Is garlic healthy?

Is garlic healthy
Is garlic healthy

Is garlic healthy? Garlic has been prescribed since ancient times to treat ailments or to enhance health. Scientific research has also examined and proven these positive effects. For example, consuming garlic helps prevent a cold and reduces the duration and severity of the cold. This is because garlic improves the immune system. For people who suffer from high cholesterol, consuming garlic has been shown to cause cholesterol to drop. Because garlic contains antioxidants, it can help prevent brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Consuming garlic can also be very useful when you suffer from cardiovascular disease. Garlic reduces the deposition of plaque on the vessel walls. All these positive effects are caused by the substance allicin. Both fresh and dried garlic contains allicin and will therefore be good for your health.

Is garlic healthy? Allicin in garlic

All the positive effects on your health are caused by the allicin in garlic. Allicin is a natural antibiotic and is very effective against different types of bacteria. Because allicin has a low boiling point, it will quickly evaporate when heated. So in order to take advantage of all the positive effects for your health, it is wise to eat the garlic raw. Allicin is an unstable substance, which has led scientists to develop stabilized allicin. This is often for sale in health food stores and has exactly the same effect as allicin that comes from fresh garlic. In addition to allicin, garlic is very high in vitamins and nutrients, including vitamin C, vitamin B6 and manganese, while it is low in calories.

Positive Effects

Eating garlic has many positive effects on your health. Firstly, the garlic supports the immune system, which helps to prevent colds or flu, for example. In addition, garlic ensures a better blood flow to the organs and is healthy for your heart and blood vessels. It also lowers cholesterol and blood pressure and improves digestion, which will also improve the intestinal flora.

In addition to these properties, many other effects that garlic can cause are mentioned. Of course, it is necessary to consume enough garlic if you want to achieve these positive effects. For example, eat one or more cloves of garlic every day. It is recommended to eat garlic on an empty stomach as it allows the nutrients to be best absorbed by the body. Keep in mind that these positive effects have not been scientifically proven, although research is currently being done on the effects of garlic on health. In any case, it is never harmful to eat a lot of garlic, unless there is an allergy.

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