Is Rivella Healthy? (Research)


Is Rivella healthy and does it help with weight loss? That is a question that many people have when they are in the process of losing weight and looking for alternatives to a healthy lifestyle.

Did you know that this brand has been made in the Netherlands since 1957, and that the sugar-free version has been available since 1958. In this article, we’re going to find out if Rivella is really healthy for you.


  • What’s in Rivella?
    • Ingredients in Rivella
    • Calories in Rivella
    • Sweeteners and Sugars
  • How healthy is Rivella?
  • Does Rivella Help With Weight Loss?

What’s in Rivella?

Rivella is basically made of water (which is healthy). To this are added concentrates, artificial sweeteners, flavors and other acids such as citric acid. By using artificial intensive sweeteners, the soda remains very low in calories.

Ingredients in Rivella

The Ingredients contained in Rivella are: carbonated water, MILK serum (26%), food acid (L(+) lactic acid), caramel sugar syrup, sweeteners (cyclamic acid, acesulfame-K, saccharin), preservatives (potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate), natural flavors .

Although water is the most commonly used ingredient in the drink, it also contains carbon dioxide and citric acid. Carbon dioxide is officially called carbon dioxide (CO2). It is the fizz in soft drinks.

Most of the carbon dioxide in a drink is not unhealthy for you and does not reach the stomach, because a large part of the carbon dioxide disappears after opening the bottle. The small amount that reaches the stomach is quickly absorbed by your stomach. So it has no negative consequences for your body if you want to lose weight.

Milk serum is a liquid that remains from the milk after the butterfat and cheese dust have been separated. Milk serum contains many minerals and provides a fuller taste, it just does not make you healthy.

Calories in Rivella

Nutritional value in Rivella, per 100ml Nutritional amount
Energy 20 kJ (5 kcal)
Fat 0 g
carbohydrates 1 g
of which sugars 1 g
Protein 0 g
Salty 0.03g

The nutritional values ​​in Rivella, per 100ml

What is immediately noticeable is that Rivella contains 5 kcal per 100 ml, which amounts to 25 calories per half liter bottle. If you want to lose weight and still want to drink something sweet, this can’t hurt every now and then, it’s just not very healthy.

Which amounts to about a quarter of a chocolate bar or a sandwich, not wrong. Only whether it is a healthy alternative can be questioned.

Sweeteners and Sugars

Rivella contains sweeteners and sugars such as: Saccharine and caramel sugar syrup

Caramel sugar syrup is a caramelized sugar, made with a water or other sweetener. To make caramel sugar syrup, boil the sugar until it turns brown and mix with water. Which causes a soft drink to have a sweet note while drinking.

Saccharin (E954) was discovered in 1879 by employees of Johns Hopkins University in the United States and is 300 to 500 times sweeter than regular sugar.

Saccharin is used, among other things, as a sweetener in soft drinks and fruit drinks, iced tea, dairy drinks, jams, candy, pastries, dressings, sauces, ice cream, desserts, chewing gum, fish and fruit preserves and chocolate.

The maximum recommended amount for Saccharin has been set at 5 mg/kg body weight per day. With the Sweeteners check you can check how much of this sweetener is a healthy dose based on your body weight.

How healthy is Rivella?

People think that Rivella is healthy, this is mainly due to the advertising and promotion behind it. The packaging says: “With natural ingredients”. This can give the impression that this soft drink is therefore very healthy.

“The Netherlands is one of the countries where Rivella is most popular and we would like to keep it that way”

Dr Robert Bath, creator of Rivella.

It contains natural ingredients, just like all other soft drinks. The statement is therefore not a lie, but it does give the impression that no other substances have been added.

soft drinks Calories in Soda per glass (250ml)
rivella 13 kcal
Coke 139 kcal
Seven-Up 63 kcal
fantasy 120 kcal
Tonic 34 kcal
crystal clear 3 kcal

In this table you can see how many calories are in soft drinks per 250ml

If you are looking for a healthy soft drink, it is better to buy something else. Yet it provides hardly any calories and therefore does not gain weight. The soft drink is, for example, a better choice on the soft drink shelf, if we compare it with Cola, Seven-Up or Fanta, for example.

Does Rivella Help With Weight Loss?

Rivella can help with weight loss as a healthy replacement for soft drinks that normally contain a lot more carbohydrates and sugars.

Your body will (often) have a need for sweeteners, a good alternative are the pure and pure drops of stevia. Those bottles are a lot cheaper and can be mixed with water from the tap.


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