. Moreover, you opt for a tasty Mexican snack, which gives you the opportunity to travel to the other side of the world and experience a completely different environment.

And it may seem tempting to use a dipping sauce with it. But with a dipping sauce, the number of calories in your snack still increases! Especially when you make a dip like guacamole. This contains another 190 kcal per 100 grams!

  1. Smiths Hamkas – 505 kilocalories

Do you love the Smiths Hamkas? With these chips you get more than 500 calories per 100 grams. A lot more than the first five in our list!

Also, keep in mind that this snack is packed with flavor enhancers, including E621. That is by no means a favorite of many nutritionists. It’s not a healthy choice, but when it comes to fewer calories, there are many types of chips that don’t do as well.

  1. Organic Kale Chips – 505 kilocalories

Kale is not immediately the first thing that comes to mind when you want to snack on it. But vegetable chips can be very tasty! Unfortunately, the brand has not yet managed to get below 500 calories. At the same time, this snack contains a lot of vitamin C, more than, for example, in oranges. Calcium has also been added, as well as vitamins A, C, E, K and folic acid. These substances together ensure that it is a relatively healthy choice, even if the kilocalories have of course not disappeared.

  1. Organic Chips – 512 kilocalories

Back to the calories, namely those of the Organic Chips. It’s about 512 calories per 100 grams. This does not make it a good choice.

The chips do a little better in terms of sugar and of course only contain organic ingredients. That is also worth something to many people, although it will not help you when you are trying to lose weight or get tighter.

  1. Original Pringles – 516 calories

We all know these buses, so how do they score when it comes to calories and health? With 516 kilocalories, it is not the worst on the list, but not a high flyer either.

  1. Lay’s Natural – 541 kilocalories

The biggest calorie stunner in our overview. Certainly the worst choice in our list. This has to do with both the calories and the amount of fat and salt. They are salty chips with a relatively high amount of fat. That benefits the taste, but on the other hand also means that it has a more adverse effect on your health.

Keep in mind that there are other types of chips with fewer calories, which, on the other hand, contain more salt. Sometimes it is a trade-off, because manufacturers try to provide the pleasant taste that so many people appreciate, left or right.

The advantage of Lay’s Natural is that it contains no artificial colors and preservatives. You don’t buy anything for that if you want to consume fewer calories, but it has other advantages. With 34 grams of fat and 52 grams of carbohydrates, it is chips that will give you a lot of energy.


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