8 Surprising Benefits of Acorns

Benefits of Acorns

Acorn benefits are among the most searched topics on the internet lately. Acorn, which attracts the attention of those who care about herbal treatment methods, will also cure your problems through this article. Would you like to get to know this plant better by holding a deep lens on the acorn, a fruit of the oak tree with almost 400 species ?

Acorn Benefits

  • Activates the Intestines
  • Heals Wounds
  • Clears Inflammations
  • Meets Vitamin Needs
  • Prevents Skin Diseases
  • Lowers Bad Cholesterol
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Prevents Diabetes

While doing research on acorns, you can reach the results in the title of what are the benefits of acorns. In fact, there is no separate species called acorn acorn. There is just some confusion about the terms. The fruit of the oak tree is known as the acorn. Bonito consists of two parts; one is the main long nut-like part and it is called a pelit, and the other is a hat-like part and it is called a goblet. In other words, the tree known as apelite tree is actually an oak tree.

Acorns, one of the medicinal products of Anatolian lands , do not fall on the agenda of experts. In order to evaluate the benefits offered to you in nature, you first need to learn about what an acorn is. So, now let us convey this unique information to you. You will be amazed when you hear about the benefits of acorns!

What Are Acorns?

  • If we want to introduce the acorn in the simplest terms; We can say that it is the fruit of the oak tree.
  • Oak tree is a tree that can grow up to 25 meters at most . The fruits formed on this tree are also known as acorns.
  • In August and September, acorns are collected before the fruit is fully ripe. The collected fruits go through the drying process under the sun.
  • Acorn attracts attention with its chestnut-like appearance. These chestnut-like fruits are called pelit.
  • Acorn is a nut with very nutritious aspects. Acorns, which are of vital importance for animals, are made consumable for humans by passing through various stages.
  • Acorns are distinguished from the fruits of other trees by their elongated and cylindrical shape. It is not common for these nuts to be collected and consumed directly from the tree, as they taste slightly bitter.
  • Acorns, which are widespread throughout the world, are also frequently seen in Thrace and Marmara Region in our country.
  • When you do research on the usage areas of acorns, you can learn that it is used in making bread and coffee.
  • An acorn is not a very large nut. It grows from 1 cm to 6 cm in length.

8 Surprising Benefits of Acorns

1) Activates the Bowels

  • If you have diarrhea complaints from time to time; acorn comes to support you in this regard.
  • Acorns have a constipating effect. It saves you from diarrhea by ensuring the balanced functioning of the intestines.
  • It also helps to clean the intestines and prevents digestive problems.

2) Heals Wounds

  • One of the most important answers to the question of what are the benefits of acorns is its wound healing feature.
  • Acorn, which has a germ-breaking aspect, plays an effective role in the healing of wounds.
  • When you look for a natural wound ointment, the acorn will tell you, I am here. In order for the wounds to heal, you will need acorn juice.
  • Since acorn juice regenerates cells, it quickly destroys scars and acne.

3) Clears Inflammations

  • Among the benefits of acorns , there is also the fact that it heals wounds and dries out inflammations.
  • One of the natural methods sought against liver inflammation is known as acorn.
  • Acorns give effective results in clearing inflammation in both the liver and throat tract.
  • In case of urinary tract infection or liver inflammation, keep acorns in mind!

4) Meets Vitamin Needs

  • Acorns, which are rich in B vitamins, are the guests of the tables in the form of acorn jam. This jam is a complete source of vitamins.
  • One of the answers to the question of what acorns are good for is that it gives energy. It meets your daily energy needs at a high rate.
  • In addition, the healing water prepared with acorns meets the body’s vitamin needs.

5) Prevents Skin Diseases

  • Acorns heal cell damage and accelerate the formation of new cells.
  • It also minimizes the effects of skin problems such as eczema . It allows the skin to breathe.
  • It prevents skin diseases as well as eliminates the signs of aging.
  • Since acorn has been known for its benefits to the skin for years, it has been used as a lotion and cleansing tonic, which is prepared after scratching and adding to hot water since ancient times.

6) Lowers Bad Cholesterol

  • Acorns contain unsaturated fats. It lowers bad cholesterol levels as it is rich in fats. Balances cholesterol.
  • When bad cholesterol is balanced , the risk of heart diseases is minimized.
  • Thanks to this feature, it also brings healthy days to those who are at risk of vascular occlusion.

7) Boosts Immunity

  • As with many of the miraculous sources of nature, there is also the effect of strengthening the body’s resistance among the benefits of acorns.
  • Acorns, which contain calcium, phosphorus, potassium and many more vitamins; It has the effect of strengthening those with weak immune systems.
  • Those who are quickly affected by the seasonal changes, those who are sick often, can keep their immune system strong with acorns.
  • Those who want to see the effect can consume acorn jam or herbal tea regularly.

8) Prevents Diabetes

  • Acorns are also a cure for those suffering from diabetes. Herbal tea prepared with acorns has the feature of keeping blood sugar balanced.
  • Acorn tea, which is among the drinks that diabetics will love to consume, prevents the rise of sugar.
  • Although the benefits of acorn tea are among the benefits of diabetes, it is necessary to consult experts in case of illness.
  • Diabetics should get approval from their doctor before consuming acorns.
  • The benefits of acorns were also studied by İbrahim Saracoğlu. Saraçoğlu says that tea prepared by scratching a few acorns and boiling them in water has a sugar-lowering feature.

Is Acorn Eaten, How Is It Eaten?

The benefits of acorns are recommended to people by many experts such as İbrahim Saracoğlu. To get the benefits of acorns, you need to consume it. So, how can you consume acorns? You can find your own medicine by following these steps!

  • Acorns, which are used in making noodles in Far Eastern cuisine , are added to foods after they become powder.
  • Acorns collected before full maturity are dried in the sun and passed through a special grinder. After passing through this grinder, it becomes powdery. The resulting powders are added to various dishes.
  • Bread and pastries are prepared with the powder of acorns . It adds vitamins and minerals to the recipes it is added to.
  • Jam is also made with acorns in Anatolian lands. This jam has the quality of healing patients with both its aroma and taste.
  • Before I forget, very important note: You should definitely not consume acorns raw!

How to Plant Acorns, Where Does It Grow?

  • Acorns are found in abundance around Marmara and Thrace. You can plant acorns for the continuation of the generation of this tree. First you need to do the acorn germination process.
  • The fruits that fall from the acorn trees are collected and the berries are tested in a glass of water. Those that sink to the bottom are seeds. What remains in the air is now empty.
  • After the fruits of the acorns are germinated, they are placed in the pot horizontally. These large seeds should be planted in the ground in a horizontal position.
  • Some more fertile soil is placed on the potted seed and an average of 3 months is waited for the seed to sprout.
  • At the end of the last 3 months, the seed will have sprouted. When the roots of the sprouting acorn are a little stronger, that is, after about 1 year, it should be taken to the garden or an open area. In airy and natural conditions, the acorn tree will take on a gigantic appearance over the years.

How to Prepare Acorn Tea?

Thanks to acorn tea, you can overcome the winter cold in a healthier way. After checking the ingredients list, we can brew the tea:


  • Thin pieces of acorn shells
  • Honey
  • hot drinking water

Preparation of:

  • Make sure the acorn shells are quite small and put these shells in a large pot.
  • Add the hot water over the acorn shells.
  • Let it brew for 5 minutes with the mouth closed .
  • Strain the brewed tea into cups and add 1 teaspoon of honey to each cup .
  • The resulting acorn tea will be very useful in balancing blood sugar.

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