The Simplest Ways to Bleach Tulle Curtains

The Simplest Ways to Bleach Tulle Curtains

How to Clean Tulle Curtains at Home?

Would you like to look at the clean and white tulle that refreshes you when you enter the room? It is recommended to wash the tulle frequently in order to reflect the light of the house in the most accurate way and to provide a fresh smell in the interior.

How to Whiten Tulle Curtain?

  • Dishwasher Tablet
  • Granulated sugar
  • White Vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Rock salt

If you smoke indoors; It is expected that the tulle will turn yellow and smell. However, if you apply the curtain whitening process from time to time; You will not only eliminate the bad appearance in the room but also eliminate the disturbing odors in the interior since the general curtain cleaning is done.

In this article, we will suggest the most practical tulle curtain whitening methods to bring freshness to your home. We have brought together the easiest and most effective methods for those who say how to whiten tulle curtains without damaging their structure and texture.

Thanks to the tulle curtain whitening methods we will recommend to you, you can see the tulle yellowing from cigarette smoke and dirt as white as the first day. Those who ask what to do to whiten tulle curtains will find the answers they are looking for on this page!

5 Simplest Ways to Whiten Tulle Curtains

1) Dishwasher Tablet

  • Did you know that the substances in the dishwashing tablets will also clean the curtains?
  • Yes, you didn’t read it wrong. You can now use dishwashing tablets to whiten curtains.
  • The ways to use dishwashing tablets, which have the power to remove stains, shine and dissolve difficult dirt, to whiten tulle are quite easy.
  • First, prepare your tulle curtains for washing.
  • If there is a special detergent you use; Add the detergent to the detergent compartment.
  • Now drop any dishwashing tablet on the tulle and run it on the recommended washing program for curtains.
  • If the dishwasher does not have a curtain washing program, set it to the washing mode at 30 degrees to whiten the tulle curtains.
  • After this washing process, you can hang your tulle damp.
  • You will be surprised to see that the washed tulle is whiter and brighter than before.
  • Due to the effect of hot washing, the dishwashing tablet does not leave any residue on the tulle. Therefore, you can safely wash it.

2) Powdered Sugar

  • Are you ready to make tulle curtains white using powdered sugar?
  • You will not believe this change when you see that sugar destroys the dirty appearance of tulle.
  • To clean the tulle curtains using granulated sugar, place the tulle in the machine.
  • Add the laundry detergent you use frequently to the detergent compartment.
  • Add 1 cup of granulated sugar to the curtains and if possible set the washing mode on 30 degrees low.
  • Sugar will melt with the effect of high temperature and steam, and it will both whiten the tulle curtains and eliminate the bad smell on the curtains.
  • Do not forget to take care to clean the tulle curtains at regular intervals so that they always remain white.

3) White Vinegar

  • White vinegar is a material that cleans stains on tulle and curtain fabrics in a short time.
  • Especially if smoking has been smoked in the room with the tulle curtain or the odors in the kitchen have permeated; white vinegar will instantly solve these undesirable situations.
  • The process to whiten tulle curtains using white vinegar is very simple.
  • Pour white vinegar on the powder detergent you added to the detergent compartment and witness the cleaning of the tulle by putting it in the 30 degree washing mode.
  • Thanks to white vinegar, your worn and dirty tulle will look whiter than before.

4) Carbonate

  • We will recommend using baking soda to eliminate the striking yellow look on tulle curtains and create a pure white look.
  • Baking soda has the ability to remove stains and odors. It will be an excellent helper, especially for tulle curtains.
  • Take your tulle curtains into the machine and sprinkle 2 packets of baking soda on them.
  • Then add the washing detergent by adjusting the 30-degree program.
  • When the appropriate program is over, your tulle will come out white thanks to the baking soda.

5) Rock Salt

  • You can see the power of rock salt to dissolve stains and dirt on your tulle curtains.
  • By using rock salt, you can make the tulle as clean as the first day.
  • It is not appropriate to try this method during the washing phase.
  • You should keep your curtains in rock salt in a large basin or bathtub.
  • You can whiten tulle curtains by pressing the water method. For this, add 2 tablespoons of rock salt into the water where the tulle will wait.
  • You can wash the curtains that have been waiting in water with rock salt the night before, at 30 degrees program the next day.
  • When you try this method every month, you can prevent the tulle curtains from turning yellow and give them a new look.

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