Importance of Wearing Cycling Supports to Prevent Injuries

Cycling Supports

Cycling is an ideal exercise that keeps you fit and healthy. It can help you keep your body in shape and lead you to a more active lifestyle. It’s excellent to boost your metabolism and also helps to burn calories.

Cycling is both calming and a stress-relieving exercise. It is also a friendly form of transportation. But, when you frequently ride a bike, there are high chances that you face injuries. So, Wearing Cycling Support is crucial for your health.

Which Body Parts are at risk of Injury while Cycling?

Cycling is one of the most accessible and best sports for your well-being. It also helps to stabilize the heart rate. But on the other hand, cyclists are highly prone to injuries. Those body parts which are vulnerable to pain and injuries due to cycling are:

  • Knees
  • Feet and Ankle
  • Back
  • Arm, Elbow, and Wrists

What are the Most Common Cycling Injuries?

 Even if you are a skilled or professional cyclist with exceptional control on your bike, there is always the risk of having injuries or long-term damage. Cycling injuries can turn into severe issues that may stop you from cycling. Here are the most common cycling injuries you might suffer:

  • Muscle Cramps and Tightness
  • Muscle Sprain and Strain
  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Arthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Poor Posture

How can Cycling Injuries be avoided?

Although a few injuries are hard to prevent, you can still take measures to protect yourself and pain and injury. The ideal way to avoid injuries is to wear cycling supports whenever you ride a cycle or a bike. It can help you to reduce pain and discomfort. These supports can also help you to ride safely. And If you have previously suffered from an injury or post-surgery, it’s also a good idea to wear supports or braces for a better and faster recovery.

Types of Cycling Supports

 Some of the cycling supports are mentioned below:

  1. Arm/Elbow Supports
  2. Knee Supports
  3. Back Supports
  4. Wrist Supports

Types of Arm and Elbow Supports

Wearing an arm brace or support can help you take care of your arms and give them extra support. They will not only help to prevent injuries but will also aid in the healing process for those who have already been injured.

Compression Elbow Supports

Wearing an elbow brace can help to stabilize your joints while you are doing sports activities. They provide pressure which is beneficial for your arms and elbows. They can be worn if you are suffering from muscle pain, swelling, and discomfort. They are also ideal for wearing if you’ve had surgery, as they will help with your fast recovery—the painful symptoms caused by arthritis, tendinitis, tennis, and golfers’ elbow.

Compression Elbow Sleeves with Strap

Compression elbow sleeves help to enhance blood circulation, which can reduce swelling caused by arm injuries. Even if you are currently in pain, the support provided by sleeves will help you improve your performance and mobility. They’re ideal for wearing if you’re lifting heavy weights or want to avoid injuries while taking part in sports.

Elbow Straps for Arm Support

Elbow straps offer targeted pressure to your elbows and arms, which aids with the relief of muscle pain. They also provide support for your arms, allowing you to perform at your best even in extreme pain. They can also be worn during indoor and outdoor sports activities. They can also aid in relieving pain in the elbow joints, which can be caused by strains, sprains, and even fatigue.

Types of Knee Supports

Wearing Cycling knee supports and braces is essential to prevent injuries, and they help the knees heal and recover from any existing injuries. They can also help to avoid pain caused by arthritis, osteoarthritis, and other knee disorders.

Compression Knee Supports

Wearing Knee Support provides compression, which helps to control swelling and pain. Knee sleeves often work well for knee pain by enhancing the blood flow, and they help minimize arthritis symptoms. They are comfortable, and they can be worn underneath your clothes.

Neoprene Knee Supports

Neoprene knee supports provide compression all day long to reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain. They can unload stress from your knees, creating better mobility in your joints and reducing stiffness. Wearing them can also help reduce the pain caused by strains, sprains, shin splints, leg cramps, and you can even wear them if you’ve had surgery.

Patella Knee Straps

Patella Knee straps are a great solution if you suffer from knee pain due to conditions such as runner’s knee, jumper’s knee, patellar tendonitis. These braces provide additional support and pressure at the knee cap. Wearing them can help to improve strength and resistance.

Types of Wrist Supports

 Wrist braces help stabilize and support your wrist by limiting the wrist’s movement. They have a lot of benefits for those who participate in sports actively. They also help patients recover from injuries or enhance their quality of life if they have a chronic injury like arthritis.

Wrist Support Wrap

Wearing wrist support wrap help you to recover from an injury. It will wrap around your wrist and protect them from further damages. It can also treat carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist sprains or strains, arthritis, tendinitis, and more. It is also suitable for everyday activities and sports, including golf, tennis, and cycling.

Wrist and Hand Brace

Wrist and hand support can help in pain relief for ease of movement and faster recovery. It relieves the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and also tendonitis. It speeds up your healing process and soothes your painful muscles and joints. In addition, it guards and stabilizes your sprained or fractured wrist.

Neoprene Palm Support

Neoprene palm support provides both warmth and support, which helps ease pain in the wrist and helps strengthen and stabilize the joints. With mild compression, it can protect and support your wrists throughout indoor and outdoor activities. It will aid in the relief of pain and swelling associated with arthritis and aching joints.

Types of Back Supports

Back braces provide support to your back and can help to reduce or eliminate back discomfort. It is also helpful to straighten and improve your back posture. They are ideal for muscle strain, sprain, other injuries, or recovery after surgery.

Abdominal Belt Support

The abdominal belt provides support compression to the abdomen and also improves blood circulation. Whether You’re just recovering from surgery or injury, it can stabilize your core and improve your posture. Wearing it is a good idea because it gives you support after hernia surgery, c-section, and sports-related activities.

Lower Back support

Lower back support provides compression to your belly, abdomen, and lower back. It helps to reduce swelling, stiff muscles, and pain. The compression enhances the blood circulation to speed up the recovery process. It can be worn after any abdominal surgery to support and stabilize your back. You can use it for any indoor and outdoor activities like running, cycling and many more.

Double Pull Back Support

Double pull support decreases pressure and provides excellent support to the abdomen and waist. It can speed up recovery after a hernia or any other surgery in the abdominal area. It is good to minimize pain by providing even pressure to the abdomen, waist, and lower back. You can wear them while playing sports such as hiking, running and cycling.


 Injured muscles need support while healing, and it is not always possible to avoid activity during recovery. Due to injuries that occur over time, the pain and inflammation worsens which prevents you from your favorite activities. So, we can protect our body (knees, arms, back, wrist) with the best supports and braces that offer adequate support to muscles. If you’re suffering from chronic injury or just have been recovering from one.

360 Relief has a broad choice of professionally made braces and supports that provide good support and can help to reduce the risk of injury. This can contribute to the improvement of blood circulation, pain relief, and also reduce swelling. These Braces and supports are available in different sizes and colours that meet your requirements.

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