14 foods that should not be cooked in the microwave

foods that should not be cooked in the microwave

Some foods should not be cooked in a microwave oven because it can cause an explosion, loss of substance, change the smell of food… even cause oven damage or accidents.

Here are 14 foods to keep in mind.

1. Whole eggs

The egg will explode if you put the whole egg in the microwave because the temperature in the egg rises but there is no space to escape. If you want to cook eggs in the microwave, break the eggs in a ceramic bowl and puncture the red part of the eggs and then cover them with plastic (microwave plastic).

2. Fruits




Fruit will lose its nutrition if put in the microwave.

Fruit will lose its nutrition if put in the microwave. Particularly, the grape also exploded and produced plasma gas, causing the furnace to fail.

3. Rare meat

Bacteria in nearly cooked meat cannot be completely destroyed when you put the meat in the microwave. Therefore, to be on the safe side, you should cook meat that is almost cooked by manual methods.

4. Water

Boiling water in the microwave can burn you. The reason is that when the air bubbles are boiled in the microwave because of the lack of space, they will shrink, when exposed to the outside environment they burst and splash on people.

So if you are going to microwave the water, put a wooden stick in the water to help get rid of the air bubbles and wait a while before removing the water after turning off the oven.

5. Special vegetables

Potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash… will all explode when you cook them in the microwave. So to avoid this you should poke holes in their body before cooking.

6. Bread

The bread will become “sloppy” because it turns dry and hard if you put it in the microwave. So instead of the microwave, put the cake in the oven.

7. Carrot




Carrots will lose their inherent nutrients if microwaved.

Some extremely beneficial nutrients in carrots such as iron, magnesium or selenium will be completely lost when you cook carrots in the microwave. In addition, the escape of these substances also easily causes the furnace to be damaged.

8. Shellfish

Shrimps, crabs or any other hard shellfish when cooked in the microwave will smell like rubber. So, if you want to eat delicious seafood, you should avoid using this cooking method.

9. Tomato Sauce

Making the oven dirty by splashing is the damage that ketchup will do if you don’t cover them before putting them in the oven.

10. Frozen food

Unfrozen frozen food that has been cooked in the microwave will no longer taste good. So you should defrost them in warm water first.

11. Pizzas




Pizzas that are not microwaved will become hard and dry.

Microwaved pizza will also turn out like bread, hard and dry because of their similar flour composition. Moreover, the cake also lost its aroma.

12. Chili

If you do not want to turn the microwave into a “chili bomb” that can cause eyes and throat irritation, do not cook them in the oven. The hot substance in chili peppers, capsaixin, escapes and stays in the oven until you open the oven.

13. Chicken

Chicken to cook well needs a sauce. But you can’t put the sauce in the microwave while the chicken is cooking. And so the chicken when finished cooking will be dry chicken.

14. Fish

Fish will also become worse when you cook in the microwave because of the lack of water in the process of cooking them.

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