Abdominal Workouts: 10 Easy At-Home Moves That Melt Your Tummy Quickly

Abdominal Exercises

How to Do Abdominal Exercises at Home? Abdominal exercises are a great help for men and women to have a healthy body. With regular and disciplined abdominal exercises, you can soon have a flatter and fitter abdomen. If your goal is to train your abdominal area and activate the muscles, you are on the right page. There is one thing you should not forget that abdominal exercises will result depending on the nutrition of men and women. If healthy eating and abdominal muscle exercises become a habit in the same period, we can say that you have walked half the way.

You can contact a sports coach to prepare an abdominal exercises program according to your body shape. For those who say they can’t leave the house, they don’t have time to go to the gym, the Delicious Recipes team is here for you. Because now we will recommend you the most economical abs exercises that you can easily try at home. In order to protect your health and stay fit, we would like to remind you that it is good to warm up for a few minutes before starting the exercises.

Here are the upper and lower abdominal exercises that work the abdominal muscles and reach a fit body!

1) If you have promised yourself to have a thinner and more muscular abdominal area, you can start to train your abdominal muscles by lying down on a non-slip and flat surface as in the image. When you lie flat on the floor, you should be careful that there is no gap in your waist. Then try to lift your upper area without tilting your head forward. Exhale with each lift. After doing it 10 times, you can rest a little and repeat this movement. With this exercise, you can work your abdominal muscles and thin them after a while. Do not forget to apply during the day.

abs exercises

2) With the side plank movement, you can thin the abdominal area and its surroundings. For this, lie on your side on flat ground. After bending the knees, take the remaining hand in the air behind your head. Lift your shoulder and body off the ground, hold for a few seconds. If you have worked for the right region 10 times, you should repeat the same movement for the left region 10 times. You can wear comfortable clothes to move more freely.

abs exercises woman

3) Reverse sit-ups: Sit on the floor to try this move that is effective for the belly and abdomen. Bring your legs together evenly and lift them into the air. Pull the levitating feet towards the abdomen and release them in the air again. You have to be careful not to touch the ground. With this move, your abdominal muscles will work very quickly. After regular application, you can see that there is a recession in the abdomen.

tummy tuck exercises

4) You can use a large bottle of water at home for this exercise where you will work with weights. You can witness changes in the abdominal muscles by performing the squat movement. Spread your legs shoulder-width apart and crouch down on the floor in an upright position. Meanwhile, the weight in your hand will be just under your chin. It can be effective to try this exercise to work the arm and abdominal muscles at the same time and have a flatter abdomen.

abdominal exercises men

5) After you try this effective move for the upper abdominal muscles, you will feel the fatigue in the abdominal area. It is useful to know that this fatigue is fat burning. First, lie down on the floor and raise your legs straight into the air. Make sure both legs are together. Get support without touching your legs in any way and try to lift your body. Hold for 5 seconds each time you move. You can repeat it during the day or before sleep.

abdominal muscle movements

6) When you see this movement, you may think of a section from cartoons. With this move, expressed as Superman, your dream of a flatter stomach can come true. Lie face down on a soft floor and try to stretch your arms and legs forward at the same time. Breathe deeply during each stretch while on the ground. After waiting for 3 seconds, stretch and release the arms and abdomen again. Do not give up!

exercise for abdominal muscles

7) Imagine riding an imaginary bicycle and lying on the ground. This movement is effective from the hip area to the abdomen. After lying on the floor, connect your hands to the neck and move your legs as if you are riding a bicycle. After trying for 1 minute, you can take a deep breath and continue the movement again.

abs exercises at home

8) If you haven’t tried the shuttle move before, you shouldn’t be late anymore. Because there are great changes in the abdominal region with the shuttle. Lie on the floor and tie your hands to the neck. Meanwhile, bend your knees. Try to lift your upper area without lifting your feet off the ground and by taking strength from the feet. Remember to take a deep breath each time you take off. 10 reps for each set will be fine.

abs exercises woman

9) With the movement that Ebru Şallı has shown, you can quickly train your abdominal muscles. Sit flat on the floor. Keep the arms in the air so that they are parallel to each other. Open your arms and turn back carefully. At this moment, make sure that the hip part remains stable. Exhale each time you turn back. You can feel the effect by trying it 10 times in repetitions.

abs exercises women

10) It is very easy to try this movement, which is effective for the lower and upper abdomen. Lie down on the floor and lift your feet into the air together. Now feel the lifting intensity a little more and lift your feet up to the waist area. In this way, compression will occur in your abdomen. Raise and lower your legs at frequent intervals. You can change the number of sets according to your fatigue condition. Those who want thinning in the upper and lower abdomen should definitely try!

abdominal exercises

What are the Benefits of Abdominal Exercises?

Do not be afraid of the abdominal exercises that we have just explained to you. When applied regularly, you can witness magnificent changes in your body. With the work of the abdominal muscles, the fat in that area is burned. Thus, the bloated belly that bothers you will disappear over time. If you want to have a flat and thin tummy, you can make it a habit to try these easy-to-use moves at home. You can have a fit body after a while with exercise movements that support not only the abdominal area but also the legs.

Abdominal exercises also protect your body resistance. It is a fact that the body that works continuously will be healthier. Your body may be more vigorous and active.

abs exercises

How Often Should Abdominal Exercises Be Done?

Before trying abdominal muscle exercises, you should review whether you have a physical ailment or not. In cases such as herniated disc, it can be dangerous to try these movements. If you are a person who has just come out of surgery, you should not try before you get out of the effect of the surgery. It is not recommended to do exercises continuously to support muscle formation in the abdominal area. With a good workout 3 days a week, you can change your abdominal muscles. At this point, you should also take a look at the nutritional rules for abdominal muscles. You can increase the amount of muscle by consuming foods that accelerate fat burning and support muscle formation. You should not exercise immediately after a meal. We recommend that you choose the times when your stomach is more comfortable as sports time.

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