Is Drinking Tea Every Day Helpful or Harmful

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Tea: The World’s Most Consumed Beverage

The day starts with tea in these lands and continues with tea. Although its history in the country is not very long in terms of human history, there are not many cultures in the world that embrace tea drinking as much as the people of Turkey. From the leaf type to the brewing techniques and the model of the glasses used during drinking, tea, which is a culture in itself, has an indispensable place in daily life.

You can also find the recipes of special treats you can offer while you are looking at every form of tea that leads to productions that exceed itself with its beautiful tea samovar, thin waisted glasses, porcelain teapots.

When there is a nation addicted to tea, sensitive behaviors emerge even in terms of consumption patterns. Although tea bags, whose consumption has increased due to their production in the recent period, find a place in the folk literature under the name of shake tea, the powders obtained from other plants other than the leaves of the known black tea sold in these bags have herbal tea and similar names.

In this sense, to give information about tea in the most accurate way, the name of the tea is essentially the name of the plant, not the drink itself. However, after intense consumption over time, hot drinks obtained from all kinds of plant leaves are also called tea.

What is Tea? What are its features?

  • The tea plant, whose origin is based on ancient times and whose origin is China, was not considered a beverage consumed by everyone in the early days.
  • As for its discovery, according to a Chinese legend, which is told based on 3000 BC; Chinese Emperor and botanist Shen Nung one evening, while his maid was boiling water and he was sitting under the tree, some leaves fell from the tree and fell into the water, and then the water turned brown, this new liquid that emerged attracted the emperor’s attention and he drank the liquid.
  • A similar legend is told in India.
  • According to the Indians, the first person to drink tea is Buddha. When the Buddha falls asleep, he chews a tea leaf and relieves his fatigue.
  • This is how the starting point of the plant’s journey, which is also called the tea flower, is described.
  • In addition to its intensive consumption, it is always a different plant with its tea properties.
  • As the benefits of drinking tea have been discovered, the number of people who drink tea in order to live healthier has also increased.

What are the Benefits of Tea?

Although the benefits of black tea come to mind in our culture, the benefits of all types of tea are similar. Tea, which is a miracle of nature, has many features in terms of benefits.

  • It regulates digestion and allows the intestines to work comfortably.
  • It activates the mind with the thein substance in its content.
  • Since it is consumed hot, it has an effect that slows blood flow by relaxing the vessels.
  • There are studies that say that among the benefits of tea with lemon, there is also a longer life and reducing risk of cancer.
  • It takes the heat in very hot summer months by allowing the body to cool itself with the slowing blood flow.
  • You can get rid of your excess weight with herbal cures such as a special tea diet.
  • Tea also has benefits for the brain. It is said to increase working efficiency and focusing capacity.
  • Not only tea but also tea steam has benefits.
  • When you hold your eyes carefully for 1-2 minutes in the steam of the tea or when you dress your eyes for 1-2 minutes with warm tea bags, you can relieve eye discomfort such as eye fatigue and burring.

What are the Harms of Tea?

In addition to the pleasure and benefits of drinking, the harms of tea are few. Although the benefits of tea are known scientifically, it can also turn into a harmful beverage when consumed in excess or in people who are sensitive to substances such as caffeine.

  • It can cause yellowing in the teeth due to frequent consumption.
  • May decrease blood absorption.
  • If you have iron deficiency, it is useful to consume carefully.
  • One should be sensitive about whether tea can have benefits for babies.
  • It is better for children not to drink it, as it reduces the absorption of iron.
  • Drinking too much on an empty stomach can cause stomach upset.

What are the types of tea?

  • Thanks to today’s production technology, there are many alternative tea varieties.
  • First of all, as two basic varieties, green tea and black tea, which differ according to the processes that the tea undergoes after harvesting, can be mentioned.
  • Black tea, which is the most consumed type of tea, contains a high amount of theine, while green tea contains even more caffeine than coffee.
  • White tea, which is produced without undergoing any fermentation process, is another type obtained from the tea plant.
  • Compared to a more herbaceous flavor found in green tea, white tea leaves a melon-like taste on the palate when drunk.
  • When white tea is brewed, it has a light yellow color.
  • Apart from white tea, which is an expensive type of tea, there is also a type called Oolong, which is less fermented and is between green tea and black tea.
  • There are many different types of aromatic tea in the Far East, such as Oolong tea, which is mostly consumed by the Japanese. There is another type called Pu-Erh tea, which is used in China and has an earthy flavor.
  • Pu-Erh, which is essentially a type of green tea, is also categorized as a subspecies of black tea, with its red leaves obtained by processing and keeping it for a long time.
  • In some places, Pu-Erh tea is referred to as red tea.
  • Apart from the tea plant, the tea of ​​many plants such as fennel and mint is among the tea varieties in a separate category.

What is the Nutritional Value of Tea?

  • Tea leaves, which are produced in the Eastern Black Sea region, especially in Rize in our country, do not grow in every climate and soil due to their delicate properties.
  • While the first large-scale dry tea production in Turkey was started in Rize in 1938, after the first production was provided, tea was distributed to the public free of charge in the tea shops in Rize.
  • Considering the nutritional value of tea, which has become a great habit, later on, it has a rich content in terms of zinc, magnesium, iron and phosphorus, while the calorie value of 10 grams of dry tea is measured as 27 kcal.
  • Tea, which is rich in minerals, is insufficient to meet your needs like vitamin D, unfortunately, there is no vitamin in the tea plant analysis.

What Removes Tea Stains?

  • Tea, which is the mediator of pleasant and dark conversations, can be spilled by accident at this very moment, creating stains that are not very easy to remove.
  • In such undesirable situations, it may be sufficient to act quickly, to take the wetness of the place where the tea is spilled with a white cloth or paper towel, and to intervene with soap without dispersing the stain too much, against the frequently asked questions such as what removes the tea stain.
  • If the spilled tea stain dries, it is very difficult to remove it later.

Delicious and Highly Admired Tea Treats

10 delicious recipes are waiting for you for tea treats that can be eaten with tea, which is a reason to drink it every hour of the day, or for tea presentations that you will make while having your guests taste your carefully brewed tea. Bon Appetit.

1) A Must-Have Cake With Tea

The hot taste coming out of the glass is with you with video narration.

2) A Brand New Interpretation of Mole Pie

How about taking a look at the detailed recipe of the mole cake, which is almost a classic with its decoration?

3) Both Sweet and Salty

A different taste, where cookies meet black cumin, will go well with tea.

4) Enjoying Sausage With Tea

A hot dog cookie recipe for small snacks and good conversation.

5) Stuffed Cookies

If you’ve never heard of how to make Atom cookies, don’t miss our video.

6) Enjoying Making Crackers at Home

Make your own sesame crackers.

7) A Delicious House Cake in Two Colors

The roll cake recipe that you can’t get enough of with the biscuits in it is waiting for you in our video.

8) Both Crispy and Spreading Pastry

You love bagels, so do pastries, so how can they be together, you will find in our recipe.

Bagel Flavored Pastry

9) The Best of Home Pastry

Dill pastry is a classic, you’ll refresh your knowledge in this recipe.

10) A Pastry Tradition: Karaköy Pastry

The opportunity to bring the famous Karaköy pastry flavor to your home is with you in this recipe.

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