How to Make and Use Pine Gum Waxing

How to Make and Use Pine Gum Waxing

Mastic wax is a kind of herbal care product that has survived from ancient times to the present day. It is obtained from the gum-like liquid found in the trunk of the pine tree. It helps to solve the problem of hair growth in men and women in a herbal way. The gum wax, which helps to remove even very fine hairs, is easily used by many people.

If you want to find a home remedy for hair growth in unwanted parts of the body, we will provide you with information on the use of gum wax on this page. Here are the ways to get rid of hair in minutes. Pine gum wax is a care product that supports the regeneration of the skin, cleans the hair, and nourishes the skin. It is preferred by men and women as it does not contain chemicals.

The price of mastic wax in recent years is around 5 TL on average. You can find it in almost every market.

How to Wax Pine Gum?

If you want to do your personal care at home, you can also use pine gum wax. Thanks to this wax, you can clean the area you want and have smoother skin. You can also get rid of the dead skin on your body by waxing the gum. You can remove hair from arms, legs, and any points you want, thanks to pine gum wax. Now let’s move on to the stages of preparing rosin wax at home.

  • You can buy pine gum wax in a box from markets or places that sell cosmetic products.
  • You need to pass the purchased rosin wax through the healing process at home.
  • Heat this box in water in a coffee pot or pot the size of the box will fit.
  • Continue heating in water for an average of 15 minutes.
  • The gum wax will be ready for use when it is warmed in the water.
  • At this stage, the wax in the box should not enter the water. If the wax mixes with water, its structure will deteriorate.
  • It is recommended to use low heat during the heating process.

How to Use Pine Gum Waxing?

The question of how to use rosin wax at home is a topic that men and women wonder about. Now let’s talk about the use of rosin wax and learn the easy steps of this wax that will help you in your personal care at home.

  • You need to pour the pine gum wax heated in hot water on the marble.
  • You should pour this wax, which is in the consistency of gum, on the marble and spread it a long way.
  • Gum wax, which has a structure that easily lifts off the marble, will lose its heat on the marble and become warm.
  • You can stick the wax, whose heat goes away, to the area you want and pull it with a thin wax cloth if you wish.
  • It is recommended that the area applied to the wax is absolutely dry. If you apply it to a damp or sweaty area, your skin may become irritated. You can use baby powder before application.
  • For those who say how to apply rosin wax, we can say that this wax is compatible with every region.
  • Cool the wax on the marble according to the width of the area where you will apply the wax.
  • Then apply wax to the area and pull the wax from the opposite direction of hair growth.
  • After waxing, make sure that your skin is completely free of wax.
  • If your skin is very sensitive, redness may occur after waxing. You can use creams to prevent this redness.
  • If you want to get rid of facial hair, you may wonder if gum wax can be applied to the face. Yes, you can also prepare small waxes and remove facial hair. It is recommended to stretch your skin quite a bit during the application.
  • You can use a wooden wax spatula to apply the wax to your skin. You can get help from a thin cloth or disposable wax cloths to pull the wax from your skin.
  • Mastic wax, which can be dangerous for the fine tissue on the lip, is recommended for the chin, eyebrows, cheeks and sideburns.

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