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Spain is a country with a Mediterranean climate. It introduces itself in the geographical area, with the feature of an important and serious passageway between Europe and Africa. It has migrated for centuries due to wars and has hosted different cultures. Today, it is known as the country of tourism and culture. Hosting thousands of visitors on its territory every year, Spain pays attention to eating as much as it cares about tourism.

The Spaniards introduced themselves to maritime matters a lot after the Middle Ages. They have crossed the borders of Gibraltar and traveled in deep waters. These sea adventures have had a great impact on food cultures. They discovered foods that no one knew or cared about on the European continent. The foods they discovered formed the basis of Spanish cuisine.

In this article we have prepared, we will present information about Spanish food culture and diversify your taste buds. Spanish dishes with different tastes will be a guest of your kitchen. In particular, so that the most popular dishes of Spain are not left in the article, recipes that you can easily make at home have been added. All but all of them are included in this article for you. Then we’ll get a “shit” call!

Spanish Dishes and Specialties

Spain is a country that cares about its food culture. Spaniards, who like to create hearty and delicious menus at every meal, have gained a reputation in the world with the delicious tastes they prepare. They are known for their rich variety of dishes. Since the Mediterranean climate is dominant, olive oil is definitely used in cooking. In addition, appetizers and meals flavored with figs, grapes, and olives are frequently consumed by the Spaniards.

It also has a very rich cuisine in terms of cheese. They enrich both their breakfasts and other meals by obtaining a variety of cheeses from each type of milk. Goat cheeses are known as “queso Blanco” and cheeses that are eaten fresh and without skin are known as “san Simon”. San Simon cheese has a pear-like appearance. Burgos, manchego and tetilla are among other important cheeses.

The cost of spending a day in Spain will be approximately 30 Euros. Food prices in Spain are evaluated in Euros. You can spend an average of 5 Euros on breakfast and 15 Euros on lunch. A light dinner can be 10 Euros. Moreover, you can taste hearty and delicious meals with these numbers.

About Spanish Food Culture

Different tastes prevail in every region of Spain. It has eight different culinary cultures: Basque, Andalusia, Galician, Canarian, Castile, Catalonian, Majorca and Valencian. Cooking methods and materials used differ between these regions.

Spaniards, who prefer a healthy diet, take good care of themselves by eating less. Eating little but often is known as Spanish food culture. The oils used in meals are always olive oil.

They like to protect their palate at any time of the day. Spanish food reminds itself in every country with tapas. Tapas is a canapé-style food that is eaten as a snack. In Spanish food culture, it is a centuries-old tradition to serve tapas and wine to guests.

It is also a tradition in Spain to add a drop or two of alcohol to their coffee as soon as they wake up. Their aim is to start the day more vigorously. They don’t care much about breakfast. Because they consume tapas when they are hungry and during their snacks. Tapas is the most sacred food for them. Before dinner, they consume tea and biscuits.

Spanish Famous Dishes

Benefiting from the blessings of the Mediterranean, the Spaniards took their place in the world cuisine with their delicious meals. Spanish cuisine, which can compete with Turkish cuisine, French cuisine and Italian cuisine; adopted by many countries. If you happen to be on your way one day, the list of famous Spanish dishes that you should definitely taste when you go to Spain has been researched for you. Here are those delicious flavors:

Paella: It is one of the most famous dishes. It is a type of rice. It is made from chicken meat and fish meat. Paella, yellow rice, gets its color from saffron. These dishes, which are cooked according to tradition, also include rabbit meat. It is made with special rice and olive oil is used in oil preference. There are two types, meat, and vegetable.

Empanada: It is a filled pastry. It is made from leavened dough and contains peppers, tomatoes, onions, and meat. This is meat; Sometimes seafood is preferred and sometimes minced meat is preferred.

Mari Mutanya: It is made from chicken and seafood. Chicken is cooked slowly and seafood is cooked with chicken. This dish is flavored with a sauce made from garlic and ground almonds. Sometimes white wine is added to the sauce.

Fabada Asturiana: We can say that it is the dry bean dish in Turkish cuisine cooked with pork sausage in Spain. This famous dish is served in a casserole.

In addition to these famous dishes, they also have a meaty dish called escudella Catalana. This dish is served with some pasta and juicy. Zarzuela, on the other hand, is a stew made with meat and seafood.

Spanish Local Dishes

In Spanish cuisine, there are also dishes that have been cooked for centuries and whose taste has not been lost. It is the most known tapas in the list of dishes.

