8 Richest Cuisine of the World

8 Richest Cuisine of the World

The kitchen is one of the greatest gifts a country and a nation leave to the next generation. As long as people continue to exist; the kitchen and everything related to the kitchen will continue. In societies that love to eat, this element has gained diversity. If there are conversations on world cuisines and research continues in many countries at the moment; This is due to the importance of culinary culture for people.

World cuisine recipes shared among chefs all over the world continue to spread from hand to hand, from tongue to tongue, and from plate to plate. We have had our share of this situation and have prepared a useful article on world cuisine for you. This article has been prepared to be useful to you on world-famous cuisines. You can learn about the place of the countries with the richest menus among the world cuisine dishes on this page.

If you also believe that the kitchen and eating is an art, then we can start a culinary tour around the world.

1) Pizza and Pasta Capital: Italian Cuisine

The history of Italian cuisine goes back to ancient times. He also knew how to introduce himself to the whole world with pasta made from noodle dough. “Why is pasta so important?” For those who say, we can say that the sauces and ingredients used in pasta are Italian materials. Pasta, which are flavored with famous Italian cheeses and sauces, have an important place. Pizza also has a special reputation for Italian cuisine. These dishes, which are also flavored with seafood, contributed to the recognition of Italian cuisine in almost every country. With the beauty of being a Mediterranean country, they crown the taste of food with olive oil.

2) Buram Buram Art: French Cuisine

The importance given to taste is also given to presentation in French cuisine. This elegant cuisine, shaped around cheese, wine, and meat, has also led to the opening of many restaurants in France. Sauces made with wine are known as the secret of taste. Eating in France is an important act like an art form. The French cuisine, which is also rich in food varieties and cooking techniques, has announced desserts such as Souffle, Creme Caramel, Macaron to our country and other countries.

3) Spicy Indian Cuisine

When you think of India, the first thing that comes to mind is spice. Spices are an element that introduces Indian cuisine to the whole world. Not a little bit. Sharp-smelling, abundant healing spices are added to almost every dish. It has a complex flavor as well as a wide variety. Indian cuisine, which gives more weight to vegetable dishes due to its religious beliefs, is also inspired by Portuguese and English cuisines. We can also express Indian cuisine as vegetarian cuisine.

4) Loves Dough: Lebanese Cuisine

You can find plenty of meat and dough in Lebanese cuisine, which is similar to Turkish cuisine. When a Lebanese table is set, the most attention is drawn to the appetizers. It is almost impossible to set a table in Lebanon without hummus, which is also known and made in our country. It will appear as a cuisine that is synthesized with the Mediterranean and Arabian culinary culture.

5) Queen of Olive Oil: Greek Cuisine

Greek cuisine, like other cuisines, draws attention with its rich varieties. Meals and appetizers, in which olive oil is predominant, have been flavoring Greek tables for years. We can also say that it is a little Mediterranean and a little Balkan-inspired cuisine. Due to the sea effect, you can find plenty of food with seafood. Let us remind you that Greek salad is famous.

6) Chinese Cuisine with Rice and Fish

Chinese cuisine has introduced both cooking techniques and Chinese dishes to every part of the world. It is a cuisine where soybeans and soy sauce are frequently used. Different dishes made with rice, main dishes made with seafood, especially shrimp have become the basic building blocks of Chinese cuisine. While eating, they prefer chopsticks instead of using forks and knives like other kitchens.

7) Beware: Very Hot Mexican Cuisine

When Mexican food is mentioned, it is known that pain reigns over food. There is almost very little food that does not include spices and chili peppers. Dishes without the addition of corn, cocoa, exotic fruits, and hot peppers do not taste good to the Mexican people. Mexico, which also gives importance to soup, is one of the countries that consume soup the most in the world. Their dishes, which are eaten with lavash, are known as “tacos” and are very famous.

8) Legendary: Turkish Cuisine

We can’t say enough about the richness of Turkish cuisine. We have a taste that has been shaped from the ancient Turks to the present day and makes itself known to the world every day. If we remember that we are in a great presence in terms of meat, spices, dough, soup, salad, vegetables, and fruits, there will be many dishes that will attract attention when a Turkish table is set.

Bread is eaten with meals, tea, and Turkish coffee after dinner; is one of the complementary elements of Turkish cuisine. Olive oil dishes, appetizers, börek, and legumes are the delicious details of Turkish cuisine. Turkish cuisine, which is one with the different food cultures of each region, also draws attention among the world cuisines.

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