How to Use Black Cumin? 6 Yummy Ideas

Black Cumin

Black cumin, which contains A, B, C vitamins and potassium, is both a healing and delicious spice. Black cumin, which is known to be an alternative reliever in many ailments from stomach ailments to pain, also adds flavor to recipes with its unique taste.

Cold pressed oil of black cumin, which is generally used as tiny black particles, is also used. In addition, powdered black cumin is consumed with honey and added to salad dressings. Black seed juice is also used in making beauty masks apart from meals.

Black cumin, which has a long history, is primarily used in breads and pastries, but today, with the expansion of the boundaries of creativity in kitchens, it has been included in many different recipes.  You can find many different options in our article that will answer the question of how to use black cumin and how it should be consumed in the kitchen.

How to Use Black Cumin? 6 Yummy Ideas

1) First thing that comes to mind when you think of Black Seed: Salted Cookies

  • Black cumin goes well with almost all savory pastries. If you entered the kitchen to make salty cookies, we recommend that you check that you also have black cumin.
  • You can choose black cumin in the filling recipes of salty cookies or to decorate the top of the pastry.
  • Black cumin can be used to add flavor and a nice visuality to your pastries. So you can hit two birds with one stone.

2) Sweet Cookies

  • Even though salty pastries come to mind when you say black cumin, black cumin goes well with desserts, too.
  • If you are tired of classic cookies, you can prepare sweet cookies with black cumin that will surprise your guests.
  • Using black cumin, especially with sesame, will add flavor to your cookies.

3) Black Seed Ice Cream

  • As an alternative option, you can also use black cumin in making ice cream.
  • Adding 5 tablespoons of black cumin seeds to 1 pack of whipped cream, 200 ml of milk, 1 egg, 4 tablespoons of sugar and mixing, it will be sufficient to keep the mixture in the refrigerator for 5 hours.
  • You can also add different ingredients such as chocolate chips and fruit to your ice cream according to your taste.

4) Black Seed and Yogurt Mix

  • Black cumin and yogurt are the perfect couple. Especially with homemade yogurt, the taste of this spice increases exponentially.
  • By sprinkling black cumin on top of your homemade yogurt, you can increase its nutritional value and make it taste much more aromatic.
  • Black seed yogurt is also on the meal list of many of the diets for weight loss.

5) Healthy Recipes with Black Seeds

  • Black cumin is also preferred in recipes to add variety to the tables.
  • You can sprinkle black cumin on all kinds of dishes made in the oven. Especially in the oven, black cumin will be a nice additional flavoring for your chicken and vegetable recipes.
  • Black cumin, which will release its oil slightly on the oven potatoes, will give a new breath to your chips.
  • Black seed salads also make it healthier and more nutritious. Especially cheese and olive oil and black cumin integrate very well in terms of flavor.

6) Black Cumin Tea

  • Put 1 teaspoon of black cumin seeds, 1 cinnamon stick in 2 glasses of cold water and bring the water to a boil. After the water boils, it is enough to rest the tea for 5 minutes. Afterwards, you can strain your tea and drink it with pleasure.
  • Black cumin tea supports the removal of toxins from the body. It is also supportive for the health of the liver, kidneys and excretory system. For gas problems, black cumin tea can have a relaxing effect in some people.
  • If you want to lose weight, you can add black cumin tea to your diet list.

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