Tapas: It is also considered a snack consumed with every meal. It can be thought of as an appetizer and bread in Turkish cuisine. According to rumors, it was served as an appetizer plate in the 16th century to attract customers and protect drinks from flies. It is consumed both hot and cold.

Carpaccio: It is among the traditional soups. The history of this flavor dates back to the Andalusian period. The most important feature is that it is not cooked. It is served cold. It is made from tomatoes, onions, red peppers, cucumbers, salt, vinegar and olive oil. It is consumed with pieces of bread.

Tortilla: It is a type of egg dish that is famous in Spain and is considered delicious.
Tortilla, which is made for breakfast and main courses, is a food in the form of an omelet with potatoes. What makes the omelet different is that it is made with onions.

Spanish Drinks

Spanish food culture also gives importance to hot and cold drinks. Wine is always preferred. The cold drink called Horchata is obtained from almonds and cold milk. In the streets of Spain, especially in the sweltering heat, almost everyone can see a glass of horchata in their hands.

Sangria is an alcoholic beverage that is frequently consumed and loved in Spain. This cold drink consists of red wine, cognac, mineral water and sliced ​​fruit. This drink with a very mild taste has become a favorite of the Spaniards. Its history dates back to the 1800s.

The elaborate alcohol of special occasions and invitations is cava and white wine with plenty of sparkling. It is produced in Spain in the Penedes region. It is famous to be consumed with tapas.

Spanish Food Recipes You Can Cook in Your Own Kitchen

Spain’s most popular dishes have arrived at your feet. How Does? Here are these delicious recipes. It’s us to add the recipes, you to try the flavors!

1) Delicious Spanish Bun Recipe from the Mediterranean Inspired

Imagine a donut with custard and marmalade in its fragrant dough. That donut can delight your palate with this recipe. Here is our recipe to try.

2) The Famous Spanish Omelet Tortilla

Known as a potato omelet in Turkish cuisine, tortilla is consumed as a satisfying meal in every meal in Spanish cuisine. Our recipe for those who are curious about the taste:

3) Hearty Flavor: Spanish Pastry with Lots of Vegetables and Meat

The vegetable pie, known as empanada in Spanish cuisine, comes to your kitchen with this recipe. You can have delicious moments with tea and an empanada.

4) Famous Spanish Milk Jam Flavor

Milk jam, which is made with only 3 ingredients, has been tried in almost all houses recently. If you want to try this delicious taste of Spanish culture, the milk jam recipe is with you.

5) Crispy Ring Dessert of Spanish Cuisine: Churros

Spanish cuisine shows its similarity to Turkish cuisine with this dessert. The most important feature of the churros dessert, which has the consistency of ring dessert, is the addition of powdered sugar.

6) The Flavor Where Saffron Meets Rice: Paella with Spanish Rice

Paella, which is a full energy store with abundant ingredients, is among the most popular on the Spanish food list. You should try it so that you don’t miss out on this flavor. Here is the recipe:

7) Spanish Cookies to Accompany Your Coffee: Alfajores

This cookie, called alfajores, is almost indispensable for Spanish tea and coffee hours. You can also spice up your tea time by trying this delicious recipe.

8) The Flavor That Depletes Without Waiting For It To Cool: Spanish Cheesecake

Want to try Spanish cheesecake with the full recipe? Moreover, the smell when it comes out of the oven will take you away from you. You can leave a good impression on your guests with this flavor

9) Seafood Flavor of the Mediterranean: Stir-Fried Spanish Calamari

Seafood is the most important feature of the Mediterranean cuisine culture. With this recipe, you can create a visual feast by adding one more variety to your table. Here is the Spanish Squid Pan recipe:

10) Plenty of Vegetables and Olive Oil: Spanish Pasta

Olive oil and vegetables are the staples of healthy Spanish cooking. Vegetables that flavor the dishes meet with pasta this time, resulting in a colorful and healthy pasta.

11) If you want an appetizer or a snack: Spanish Style Potato Salad

Spanish food culture, in which potatoes have an important place, includes hearty and delicious flavors in every meal. Here is another one of those flavors!

12) The Indispensable Soup of the Spaniards: Gaspaccio

Carpaccio, one of the Spanish soups, is a delicious dish served cold. It passes through the rondo without being cooked and is consumed with pleasure. A carpaccio recipe for you to enjoy:

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