Pumpkin Flower: Every Thing You Need to Know

Pumpkin Flower

Pumpkin Flower is a delicacy that those who do not know are surprised, and those who do know, their eyes sparkle when they hear its name. The edible flowers of zucchini plants, named after their name, have a pleasant appearance with their orange and yellow colors. These flowers, which are known in many countries, are especially famous in Aegean and Mediterranean cuisine in our country.

Many dishes are made, from stuffed to fried, from salad to roasted. Summer squash blossom season. Especially in July and August, you can taste the stuffed zucchini flowers at the restaurants on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts.

Zucchini flower is not only famous for its unique taste and variety of dishes. In terms of health, the benefits of Pumpkin Flowers do not end with counting. In this article, we have focused on all aspects of Pumpkin Flower from A to Z, from its health benefits to how it should be stored in the freezer.

Benefits of Pumpkin Flower – 11 Medicinal Properties

1) It is nutritious

  • Pumpkin flower, which contains vitamins A, C and various B, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, vegetable protein, starch, iron, copper, folate and zinc ; With these features, it is a very nutritious food.
  • This fiber-rich food is also gut-friendly.

2) Strengthens Immunity

  • Thanks to the vitamin Cin the content of zucchini flower , it strengthens the immune system. If consumed regularly, it meets the body’s need for vitamin C and helps protect from diseases.
  • Considering its content, it is a great food for health.
  • It is a natural antioxidant thanks to Vitamin A (beta carotene), zinc and vitamin C in its content.
  • It cleans the body and prevents the formation of cancer.
  • Pumpkin is an anti-inflammatory food, it prevents the formation of inflammation in the body.

3) Good for Colds

  • Thanks to its vitamin C content, it fights viruses in colds.
  • It softens the chest, reduces coughing and is good for sore throats.

4) Protects Eye Health

  • Thanks to its beta carotene and lutein content, it helps prevent eye diseases. Especially vitamin A is very important for eye health.
  • It helps the eyes adapt to light changes.
  • It keeps the eyes moist and prevents eye dryness, which is one of the most important problems of people who have to spend long hours in front of the computer today.
  • Provides a healthy retina, prevents night blindness.
  • When consumed regularly, it reduces the risk of cataracts caused by aging.

5) Protects Heart Health

  • Pumpkin contains high amounts of water and carbohydrates.
  • Pumpkin blossoms have a low fat content, like mastic gourds.
  • Thanks to this feature, it protects heart health. It also lowers cholesterol.
  • The pectin fiber found in Pumpkin Flower reduces inflammation that causes heart ailments.
  • It lowers blood sugar, protects against obesity and insulin resistance.

6) Protects Bone Structure

  • Phosphorus in its content has a very important place in the protection of bones and teeth. It helps to have healthy bones, especially in the growing age.
  • In addition, the calcium in its content prevents the wear and tear of the bones.
  • When consumed regularly, it strengthens bones by reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

7) Supports Digestion

  • The flowers of the Pumpkin, which is the first in the list of intestinal-friendly vegetables,are also very important in terms of both intestinal and stomach health.
  • Pumpkin Flower, which is a fiber-rich food, helps the intestines to work healthily and relieves the problem of constipation.
  • It softens the intestines and is good for hemorrhoids.
  • It reduces the effects of leaky gut syndrome.

8) Increases Fertility and Sexual Potency

  • Studies show that men with low folate intake have coastal sperm with faulty chromosomal structure.
  • Pumpkin flower is rich in vitamin B9 (folate), which the body needs to produce healthy sperm.
  • In women, it prevents vaginal discharge.

9) Blood Maker

  • Pumpkin Flower, which are rich in vitamin C, protect blood cells and accelerate iron absorption with this feature.

10) It is diuretic

  • Pumpkin flower, which has diuretic properties, also helps to relieve urinary retention.
  • It destroys bladder and kidney inflammations, reduces complaints in prostate disease.

11) Opens and Calms the Mind

  • Pumpkin flower, which is a good detox food, purifies the body from toxins.
  • It opens the mind and calms the body.

What City Is Pumpkin Blossom Common?

  • It is common in our country, especially in Aegean and Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Zucchini flower is well known in the provinces where there are intense tourism activities such as İzmir, Çanakkale, Muğla and Aydın, especially Alaçatı .
  • Apart from our country, countries such as Italy, Japan, Mexico and India also include zucchini flowers on their tables.
  • Zucchini flower can be consumed as a salad. However, the most delicious and well-known dish is stuffed zucchini flowers.
  • Let’s tell those who will ask where stuffed Pumpkin Flower are famous: You can taste this food in all Aegean and Mediterranean provinces, especially in touristic districts.
  • Recently, some restaurants in Istanbul have started to include stuffed zucchini flowers in their menus.

How to Clean Pumpkin Flower in 3 Easy Steps

  • For the cleaning process; First of all, gently wash the zucchini flowers under running water, drain and dry.
  • Then cut off the stems of the flower.
  • Then, part the leaves of the flower with your fingers and tear off the seed part inside.

How to Store Pumpkin Flower in the Freezer?

It is necessary to protect the zucchini flower from sunlight. For this reason, it is recommended to be consumed on the day of collection . Withering occurs in zucchini flowers exposed to sunlight. Zucchini flowers, whose food or salad is not made on the same day, can be stored in the freezer. However, at this point, the most curious question is how to store zucchini flowers in the freezer. In order to use zucchini flowers in winter, it is necessary to know the correct storage methods:

  • First, remove the green leaves of the zucchini flowers that you want to store in the freezer.
  • Then finely chop the orange leaves called petals.
  • Divide the chopped zucchini flowers into the portions you want.
  • Finally, you can store the zucchini flowers you put in the freezer bag in the deep freezer with peace of mind.
  • You can cook the zucchini flowers you took out of the freezer without defrosting them.

How and When Are Pumpkin Flower Collected?

  • Zucchini flowers bloom in the early hours of the morning, just before the sun rises. Care should be taken to collect these delicate leaves before they close.
  • If the flowers are collected after they are closed, it will be difficult to fill them.
  • If you bought the zucchini flower ready and the flowers are closed, you need to dip the stems of the flowers in a container filled with water and wait. With this process, the flowers bloom again.
    Zucchini flowers grow as male and female flowers in leaf axils on the main stem.
  • In the picking phase, the male flowers are collected.
  • The famous stuffed zucchini flower is also made from these male flowers.
  • Female flowers are not collected because they are fruits.

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