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charcuterie board

Cheese and charcuterie go well on several occasions. As a snack, for Friday coziness and not least – at the party buffet! Here’s a guide on how to make a lovely cheese and charcuterie board with all the right components.

With minimal work, you can make a nice cheese and charcuterie board with something for everyone. Let the cheeses take center stage and build on with charcuterie, marmalade, fruit, vegetables and other tasty accessories. It can be fun to set a theme, such as trying some different cheeses and charcuterie from a certain country or region, with suitable accessories. Too often it is done so cleverly that raw materials and products from a certain region play well together.

Follow our simple steps and you won’t miss any parts and can easily create your own personalized cheese and charcuterie board for any occasion!

This is how you make the perfect cheese and charcuterie board

1.      1. Choose your cheeses

It’s fun to be invited to cheeses that you don’t normally eat. Dare to try new varieties that challenge both your own and your guests’ taste buds! Vary the cheeses in strength, character and texture.

2.      2. Something to put the cheese on

A few slices of chewy sourdough bread is never wrong. You can easily make a thin, crunchy crispbread with different seeds yourself, or buy ready-made. Crispy and salty biscuits are a must, preferably a few different varieties. Sweet digestive crackers go well with various types of blue cheese.

3.      3. Tasty charcuterie

Also vary the type of charcuterie. A good air-dried ham, bresaola which is air-dried beef, and air-dried coppa, i.e. loin of pork, are three different varieties. And preferably a good salami as the finishing touch. Otherwise, botanize in the Swedish charcuterie selection.

4.      4. The accessories

One or two good marmalades and a mix of both dried and fresh fruit complete the cheese and charcuterie board. Dried apricots, fresh figs, pears, sharon and grapes are some examples. Vegetable sticks and celery stalks are also good, or endive – especially with blue cheeses! Simple cuts are nice, like dates with air-dried ham.

5.      5. Beverage

Good drinks with the cheese and charcuterie board are a must. But it doesn’t always have to be red wine, the fact is that white wines, or a sweet fortified wine, usually go better with cheese. Ask for advice in the grocery store or at Systembolaget for suggestions on the right drink for your particular cheese and charcuterie board.


  1. Leave the cheeses at room temperature at least two hours before serving, so the flavors have time to mature properly.
  2. Have a knife for each cheese so that the flavors of different varieties do not mix.
  3. Serve the cheeses so that the mildest is presented first and then increase in strength, otherwise the risk is that the more flavorful cheeses drown out the taste of the mild ones.
  4. Lactose intolerant guests can normally eat hard cheeses that have been stored for more than three months.
  5. If the cheese and charcuterie board is served as part of a buffet, it is nice to make a still life of beautiful vegetables around it.

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