Radish: An ideal vegetable to lose weight due to this component that abounds in it


Each of the fruits and vegetables has its particular properties and functions in the body. The case of the radish , a vegetable that is not so popular but very beneficial , is not an exception. There are different shapes: there are round radishes , there are others that have a shape similar to that of a carrot… but generally they are round, pointed and red. Surely you will know how to identify them in the supermarket when you go to buy them. In this article, we want to talk to you about the benefits of this vegetable , to convince you why you should include it in your diet, at least from time to time.

The origin of the radish

This vegetable comes from Eurasia and the eastern Mediterranean . In fact, there are different types and also a lot of evidence that they were part of the diet of people in ancient cultures . The Greeks in the third century BC wrote about their radishes, and in the year 100 AD, the writers of Ancient Rome described different varieties of this vegetable in their texts. It is also said that it was part of the diet of the builders of the pyramids of Egypt .

The area occupied by this crop in 1984 in Spain was approximately 1,100 hectares, 0.23% of those dedicated to vegetables . That is one of the explanations for the low popularity of radishes in this country. However, that does not mean that it is not a crop of interest for several autonomous communities. The Netherlands is one of the main importers of Spanish radish , in addition to others such as the Israeli or the American.

Properties and benefits of radish

The radish is a vegetable that is 94% water . Only 0.54% of this vegetable is fat, and 0.6% is protein. Among its other nutrients, we find 1.6% fiber and almost 4% carbohydrates. That is why this vegetable is widely used in salads, because it is very light and healthy . Among its main health benefits, we find the following:

  • Strengthens the immune system : radish is rich in vitamin C , an important antioxidant that can protect us from common colds, viruses, bacteria, and other types of infectious diseases.
  • Facilitates the digestion process : due to its high water content , it helps this process flow much more naturally. This effect normalizes the intestinal flora .
  • Helps fight cardiovascular diseases : radish has high levels of potassium , which affects the regularization of blood pressure, one of the main risk factors for the onset of cardiovascular diseases.
  • It fills you up a lot : it has a high fiber content , and that explains why the feeling of satiety is reached quickly and lasts longer. This makes it an ideal vegetable for weight loss diets.
  • They are diuretics : as a high percentage of radish is pure water , it helps keep the body hydrated and helps rid it of unwanted toxins.

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