Spirulina For Weight Loss: Does It Really Work?

Spirulina For Weight Loss

Spirulina is a dietary supplement that comes from spiral bacteria. Spirulina and weight loss, you hear a lot about it. Many wonder if this bacteria can help with weight loss. Would you like to lose weight? See if this dietary supplement really works.

Bacteria in tablet form

It seems strange to sell a bacteria tablet form, but spirulina has been used for a long time. These are blue-green spiral bacteria that occur naturally in mineral-rich saltwater lakes. You mainly find this bacterium in East and Central Africa, but also in Mexico.

Spirulina is grown to be sold in tablet or mother form. Spirulina is rich in various vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids.

The health benefits of spirulina

Spirulina is known to have detoxifying properties, which is due to the presence of chlorophyll. It has a positive effect on bad cholesterol (LDL) and has an anti-fungal effect. In addition, spirulina is said to have a protective effect on the liver, especially in hepatitis C patients.

Spirulina and weight loss

Can you lose weight with spirulina?
Thanks to its high protein content, spirulina stimulates weight loss. This is because this product has a high satiety, so you are less likely to eat a lot.
It is best if you take this 15-30 minutes before a meal. You will notice that you are less hungry.

Do not take the tablet or powder just before a meal, otherwise there will be little effect and you will still eat too much.
If you take spirulina after a meal, it has no effect at all and can sometimes make you nauseous.

Extra energy thanks to spirulina

The great thing about spirulina is that it gives you extra energy. This makes you better able to move or exercise. This is good for you, because that way you burn more fat . Moreover, thanks to certain sports or strength training, you build more muscle tissue. The advantage of this is that your metabolism goes up, even at rest. Exercise for at least half an hour a day or exercise at least once a week.

The risks of spirulina

It is not recommended to use spirulina for a long time or in high doses. This is because the product also has some drawbacks. In some cases, it even poses health risks.

Spirulina generally contains a high concentration of heavy metals such as lead and mercury, arsenic and cadmium. This is because the bacteria bind these metals to themselves, so that the metals remain present. Heavy metals are never good for health. It also appears that spirulina often contains the toxic substance microsystine. This is a substance that also occurs in blue-green algae and is very toxic to humans.

If you use medication, keep in mind that spirulina can negatively affect this. This mainly concerns blood thinners and medication against autoimmune diseases. If you want to lose weight with spirulina and use medication, first ask your doctor for advice.

Furthermore, the advice is not to use spirulina for too long in a row. If you experience health problems or if it does not help during weight loss, stop using spirulina.


Spirulina is a healthy addition to any diet and can therefore contribute somewhat to the weight loss process. If you exercise regularly, it is an excellent supplement for your body and energy supply. However, you mainly lose weight by exercising and eating healthy (and less). Taking spirulina alone will not make you lose weight.

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