lychees: Find out how many lychees you should eat a day to lose weight


If you have never heard of lychees , or the so-called Chinese cherry, it is time for you to discover that you are missing out on an incredible fruit, with a great flavor and great properties for your body’s health.

Lychees are small fruits with a pink and rough skin, which hides a white, very sweet and aromatic bite inside. But in addition to being a great way to eat a different fruit, it has health benefits that have made it used in traditional Chinese medicine throughout history.

Among many other things, lychee can promote weight loss . How many lychees should you eat a day to get it? We are going to tell you everything you need to know about this exquisite Asian fruit.

How many lychees should you eat a day?

Lychees are composed of 95% water , and they also have a very low caloric index : less than 35 calories per 100 grams of fruit, which makes it an excellent food in a diet to lose weight.

If you’re wondering how many lychees you should eat a day, experts recommend between 5 and 7 pieces a day . Of course, lychees cannot be a food in themselves, and you must combine them with many other fruits and vegetables to have a healthy and balanced diet.

Many people use them as a supplement in a slimming diet , precisely because of their three fundamental virtues:

  • They are made up of large amounts of dietary fiber , which speeds up metabolism and digestion, aiding in weight loss.
  • They also have among their properties the famous flavonol , which is a natural anti-inflammatory that helps lose kilos.
  • And, as we have already told you before, they are made up of a lot of water, which causes an immediate diuretic effect that also helps with fluid retention and, therefore, with weight.

In short, if you are wondering how many lychees you should eat a day, you just have to know that it is a perfect ingredient for any weight loss diet, and that you do not have to limit it as is the case with other more caloric products.

Top Health Benefits of Lychees

And besides helping to lose weight… Why else are lychees an ideal complement to any type of diet? Well, because they have many health benefits for your body, in addition to being diuretic and anti-inflammatory.

Among many other things, lychees have a large amount of phosphorus, iron and magnesium , which in combination are a natural medicine for bone health. In addition to that they have a large amount of vitamin C and D that help with premature aging, and also provide a huge antioxidant contribution.

Finally, they are very rich in potassium as well, and they are also low in sodium . This combination makes them an ideal fruit to control blood pressure , both for people who have high and low blood pressure.

In short, if you want to know how many lychees you should eat a day, the answer is that you can eat them calmly because they are a good option to get rid of the desire for sweets. Obviously, as with everything in life, you always have to have the moderation of not getting stuffed.

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