The best fruit trees that can only be planted in July

best fruit trees to plant in the month of July

The month of July brings with it pleasant surprises and it is that in addition to the climate of these dates, it is a month that represents the suitability to plant a large number of fruit trees in your garden . Achieving that you can make the most of your skills as a farmer and save money on food and great satisfaction by raising and harvesting excellent fruits by your own hands and in your personal spaces. You can use either your garden, terrace or orchard or simply achieve the use of pots, which opens up a vast world of possibilities for both external and internal areas of your house.

Urban gardens are in fashion thanks to the fact that they generate a green initiative for the environment and a substantial interaction with nature by approaching it from a point of view where we care for and cultivate it through direct interaction with it, managing to adapt our spaces to development of plantations that bring direct benefits to all, just as planting any tree directly benefits the environment.

The best fruit trees to plant in the month of July

Fruit trees are one of the favorite alternatives to achieve effective plantings in the month of July. This departure from the spring season and the imminent arrival of summer generate the perfect temperature, solar incidence and humidity conditions for planting fruit bushes to be a activity that can stand out above others. So pay attention because the options are varied for this excellent season that is beginning.

Fruits maintain a wide variety of options when choosing when planting, from citrus fruits that are widely common and very resistant to other species that are also ideal to work perfectly this month.

1. The delicious and medicinal citrus

Within the category of citrus fruit trees, lemons and oranges are unbeatable for this date , both of which are highly resistant and require little care thanks to the fact that they are ideal for keeping in good condition and for withstanding an excellent range of temperatures, including winter ones. . They can withstand external and internal climates and highly variable humidity conditions. Caution must be maintained with orange trees, since they can reach a height that can possibly create problems within residential areas, so strategies must be taken into account. for your pruning .

2. Hazelnut and almond tree as outstanding dried fruits

Among the dried fruits , 2 of great importance stand out and which are also great to be planted in this month of July, they are the almond tree and the hazel tree ; which represent this species that is characterized by its medicinal and healing fruits, full of essential oils such as omega 3 and with crops that with the necessary care it is possible to start enjoying from the second year.

3. The beautiful fig tree

Within this magnificent list of fruit plants that work to be planted in the month of July we have one that stands out for its beauty and for its full capacity to offer an outstanding shade when it is in its adult phase, you can perfectly make use of her in your garden or in pots . It is a plant of Asian origin that you must protect from the wind and that is perfect to withstand the inclemencies of the summer sun .

It is notorious for being hardy and adaptable to the vast majority of soils, including nutrient-poor ones, so it is indeed a crop with few problems related to environmental conditions .

4. The striking cherry tree

When it comes to beautiful trees, the cherry tree is unquestionably one of them, and in addition to its beauty , it is a tree loaded with a multitude of options for you to succeed in your role as a fruit farmer in this month of July. A fruit-bearing variety that is very undemanding and maintains a slight preference for soils classified as limestone and fertile. Because it manages to reach 20 meters in height, you have to be careful in relation to the area where you will definitely plant it.

Although in the spring season it is when it shows all its splendor and beauty through its flowering , it is important to highlight that this fruit tree is capable of offering an excellent shade accompanied by a delicious and nutritious fruit, which you can enjoy in the season that includes the months from May to July.

5. The delicious peach

As the list is extensive, a filter has been carried out to place the most important ones and undoubtedly the delicious peach , also known as apricot tree, could not be left out . This time of year turns out to be ideal, since it is a plant that prefers hot and dry climates and, if possible, away from fog and rain, where the ideal temperatures are between 21 and 27 degrees Celsius. .

Although it is a tree that maintains its origins in Asia, the Mediterranean climate offers excellent conditions for this plant to achieve optimal development and nothing better than planting it in July so that it can enjoy the best temperature and humidity conditions it needs to grow. develop fully.

6. The healthy quince

The quince tree is capable of giving you a widely used fruit to deliver high doses of health thanks to its high content of antioxidants , with an origin in Asia Minor and with heights that, on average, remain at 3 or 4 meters. Its fruits are delivered in the autumn season, although in spring it is a crop famous for its aromatic and beautiful flowering, which can range from white to present shades where light pinks predominate.

July and its great conditions for planting fruit trees

The month of July represents a plus for followers of agriculture and urban orchards, since at this precise time of year the necessary conditions are presented to offer a planting that can guarantee the highest success rate in relation to trees . fruit trees , and it is also the month where birds and insects abound, making the blooms capable of offering food and the necessary cross-fertilization through which to generate healthy fruits. So get ready and get to work so you can enjoy planting all these fruit trees this Julyand reap excellent edible results in a short period of time.

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