Green Apple Diet 3 Days Shock Diet List Weight Loss

Green Apple Diet

Apple, which is the most loved and consumed fruit in the world, is widely grown in our country. Apple, whose homeland is North Anatolia and North Caucasus, can be grown in almost any climatic condition. The fruit, which has many varieties, especially red, green, and yellow, is especially high in vitamin C and vitamin B. In addition, the fiber ratio of apples, which is a rich source of phosphorus, calcium, iron, and potassium minerals, is also high.

Fruit contains a high amount of antioxidant flavonoid components; It increases body immunity, has a protective effect against infections, protects oral and dental health and strengthens the nervous system. The country that produces the greenest apples in the world is China. China is followed by the United States and Turkey.

Green apple, which is grown in our country, especially in the Mediterranean Region and especially in Karaman, Mersin, Antalya, Amasya, Çanakkale, Niğde; It likes cold and temperate climates. The fruit, which can withstand -30 degrees cold, does not like temperatures above 40 degrees and it becomes difficult to grow.

How to Do the Green Apple Diet?

The antioxidant components contained in the green apple ensure the removal of toxins and excess water from the body. Green apple, which also increases the metabolic rate, is the biggest supporter of slimming diets. The vitamins, minerals and other antioxidant components in its content are in the peel of the green apple. Therefore, it is important to consume the green apple with its peel.

The green apple diet is a shock diet whose main ingredient is green apples. In addition to green apples, some nutrients can be added to the diet. Green apple, which facilitates weight loss thanks to its low calorie, also provides edema. In addition to the green apple diet, daily water consumption should be increased and physical activity should be given importance.

The green apple diet, which is recommended to be applied for 3 days, may cause damage to body functions when applied for longer periods. While following the green apple diet, it is necessary to avoid excessive salty, oily, sugary foods and pastries.

So, how much weight does the green apple diet lose? The green apple diet, which loses 5 -7 kilos in a month, can be applied 2 times a month.

Green Apple Diet List

The green apple diet program is applied for 3 days:

  • The day starts with 1 glass of water before breakfast.
  • For breakfast, it is consumed by grating 1 green apple into 1 cup of unsweetened milk-free coffee, 1 glass of skim milk, and 5 spoons of oats.
  • As a snack, 2 walnuts or peanuts can be consumed along with 1 cup of green tea or apple tea.
  • At lunch, 2 grated green apples and 2 teaspoons of cinnamon are added to a bowl of non-fat yogurt and mixed.
  • In the snack, 1 green apple and 2 walnuts or hazelnuts are consumed together with their shells.
  • At dinner, 1 apple or 2 grated green apples are added to 1 bowl of yogurt and 2 teaspoons of cinnamon is added to it.
  • It is consumed with the peel of 1 green apple as a night snack. This prepared list is repeated for 3 days.

Weight Loss with the Green Apple Diet

The green apple diet, prepared using green apples, a low-calorie fruit, accelerates bowel movements due to its high fiber content. Green apple, which prevents constipation by regulating the digestive system, strengthens the body’s immune system.

Slimming programs can be made more effective with the green apple diet, which is recommended to be applied several times a month because it prevents constipation, which is common in weight-loss diets, and gives vitality and vitality.

The diet, which ensures the removal of toxins from the body, also prevents the excretion of excess water and has an edema-solving effect. Removing the toxins surrounding the fat cells from the body makes it easier to reach these tissues and increases fat burning. The green apple diet, which also supports the increase in the metabolic rate, helps to lose weight.

What Are the Benefits of the Green Apple Diet?

  • The green apple diet, which facilitates weight loss due to its high fiber content, also plays a supportive role in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.
  • It helps to lower cholesterol.
  • The green apple diet, which contains minerals such as potassium, zinc, magnesium and copper, is protective against infections by strengthening the body’s immunity.
  • Green apple, which contains high vitamin C, also has beneficial effects on the skin.
  • Regularly consumed green apple helps regulate the nervous system. In particular, it plays a supportive role in the treatment of Alzheimer’s.
  • The green apple diet, which also plays an important role in the treatment of asthma, helps to remove toxins from the body when applied once a month.
  • Its high antioxidant content provides cell regeneration and repair of damaged tissues.
  • Its high fiber content prevents the formation of tumor cells in many cancer types, especially colon cancer, and ensures the destruction of the formed tumor cells.
  • The diet, which is also very useful for joint pain, leaves the stomach late, gradually increases blood sugar and breaks insulin resistance.

What Are the Harms of the Green Apple Diet?

The green apple diet, which stands out with its benefits, is a type of diet that should be done carefully due to its harms. Green apple is a fruit with high acid content. For this reason, consumption in digestive system disorders due to gastritis, ulcers and excess bile acid causes stomach pain and burning.

In some people, the flavone compounds found in green apples can cause skin blemishes and irritations. Despite being a low-calorie fruit, the majority of calories come from simple carbohydrates. For this reason, diabetics should consult their doctor before making a green apple diet.

Apples, which contain high levels of pectin, can cause diarrhea by accelerating bowel movements. In addition, the insoluble fiber content in the peel can cause abdominal pain, bloating and cramps in some people. This effect of the apple diet, which causes gas complaints, is short-lived.

In some people, green apple can cause side effects such as itching of the lips and tongue, sneezing, and swelling of the eyes and lips. Consuming green apples by cooking can eliminate these effects.

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