How to Clean Kitchen Countertops? 7 Practical Methods

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Disintegrating kitchens, tea and food spilled counters, and kitchens that never end are a sight seen in almost every home. Considering that eating is a basic need; The contamination and disintegration of the kitchen can also be considered as a natural situation. After taking a few minutes and making your kitchen sparkling, you can treat yourself to a cup of coffee.

Of course, in order to drink with peace of mind, the kitchen will first need to smell of hygiene. Here we come with information that will help you in kitchen cleaning and make kitchen counters as new as they were on the first day. The practical cleaning methods on this page will clean all kinds of kitchen counters as if they were new.

Here are 7 golden tips for cleaning kitchen countertops!

1) Carbonate

When it comes to cleaning black countertops, many people have trouble with water stains. You can clean the black marble, which is very suitable for showing the stain, with the help of carbonate.

  • To clean with this method, first completely empty the countertop. Wipe the countertop with a warm damp cloth and soften the floor.
  • Then mix 2 packets of baking soda with water in a bowl and form a mixture.
  • Pour this mixture on the dampened counter and wipe the counter with circular movements.
  • Let the baking soda stay on the ground for 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes, wipe the countertop with another slightly wet cloth.
  • When you try this application every week, water stains will not be allowed.

2) Oxygenated Water

In places where oxygenated water is used, discoloration will be seen. For this reason, it is also preferred for kitchen cleaning. It is especially recommended for cleaning white kitchen countertops. Because if it is used in dark colors, discoloration will be seen and it may spoil the floor in dark tones.

  • You can start using the oxygenated water, which you can obtain from pharmacies, by pouring it into a spray bottle.
  • After emptying the light colored countertop, spray the oxygenated water on the counter.
  • Wait for 10 minutes for the water to take effect.
  • When the waiting time has passed, you can clean the counter by rubbing it with a warm cloth.
  • After cleaning, you can see that the stains and yellowing on the counter have disappeared.

3) Lemon and White Vinegar

Due to its acidic nature, lemon is not recommended for cleaning dark colored countertops. Cleaning with lemon and white vinegar, which is suitable for white marble, can be applied to make the countertop brighter and cleaner.

  • All you have to do is add a few drops of lemon to a cup of white vinegar and use this mixture to clean the countertop.
  • While your kitchen smells fresh with the scent of lemon; With the cleaning feature of white vinegar, counters can be cleaner now.
  • You can also use this method for granite marbles.

4) Salt and Lemon

Kitchen counters will start to turn yellow after a while if they are not cleaned regularly. At this point, you can use the salt and lemon method to clean the countertop.

  • To try this practical cleaning method, sprinkle salt on the counter and try to wipe the counter with half of a lemon.
  • Salt and lemon will have an opening effect at the same time, melting the oil and purifying the dirt.
  • There is a point you should pay attention to: You should not apply this cleaning advice for dark colored countertops. It will be suitable for countertops in light shades.
  • Whenever half a lemon is waiting for you in the fridge, you can apply this method. Thus, the lemons will not go to waste and the kitchen counter will not be dirty.

5) Liquid Soap

If the fuss on the kitchen counter does not end, staining and contamination will not end either. We will offer you a very practical method for cleaning in such moments.

  • When you pour any liquid soap on the counter and start cleaning with a dish sponge, you can eliminate the dust and dirt on the counter.
  • You can apply this process at any time you want.
  • Liquid soap will ensure that the countertop is cleaned in the most hygienic way without damaging the countertop.

6) Corn Starch

Have you ever thought of cleaning with cornstarch? We will recommend using cornstarch for cleaning marble countertops that have been greasy for a long time.

  • Wipe the counter with oil stains once with a damp cloth.
  • Then pour the cornstarch on the area to be cleaned and wait for it to stay that way for 15 minutes. To complete the cleaning, wipe all over the counter with a warm cloth.
  • For finishing, dry the countertop with a dry cloth and notice the shine. You will love this method!

7) Dishwasher

Dishwasher contains substances that clean stains and give shine. At the same time, these substances prevent the formation of water spots. For cleaning granite countertops, you can try dishwashing liquid. What you need to do is quite simple:

  • Pour the rinse aid onto a clean dish sponge and wipe the counter with it. Within seconds, you will notice that the countertop is cleaned and the remaining stains are removed!
  • When you use it regularly, no staining will occur on the counter.
  • Also, we will not recommend using wire for cleaning. Because scourers will cause the counter to be scratched. You can choose microfiber cloths for better cleaning.

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