Eat less fat with low fat margarine

low fat margarine
low fat margarine

Is low fat margarine healthy? Low margarine is a food product that is eaten by millions of people every day, but is it healthy? It is healthier than eating margarine anyway, as it contains less fat. That is why it got the name “low-fat margarine”, which was actually derived from “half margarine”. However, there is a disadvantage associated with low-fat margarine and that is that baking and roasting is not possible with it. People who want to spread a healthier product on their sandwich can do this with low-fat margarine. It’s a healthier alternative to butter and margarine.

Is low fat margarine healthy? Water and vegetable oil

The big difference between low-fat margarine and butter is that low-fat margarine is not made from milk. This lubrication product is mainly made from water and vegetable oil. Low-fat margarine has both advantages and disadvantages. These are described further in this article.

Is low fat margarine healthy? Some facts!

Low-fat margarine is good for people with high cholesterol. The reason for this is that low-fat margarine contains unsaturated fats. Such fats have a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels.
Is low-fat margarine healthy? This question has been asked several times here. In some areas, such as the area of ​​bad cholesterol and fats, low-fat margarine is healthier than margarine or butter. However, low-fat margarine is an industrial product that also has disadvantages. Any vitamins in low-fat margarine are added during the production process and are therefore not naturally formed. Usually vitamins A, D and sometimes also vitamin E are added to low-fat margarine.

Vitamin A is necessary for good fertility, for excellent vision, for beautiful skin, for healthy teeth and for good resistance. Vitamin D, on the other hand, is beneficial in the areas of heart disease, vascular disease, the prevention of some cancers, the metabolism of calcium, the immune system and depression. Usually vitamin D is obtained from sunlight, but many people do not get enough exposure to the sun to get enough vitamin D naturally. Finally, vitamin E is also a possible ingredient in low-fat margarine. This vitamin is good for the immune system and it is a very important antioxidant for the body.

Trans fats
Since low-fat margarine is made from vegetable oil and water, a process is created that must fix the product. However, in this process a trans fat is made that is very bad for your health. However, the percentage of trans fat in margarine is kept very low. Low-fat margarine is also available without these trans fats. So pay attention to that in the supermarket.

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