Anthurium Flower Care, Meaning, Reproduction

Anthurium Flower

Anthurium flower, whose Latin name is Anthurium Schott, has 183 known varieties today. The type with the red flower, which is sent especially on special occasions, is among the most well-known. Temperature is very important for the care of anthurium flower, which loves a warm environment.

If the flower, which also loves the sun, is left in dark environments, it may become resentful and fade. It is an easy plant to care for if the pot selection is made appropriately. Anthurium flower is also suitable for reproduction . For this, it is best to wait for the plant to give tiny offspring in the root part. Growing a new flower with anthurium flower seeds is a job that requires a lot of time and patience.

Anthurium flower benefits include cleaning the air and adding vitality to the energy of the house, as with most plants. There are also beliefs that the plant, which is believed to balance masculine energy, increases sexual power, especially in men.

If you are wondering if the anthurium flower is poisonous, it is said to be a slightly harmful sap. There is no problem with the smell that the plant emits into the air, but poisoning may occur in contact with its sap. Therefore, it is not particularly suitable for homes with pets and small children. It is also recommended to wear gloves while working with the plant.

How to Care for Anthurium Flowers at Home?

If you want your anthurium flower to be lively and lush, we have made a good list of what you need to pay attention to during its care, let’s take a look at our list together:

  • Position your plant indoors in a wind-free location.
  • Partially sunny areas are the most suitable places. You can position the flower pot in a corner where sunlight is filtered through the tulle curtain.
  • Anthurium flower soil should be nutritious. The soil in the pot is fed with rotting leaves. You can also fertilize as an extra.
  • If your anthurium has grown too bushy, you can transplant your plant into a large pot in the spring.
  • Anthurium flower watering amount is 1-2 times a week. As with most plants, it is the best method to decide by looking at the moisture of the soil for irrigation.
  • Since anthuriums love humid air, if the honeycombs will be in a dry atmosphere especially in winter, you can moisten the air by placing waterers on your honeycombs.

How to Propagate Anthurium Flower from Leaves?

  • Anthurium flower is a plant that can make new sprouting very easily from the root part. You can use these new offspring for reproduction.
  • Gently separate the tiny little puppies with a few leaves coming out of the root, with the root by lightly digging the soil.
  • Dig a hole in the middle of the soil in a new pot and plant the rooted, tiny-leaved anthurium sprout.
  • When closing the soil, you need to be careful not to get air.
  • After you give living water, you can observe the beautiful process of flowering.

What to Do If Anthurium Flower Leaves Are Drying?

  • If the leaves of your anthurium are drying, there may be different reasons for this. It may be not getting enough sunlight or being exposed to too much direct sunlight.
  • It may be under-watered or over-watered. Any disease may have arisen. The last possibility is that you may not be emotionally involved with your plant.
  • You can apply solutions according to the cause. Review sun, irrigation, and air humidity issues first and make any necessary changes.
  • Spraying the leaves with water from time to time will also help revive the plant.
  • Since your anthurium is also a living thing, nice words you can say to it are also supportive for its health.
  • If the problems with the leaves of your anthurium continue despite all the suitable conditions, the probability of disease is high. In this case, you can use pesticides.

Anthurium Flower Meaning and Properties

  • There are different opinions about the meaning of the anthurium flower, which is among the trend flowers of today.
  • In general, it symbolizes hospitality, wealth, love, and happiness.
  • The fact that it adapts easily to every area and creates pleasant feelings in people is an indication of the meaning of hospitality and happiness.
  • Heart-shaped flowers and flamboyant stance match its connection with wealth and love.
  • Anthurium, whose history dates back to the 1800s, was first seen in Colombian forests.
  • Today, thanks to special clone methods, it can now be produced in laboratories.

The meanings of anthurium also differ according to its color:

  • Red anthuriums are instrumental in expressing passionate and intense love.
  • White anthuriums become a symbol of simplicity.
  • Green anthuriums are the visual embodiment of the innocence of love.
  • Pink anthuriums represent the gentle and softly enveloping state of love.

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