Start Customizing Your Popcorn Boxes with the Help of Different Design

custom popcorn boxes

Popcorn is an anytime snack and can be consumed anytime. Most people like to eat popcorn while watching movies. But popcorn has increased its demand because companies are offering different and amazing flavored popcorn to their customers. They are doing them all possibilities to attract the customers. In this way, companies enhance their packaging to engage the traffic of the customers. They are using custom popcorn boxes to attract customers. Customization is an excellent way to attain the attention of the customers.

Popcorn boxes are the essential need to pack your popcorns and serve your customers in a great way. Make your popcorn boxes more special with the help of custom printing. There are some attractive designs and ideas discussed below, so they can help you in designing your own unique style of customer popcorn boxes.

Pop Art Designs for you Custom Popcorn Boxes

Pop art is a design of a combination of fonts. In this design, you can use different font styles of different sizes to design your custom popcorn boxes. This design will give your popcorn boxes an attractive look. You can print any quotation or text on your boxes that can motivate your customer to buy popcorn or anything that inspires your customer. Furthermore, you can also print any design on the surface of the popcorn boxes. Printing of the company’s name and logo on the custom popcorn boxes would enhance the appearemce of the packaging as well.

Unique Design Template on your Boxes

Customization gives you a full exemption to design your custom popcorn boxes according to your desire and customer’s need. In this way, you can print linear, symmetrical, or any design that you want for your custom printed popcorn boxes. You can found these boxes in different designs and shapes, so you choose or get an idea about what popcorn boxes suit your brand.

There are different materials used for the manufacturing of your popcorn boxes. You can also use seal end, cup, jars or pouches, etc. Make your popcorn boxes attractive that can help you to engage customers as well as help you in branding your company.

Promote your Business through Custom Popcorn Boxes

Customization also helps you in branding and promoting your business. It gives you the opportunity to print your company name and logo on the boxes. That helps the customers to recognize your popcorns to buy it next time. Furthermore, it will also develop the trust of the customer in your brand. For example, you have two options to choose the popcorn one packed in simple in a brank box, and the other one is packed in a colorful box and printed company name or logo on it with other necessary information, so which one you choose. Most of the people choose that packet which is printed and packed correctly. So do not compromise in customization; it will give you lots of benefits.

Custom Printed Popcorn Cups

There is a variety of styles for the custom popcorn boxes. You can choose any and design it as well according to your need. Popcorn cups are a great idea to serve popcorn to the customers. Customers can feel easy while holding it, and mostly these popcorns cups are used for serving as compared to another packaging. The best thing is that these cups are protected with coatings. You can also print your company name and logo on these boxes.

Symmetrical Designs on Popcorn Boxes

As you have a universe of designing so symmetrical is another idea to make your boxes attractive. There are designs in which both sides are designed equally. This will make your custom popcorn boxes more creative and attractive. However, there is also a liner design; this is a fantastic colored combinations line that can attain attention fast and easily.

Try Something New

As you observe, many companies are using old designs for custom popcorn boxes. Customization gives you the opportunity to design something new and trendy. It’s a great idea if you print emoji on the custom boxes. This will make your boxes attractive and impress the customers. This can help increase your sales because the customer can buy your custom popcorn boxes according to the printed emoji on them.

Event Printed Custom Popcorn Boxes

Popcorns not only eat while watching a movie but can also be eaten at different parties and celebrations. So you can also customize your popcorn boxes according to the events like birthdays, grand opening, meetings, etc. Not only that, because of customization, you can also print different event-related designs or names on the boxes.

Use Foiling on your Custom Popcorn Boxes

You can use foil designing on your custom popcorn boxes. In this way, if you choose your company’s logo or name to print with foil on dark color boxes, this will really give a charming look to your boxes. Using foil for your business name and logo also helps you to promote your business because when the customer looks toward your popcorn packaging, then your name and logo are prominent in your brand’s info.

Polka Designs for your Popcorn Boxes

Polka designs are the doted colorful designs like candies. It is an attention seeker designing for your popcorns. These custom popcorn boxes are commonly used by many popcorn companies. There are different designs in polka, and you select any background color for the custom popcorn boxes as well as different shapes for the polka design. This is the most popular design for popcorn packaging.

Flavored Printed Custom Popcorn Boxes

This is a valuable and helpful idea to print popcorn flavors on the custom printed boxes. Companies have introduced many popcorn flavors so you can print the same flavor on the boxes as popcorn have. In this way, customers can easily choose the popcorns. For example, you are serving cheese flavor popcorn to the customers, so if you print cheese on the boxes, then the customer will easily understand the popcorn flavor and buy it.


Everything is full of creativeness, so why do you not getting this opportunity? There are lots of benefits of using custom printed popcorn boxes. It can help you protect and promote your company, develop customers’ trust, and attract customers. Choose the perfect and attractive designs for your custom popcorn boxes that suit your business.


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